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Christmas door wreath in white – easy DIY idea with dust mop covers

Christmas door wreaths in various shapes and colors adorn most house doors during the Christmas season. And if you want to make a Christmas wreath yourself, you can get really creative. For a long time now, it is no longer just the classic made of fir green to be seen on the doors, but a wide variety of styles that impress with their unique designs. We would like to introduce you to such a fancy door wreath for Christmas today. It is a Christmas door wreath in white, which consists of dust mop covers and is not only made easy, but really attracts everyone’s attention. So if you are looking for original Christmas wreath ideas and like it when the Christmas wreath looks modern, you will find it difficult to ignore this model. Get started with crafting right away!

Christmas door wreath in white – beautiful Christmas decorations made easy

Christmas door wreath in white with dust wiper, Christmas tree balls and nutcrackers

You know these dust wipers whose covers can be changed? You may not want to believe it right away, but this attractive Christmas wreath for the door consists of exactly such covers. Their fluffy texture makes the Christmas door wreath really appealing and also reminds of snow. That makes it perfect as a winter and Christmas decoration and makes us dream of a white Christmas. So get a refill pack for dusters right away and start tinkering! A Christmas door wreath in white like this one is made from the following things:

Necessary materials for crafting

Christmas door wreath in white - materials to make yourself

  • Wire ring with a diameter of 30 cm
  • 8 dust wiper covers
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Christmas baubles (or other jewelry)
  • another decoration (e.g. nutcracker, Christmas tree, snowman, etc.)

Crafting instructions for the Christmas wreath

Christmas door wreath made by yourself in white - open the dust wiper covers on one side

Christmas door wreath in white – This is how it’s made: Take the first cover and stick your thumbs into the opening where the dust mop is normally inserted. Tear off the two layers only on one side apart. Repeat the whole thing with the other covers. Then you can start covering the wreath with them. Place a cover for this on the ring, turn the ring and cover over so that the back is facing up and glue the cover to the metal wire from behind with the hot glue. Be generous with the adhesive when doing this.

Make your own Christmas door wreath quickly and easily with inexpensive materials

Every time you put a new cover on, make sure it overlaps the previous one a little bit to avoid any holes later. Should the thin layer of fabric be visible, you can simply slide it down and glue it in place. Once you’ve covered the entire wreath, double-check that there really are no holes to be seen. If you do, you can cut small pieces of a cover and use them to cover it.

Decorate the fluffy wreath

Use Christmas decorations to decorate a door wreath

Then you can add the rest of the decorations. In the example, five Christmas balls and a nutcracker were attached in the lower area. However, you can of course also come up with your own design. Also glue the selected jewelry to the wreath. So that the top of the Christmas tree balls cannot be seen, you can poke small holes in the cover and insert them there. And that’s it – a fast, but extremely attractive Christmas door wreath in white that anyone can make!

Modern tinker Christmas door wreaths in chic white color

Christmas door wreath in white – ideas for decoration

DIY door wreath for Christmas with fir trees and deer figure

If you have also fallen in love with these beautiful door decorations for Christmas, you might be happy to receive a few more design ideas. In the following we have put together a few inspirations that you too can use when decorating your own Christmas wreath. Can’t make up your mind? Then you can also decorate several Christmas wreaths and then give them away! In this way, not only do you enjoy the unique Christmas decorations with door wreaths, but also your loved ones. Such a Christmas door wreath in white can not only decorate the door. It is also wonderfully suitable for the window or as a wall wreath.

Make your own decorative wreaths for outdoors and indoors

Decoration idea for Christmas - fluffy door wreath with small balls and artificial poinsettias

You can see a more lavishly decorated door wreath in white for Christmas in the picture above. It consists of several groups of Christmas balls in silver and gold and artificial poinsettias with checkered bows in black and white. Despite the lush design, it looks just as discreet as the door wreath for winter and Christmas from the instructions above.

DIY door wreath in white with a large bow

Vintage door wreath for winter and Christmas with bow

The wreath of dust mop covers looks very decorative in itself and does not need any special decorations to look splendid. That is why a simple bow is enough to give the Christmas wreath the finishing touch. Whether on the front door or leaning against the wall, as here – a Christmas door wreath in white like this one will impress all guests.

Christmas wreath decoration with red bow and small gold balls

Festive Christmas wreath in white with gold balls and red bow

You can also use a large red bow and add a few small golden Christmas tree balls, which you distribute in several places on the Christmas wreath. Of course, you can also opt for other color combinations when decorating the wreath.

Door wreaths with frayed dust wiper covers

Christmas door wreath in white with dust wiper with fringes

The fluffy covers for dusters are just one option. There are also more fringed models that you can use. With them, too, a Christmas door wreath in white looks very attractive. How about just experimenting a bit and making multiple models? Then you have a few for several areas in and outside the house that you can use as Christmas decorations.

Christmas wreath in white with pink bow

Christmas door wreath in white with pink bow for a simple decoration