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Craft ideas for autumn – 31 ideas for comfort at home

DIY ideas for autumn table decorations roses tree trunk berries bordeaux

The decor trends for the coming autumn are particularly eye-catching and colorful this year. In addition to traditional decorative items, designers also bring some elements that were believed to be forgotten to daylight at home fairs. Find out what hobby hobbyists are looking for this season in this article. Get inspiration with this article and quickly create cosiness in your home with ours Craft ideas for autumn.

Craft ideas for autumn: Spice up natural products a little

Craft ideas for autumn colorful colors rainbow neon marble effect

With the current autumn decoration, different elements can be combined for the handicraft ideas for autumn. The natural fruits of autumn are leading here. On the one hand, berries, leaves, autumn blossoms, etc. are easy to find on every excursion into nature, on the other hand they leave a lot of space for creative arrangements. If you like it absolutely trendy, you can color the collected cones, pumpkins or herbs bright lemon or purple. This creates unique highlights.

Craft ideas for autumn – acorns with a metallic effect

craft ideas for autumn glamor metallic copper brass

Red-yellow and orange tones still dominate the autumn trends. A touch of glamor and glass has become an indispensable part of the autumn decoration. The colors of the precious metals are particularly popular this season – copper, brass, gold, silver. Together with the classic autumn colors, they find their way into the autumn decoration for the modern home and shimmer in perfect harmony.

Decoration trends for autumn 2015

craft ideas for autumn pictures forest animals paper fox hedgehog baer

In addition to plants, animals will also be used in autumn 2014. The forest dwellers have become a very durable trend. Decorative figures such as owls, foxes, roe deer and stags give your home a certain touch of nostalgia. You can make these yourself from scraps of fabric.

Pine cones as a decoration for autumn

tinker ideas for autumn pine cones leaves decoration autumn colors

Figures and shapes from the forest such as mushrooms and fir trees are ideal for this season. Bouquets of flowers with autumnal plants, roots, corn on the cob and corn stalks, driftwood in unusual shapes are just as popular again.

Colored pine cones for autumn

Pine cone-spray-color-yellow-colored-decoration-garland

White pumpkins with gold glitter


Autumn decoration from a branch with berries in a vase


DIY projects for your home


Make owls out of fabric


Craft ideas for fall – use pumpkins like a flower vase



Autumn decorations with pumpkins create comfort and warmth


Do-it-yourself decorative items for home and apartment


Handicrafts with children: bird feeding station


Decoration for the autumn table


Craft ideas for autumn – beautiful napkin rings


Autumn flower arrangement

Flower arrangement autumn blossom table decoration ideas

Lanterns for the autumn table


 Craft ideas for autumn – inviting front door




Craft-ideas-with-corn-on-the-cob-leaves-cones-natural treasures


wall decoration-tinkering-for-autumn-wreath-fabric-remnants-colorful

Craft ideas with children’s felt sheet garland