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Craft ideas for Easter for young and old – cute bunnies & other motifs

tinkering ideas for easter easter-eggs-design-bunnies-flowers-artificial

Easter handicrafts are fun and they will be enjoyed throughout Easter. For this reason, today we would like to introduce you to some great handicraft ideas for Easter that you can do alone or with your children. There are great inspirations for the Easter Bunny, as well as for other figures and decoration ideas that go with the popular festival. So if you really want to get into the Easter mood, don’t miss the following examples!

Craft ideas for Easter – tinker bunny


Easter crafts can be done with many different materials. Wood is also very popular for this. However, wooden Easter decorations are often more difficult to make and involve the use of tools such as a saw. If you still want to venture into a decoration, you can also imitate these rabbits. In addition to wood, use varnish and wire.

Craft ideas for easter party hat-bunny-funnel-whiskers-paper

How about if you make funny party hats for Easter that everyone has to wear during dinner on Easter Day? Your children in particular will find this very funny. To do this, you simply make a funnel out of paper, which you then add ears, eyes, nose and whiskers. Simply use paper for this too. With a felt-tip pen, paint the mouth, after which you add a rubber band to keep the hat from slipping off your head.

Craft ideas for easter sock-easter bunny-pink-gray-ribbons

If you are looking for Easter crafts with children you can also choose this idea to design an Easter bunny. All you need is a sock, pretty ribbons, googly eyes, a bobble for the tail and felt from which you can make your own nose, teeth and stomach. The sock is filled with synthetic wadding and then tied off as shown to shape the body.

Craft ideas-easter-canvas-wood-dressing-rabbit-nails-yarn-rpsa-mural

You can also make this Easter decoration out of wood. You can paint a board in any color or cover it with fabric or paper. After that, use a stencil to create a bunny with nails. You then connect these with thread. If you want to make this decoration for Easter, you can alternatively use a canvas and pins.

Craft ideas for easter beams-wood-easter bunnies-do-it-yourself-sponge rubber

These cute bunnies, which were made from pieces of beams of different sizes, are also great craft ideas for Easter made of wood. The wooden beams were simply painted roughly in white paint. The face is again made of foam rubber for the nose and teeth, as well as black and white paint for the eyes and wire for the whiskers. You can also decorate the rabbits with bows.

Craft ideas for easter garland-rabbits-colored-paper-cut-glue

You can also decorate your house nicely by making Easter garlands. Use a stencil for this too, so that all motifs are the same. Perhaps you will also find a suitable punch in the craft store to make it even easier for you. Use paper of different colors and with brightly colored patterns. Make holes in the ears (with a hole punch), thread string through and you can hang up the garland.

tinkering-ideas-easter-help-nature-pine cones-natural-materials-felt-eyes

People also like to do handicrafts with natural materials. You can make an Easter table decoration, for example with an Easter bunny from a pine cone. Again, use felt for the ears, which you then simply glue into the cones. You can get eyes particularly quickly and easily by getting goofy eyes. The nose, in turn, consists of a wooden bead.

Craft-ideas-easter-natural-materials-easter bunny-leaves-ears-bobble-nose

You can also make the Easter decorations with the help of nature in this way. This rabbit simply got legs from the cones of the acorns, while the ears are made of leaves. A bobble was used here for the nose. Decorate each plate with a rabbit and use the decoration as a cute gift that everyone in the family will be happy about!


You can do a lot with wood for Easter. Such a silhouette of a rabbit, which was designed on a square piece of wood. To do this, sketch out the rabbit with a pencil. A stencil can come in handy again. Mask the area that is not to be painted with paper tape and paint the board in any color. Carefully remove the tape before the paint has dried.

Craft ideas-easter-wreath-rabbit-ears-felt-faux-fur-feathers

This wreath is also very easy to make. You can use a finished ring made of wire, styrofoam or wood, or you can make one out of cardboard. Cut out the ears from pink felt, which you will add plush to. You can also use it to decorate the ring. Glue the ears and the cute rabbit is ready and can be dressed up.


Such a rabbit is a nice alternative to the classic door wreath and it can also be made quickly. Prepare a sheet of paper, cardboard, washi tape, black marker, ribbon, and yellow spray paint. You can start tinkering right away. The first thing you need is a stencil that you will make from the sheet of paper.


You can also draw the rabbit directly on the cardboard and then cut it out. Decide for yourself what is easier for you. The easiest way to get the hare’s body and head is to use a compass. First draw a large circle and then a smaller one that intersects the large one. Draw the ears freehand.


Then spray the cut out rabbit with the spray paint. After that, let them dry well before continuing. Now it’s the turn of the washi tape. This will hide the unsightly edge of the cardboard. Glue the strip along the edge so that it sticks out. Now it is incised at regular intervals and then gradually folded down. In this way you avoid creases that occur when gluing rounded areas.

tinkering-ideas-easter-flower-pot-tinkering-pink-rabbit-paper-wiggle eyes

Bunnies made from flower pots are also great handicraft ideas for Easter for the children. Use a pre-colored one or paint it yourself in any color. The ears can now be made from paper, felt or foam rubber, after which you can glue them to plush wire and then glue it to the flower pot. All that’s missing is a bobble for the tail, as well as the face made of felt-tip pens and googly eyes.


Children can also make pom poms themselves. And after that, you can use them for Easter handicrafts with children. How about such cute Easter bunnies? They each consist of a large bobble for the body and a smaller one for the head. You can design the face and ears from finished mini pompons, as well as from felt and googly eyes.


You can also combine the party hat shown above with such masks. They are wonderful handicraft ideas for Easter made of felt and will especially please the children. You can either sew the masks or just design them with glue. This is the advantage of working with felt instead of other fabrics.


Here you can see the individual parts that you need for a rabbit mask. They are easily cut from the felt. You can use pieces of wool or pipe cleaners for the whiskers, or you can come up with something yourself. Any color can also be selected. Even beginners can manage this idea without any problems.


Paper craft ideas for Easter are just as popular. An Easter bunny can be made just as quickly and easily with bread wrapping paper and a toilet roll. The role is simply covered with the paper. You can make the ears from an ordinary sheet of paper. You can get strips for the whiskers from the paper shredder and the nose from pink paper.

DIY-ideas for easter pipe-cleaner-pink-easter-bunny-wire-bending

These rabbits are also very personable. So if you are looking for handicraft ideas for bunnies at Easter and you still have plush wire available, you can quickly make bunnies like this together with the children. Wrap a piece around a wooden stick, pencil, or whatever else you have on hand. From a second piece, form the letter M. Then put the two ends through the spiral and form feet. All that’s missing are pompons for nose and tail and googly eyes.

Craft ideas for easter plush wire-purple-rabbit-diy-easy-children

This rabbit is made in a similar way. However, you will need three pieces here – one for the body, one for the legs, and another for the ears. The handicraft ideas for Easter with instructions are wonderfully suitable for spontaneous afternoons because they are quick and easy to make. These bunnies are also perfect as a gift for guests.

Other craft ideas for Easter

Easter crafting ideas orange-pipe cleaner-carrot-carrot-carrot

And why don’t you make a suitable carrot for the rabbit? For this, too, you only need pipe cleaners in orange and green. As you shape the spiral, be sure to create a funnel shape so that the carrot becomes narrower towards the bottom. Then craft the green of the carrot and stick it in the spiral.

Craft ideas for easter nest-twigs-buds-eggs-decoration

If you want to tinker with natural materials, you can also make an Easter basket out of branches. The best way to keep these together and in shape is to tie them together here and there with thin string. The nest is narrow at the bottom and widens towards the top. After that, you can fill it with any Easter eggs you want. Even artificial grass doesn’t necessarily have to go in here.

tinkering ideas for easter copper-wire-nest-tinkering-egg cups

The nest becomes particularly modern if you simply use copper wire instead of twigs. You get a beautiful, minimalist decoration that you can combine wonderfully with other decorations. And the idea works very well, especially with concrete. Perhaps you will find an egg made of concrete or you would like to make an egg yourself and then place it in the finished nest.

Craft ideas for easter instructions-copper-wire-pliers-bending-modern-minimalist-decoration

All you need is copper wire. First wrap a part around an egg to get the right size. Now you can make the circumference wider towards the bottom to imitate a nest. The great thing is that you don’t have to get exactly straight lines when bending. Design waves however you want. The more confused, the better! If you are satisfied with the nest, simply cut off the remaining wire with a pair of pliers.


What do you think of cute little sheep as Easter ideas? You can get these very quickly from pompons and even faster if you use ready-made pompons. You can make sheep of any size. And in groups they look particularly nice as a decoration. You can easily make the sheep’s legs and head from black craft clay.


Once you’ve got your pompom, get on your limbs, head and, if you like, a pair of ears. Once you’ve sculpted them out of the clay, stick wire into them. This way you can better attach the individual parts to the sheep’s body. The wire is simply put into the bobble. Aren’t the sheep really wonderful craft ideas for Easter?

Craft ideas-easter-easter crafts-garland-easter-eggs-rain-floor-colorful-colors

In many shapes and colors, garlands are perfect craft ideas for Easter. You have already seen a variant made from Easter bunnies. But you are also welcome to use other motifs that are typical for Easter. How about Easter eggs, for example? They can be monochrome, patterned or, as shown here, in blending colors to create a rainbow pattern.


You can easily make the Easter eggs from sample cards for wall colors. This saves you time because you don’t have to paint the ombre yourself. Of course, you can also use ordinary craft paper. You decide for yourself. Use a template or even a punch for eggs of the same size and shape. Then punch holes in them and thread a ribbon through them.


We also find this idea for Easter eggs very nice. They are made from styrofoam eggs. Then you need some small flowers in any color and pins. It is a nice alternative to the well-known sequin eggs. Start anywhere and pin a flower in place. The next one should cover the previous one a little so that the styrofoam cannot be seen at the end.

DIY ideas for easter picture frames-mini-eggs-colorful-picture-design

You can also design a beautiful mural very easily. Get a picture frame and mini Easter eggs. All you have to do now is glue the eggs inside the frame. Use hot glue or any other glue that will stick to the glass. Of course, you can also remove the glass and work directly with the background or design a background from colored paper yourself.

tinkering ideas for easter wooden-board-round-merry-mantelpiece-decoration

Here you can see another interesting idea made of wood. You can saw the circle to size yourself, have it cut to size at the hardware store, or you can simply use a round cutting board for this purpose. Paint the surface in any color. Old pink was used here. Once the paint has dried, you can add any lettering you want.


If you want to make an interesting Easter present, what do you think of this idea? You will need a funnel-shaped bag like the one used for some sweets. Now fill the tip with some orange crepe paper and then with oranges. Before you tie the bag, add some green crepe paper to imitate the leaves of the carrot.

tinkering-ideas-easter-toddlers-toys-book-pictures-felt-quiet-book-fine motor skills

For Easter, you can also make an Easter chick and use it for a quiet book. You make the chick out of felt, because then the toddler cannot injure himself while playing. An Easter egg or any other Easter motif is just as suitable. Come up with creative handicraft ideas for Easter and design a playbook on this topic.

tinkering ideas for easter tulips-artificial-flowers-ballpoint-pen-gift-idea

Easter handicrafts also means handicrafts in spring. That is why spring flowers are also suitable for Easter. This original Kulli is also a wonderful gift idea and does not even take much time and effort. You will need a ballpoint pen, an artificial tulip, white thread, and thick string, plus scissors, glue, and wire cutters.

Crafting ideas for easter easter gift-tinkering-hot glue-spring-idea

The hollow stem of the plastic tulip has wire that you shouldn’t remove. Leaves on the tulip can be removed or left on. You decide for yourself. All you need from the kulli is the straw with the ink. You brush this with the glue, whereupon you quickly stick it into the hollow stem of the tulip. You wrap the lower part first with string and then with twine, adding a little glue at regular intervals.

tinkering-ideas-easter-easter-nest-idea-fence-white-easter grass

If you want to make an Easter nest, it does not necessarily have to be in the classic nest shape; you may find such fences or you can build your own from popsicle sticks. Then you still need a pad made of any material. Glue the fences onto this. Once the glue has dried, you can decorate the fences with ribbons and other things. Fill with Easter grass and Easter eggs.


Easter eggs are great do-it-yourself handicraft ideas for Easter. All you need for this idea is a cardboard egg of any size and wool in different colors. You are also welcome to design the egg in one color. First add a hole and tie wool for hanging. Now lay out pieces of wool and glue the first piece to the cardboard. After that, take another color. Keep doing this until all of the cardboard is covered.


You can also create original Easter eggs with small pompons. Use a large plastic egg or one made of styrofoam. Here, too, first attach the loop for hanging it up again. At the same point you then start to glue the first pompons in place. Gradually work your way down until the whole egg is covered. You can also create stripes or a motley pattern in this way.

Craft ideas-easter-wreath-cardboard ring-eggs-glue-yarn-wrap-door wreath

Again, this wreath is made easier than you might think. For handicraft ideas for Easter like this one, use a cardboard ring that you can also make yourself. This should be a little narrower than the eggs. Now glue the eggs close together. You can also arrange the eggs on the cardboard first to get the correct size so that the number comes up and no unsightly spot remains free at the end. Once the glue has dried, start wrapping twine around the wreath, always where the eggs touch.