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Craft ideas for garden parties – this is how the summer party will be a complete success!

Summertime is garden party time, and if you’re one of the lucky ones with a nice outdoor space, after all the lockdowns, you can’t wait to meet up with some friends and enjoy the outdoors together. Whether for a barbecue, brunch or a birthday does not matter – the right preparation is important. The food has to be chosen and prepared, the music put together and the seating area prepared. Some people also attach great importance to the right garden party decoration. And this is where we come in: We have put together great craft ideas for garden parties that you can use to make summer decorations yourself. Your garden party is guaranteed to be a success!

Craft ideas for garden parties – rafts as gifts with candy

Craft ideas for garden parties - cork rafts as gifts for guests

If you would like to welcome your guests with a little something, guest gifts are exactly the right option. Simply spread them around the dining table by placing them on the plates. You will promptly conjure a smile on the faces of your friends and family and at the same time you will receive a pretty table decoration for the garden party. How about such rafts on which you can place small sweets or other gifts? Rafts as handicraft ideas for garden parties are quick and easy to make!

  • 3 corks per raft
  • Rubber bands or glue
  • Foam rubber (or paper or felt)
  • Cocktail umbrella
  • optional washi tape
  • Scissors, pencil / felt pen
  • Gummy bears or other sweets / gifts

Since the rafts are so easy to make as handicraft ideas for garden parties, they are also wonderful if you want to make something for many people on the fly: Put three corks together and tie them together with elastic bands. Alternatively, you can glue the corks together with glue (e.g. hot glue). Remove the shades from the cocktail shades so that only the stick with the stopper remains. You can also use simple toothpicks. However, you should then cut off the tip to avoid injury.

Draw the shape of a sail on the foam rubber and cut it out. Then stick the toothpick through the foam rubber a little below the edge of the sail and one more time at the opposite end. Put the sail in a cork or between two of the corks. You can now make a flag from washi tape and attach it to the tip of the sail. Add the candy – done!

And the best? The rafts can actually swim. Therefore, they are also wonderful craft ideas for garden parties when celebrating a children’s birthday party.

Make boho summer decorations – decorations for garden parties that you never want to take off again!

Craft ideas for garden party - tinker fairy lights with macrame

The right garden party lighting is particularly important when the party continues into the evening hours. And with a string of lights you also get exactly the right summer party decoration that also makes an impression during the day. But why should fairy lights be handicraft ideas for garden parties when they can be bought ready-made? Very simple – you can spice up even the simplest string of lights in a few simple steps and adapt it to your party theme. We will show you a model with macrame, which you can make as a garden party decoration and then leave it hanging on your terrace for the rest of the summer.

  • fairy lights
  • Macrame yarn
  • electrical tape
  • optional embroidery floss and bells

Handicraft instructions for party and patio decorations for lighting

You will need the insulating tape as an aid to fix the fairy lights. Glue the end with the connector on the table. Then glue the end of the yarn to the string of lights by wrapping the tape around the yarn and cable. Then lay the thread on the right side, feed it under the cable on the left side and then from above through the loop you have obtained on the right side.

Make macrame yourself for fairy lights and cables - simple instructions

Then repeat these steps over and over until you have disguised the entire string of lights. If your thread runs out at some point, simply glue the new thread to the cable as you did at the beginning and continue as before. Finally, cut the yarn, but leave a longer piece. Tie a double knot and trim off the excess.

Craft ideas for garden party bells and thread to decorate fairy lights for outside

Of course, this is not the only way to spice up fairy lights as craft ideas for garden parties. You can even embellish this boho variant by tying a few bells with embroidery thread – ideally always next to each light bulb.

Confetti cocktail glasses as a table decoration for the summer party

Craft ideas for garden parties - decorate cocktail glasses with foil

The dishes are without a doubt one of the most important decorative elements on the table. Of course you can opt for simple paper plates and cups in bright colors to save yourself the washing up afterwards. But some drinks just belong in the glass and the cocktail is one of them. If the transparent glasses are too boring for you, but do not want to buy extra new, colored ones, you can easily spice up the existing ones temporarily – with adhesive film. So if you are looking for particularly simple handicraft ideas for garden parties, you will get exactly the right one with this one!

Instructions for decorating glasses for the summer party in bright colors

All you have to do is cut out small circles or other shapes (also irregular ones if you like) from the film, peel off the protective film on the back and then glue the shapes onto the glasses. This is how you can create a confetti effect. By using a punch you can also glue a specific theme or correct motif onto the glasses.

Sew garlands from paper

Quick and easy party garland made of triangles or other shapes

Fancy a few brightly colored garlands? They are also the perfect craft ideas for garden parties, because you can let your creativity run free, create a variety of designs and use a wide variety of materials. Are you looking for a particularly simple garland as a party craft idea for the garden, try this variant! You can sew or glue them like in the instructions.

Sew paper garland with triangles to hang up

Cut triangles (or other shapes if you like) out of colored cardboard and sew them together. Alternatively, simply lay the shapes together and glue string to the top edge. The variant in which you punch holes in two parts of the shape and thread cord through is also suitable. If the shapes slip too much, you can use knots to keep them in place. And that’s how easy it is to make party decorations yourself.

Craft ideas for parties – envelopes for invitation cards with glitter

Envelopes as craft ideas for garden parties with glitter for the invitation cards

Are you even planning to hand out invitation cards for your party? Then pretty envelopes are also great craft ideas for garden parties. You can tailor them to your topic with the right motifs. In the example, cherries were made – perfect craft ideas for a garden party at the beginning of summer.

  • narrow, double-sided adhesive tape
  • Glitter
  • scissors
  • soft brush

Design the envelope with adhesive tape and colored glitter

Just stick tape along the edge of the envelope. Remove the protective film on the other side as well and sprinkle glitter over the glue. Then wipe off the excess glitter with the brush. As I said, you can decorate the front or the card itself with a motif. Cut out the necessary shapes from normal construction paper and glitter paper and glue them onto the envelope.

Straws as craft ideas for garden parties

Craft ideas for garden parties - decorate straws with paper fans

Straws are really useful for outdoor drinks. Wasps can swim in the drink unnoticed and be accidentally swallowed. Straws, ideally even in combination with a lid, offer perfect protection. Spice it up with a decoration! And since we know that with all the other preparations you already have enough on your mind, we have a really simple variant for you. So the craft ideas for garden parties don’t take up too much time!

  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • Perforator
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Straws

Decorate the party table for the garden with handcrafted straws

Cut out squares of the desired size from the paper. Then fold each square like an accordion and fold the resulting strip in the middle, as if you were making a fan. Glue the two sides that touch each other together. Then you can cut in the rounded edge with the folds to get pretty spikes. Press the fan together again and punch holes in all the layers at once anywhere. Glue each fan to a straw. You get useful decorations that also make a pretty table decoration for the garden during the party.

Make small fans and punch holes to decorate party straws

Craft ideas for garden parties – tinker with paper lanterns

Craft ideas for garden party - hanging decoration with lantern and flowers

The simple lanterns that you can buy can then be wonderfully designed. Whether with flowers as in the picture above, with tassels, pompons, confetti or other decorations does not matter, because they hang in your garden first, they will attract everyone’s attention and create the perfect atmosphere. In today’s garden party craft ideas, we’ll show you how to attach such artificial flowers.

  • Paper lanterns in any color
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • artificial flowers

Romantic party decoration with lantern and artificial flowers

Open the lantern and remove the flowers from the stems. Then you can also cut off a few leaves with stems to use them as well. Glue some of these to the top of the paper lanterns with hot glue. Then take the first flower, put hot glue on the back (where the stem was before) and hold it in the desired place on the lantern until the glue has dried. Keep doing this until you are happy with the arrangement.

Cool ideas for the garden – cutlery bag with a difference

Alternative to cutlery pocket flower pot made of clay as table decoration

Without any effort, you can create a creative alternative to the classic cutlery bag by simply using a small clay pot for flowers. You can also add a small gift (how about seed bags as handicraft ideas for a garden party?) And, if you like, with a pretty ribbon or other decorations. It is also important that the pots are clean.

Design wooden cutlery

Decorate cutlery made of wood with washi tape for table decoration

Have you got some wooden cutlery? You will admit that this one isn’t all that pretty. But you can change that by simply designing it yourself. The part that you will later only hold in your hand can be painted or decorated with washi tape. And the latter comes in so many different colors and patterns that you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. In this way you can get a pretty table decoration very quickly and without much effort, which is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Craft ideas for garden parties in summer - simple instructions

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