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Christmas car tire decoration – 6 creative DIY ideas for indoors & outdoors

Recycling is the motto of our craft idea today. Surely everyone has already changed their car tires for the winter. If the old summer tires are out of date and you will be buying new ones next year anyway, you can use these to make original decorations for Christmas. Since the decoration with car tires is relatively large, it is best suited for outdoors – use them to decorate the veranda, terrace or garden. Whether it’s Christmas decorations in a Christmas tree ball look, large Christmas trees, snowmen or even door wreaths, you will be amazed at the creative things that can be made with this waste product. Today we are showing you some of these car tire decoration ideas for Christmas that you can easily make afterwards.

Make car tire decorations for Christmas yourself - snowman, Christmas wreath and flower arrangement

Car tire decoration for Christmas – huge Christmas tree balls

Make car tire decorations for Christmas in a Christmas tree ball look

You will also need to saw a little bit for this first idea. However, even beginners can venture into the project, as it is anything but difficult to recreate the car tire decorations for Christmas. You need the following things for this purpose:

  • tires
  • Spray paint
  • Tin can or metal pail
  • wire
  • Plywood sheet
  • strong glue for wood (e.g. liquid nails) or silicone
  • Hot glue and decorations to stick on (e.g. snowflake made of fabric) or stencils with Christmas motifs
  • Jigsaw
  • drill
  • Nail gun or screws
  • ferrule

Handicraft instructions for the car tire decoration

DIY car tire decoration for Christmas - transfer the outline of the tire onto plywood

To build this pretty car tire decoration for Christmas, first place the tire on the plywood sheet and trace the inner circle with a pencil. Measure the distance from this inner circle to the point where the tire is widest, or before it becomes a little narrower towards the outside. Mark this distance in several places on the plywood board and draw the circle freehand. Alternatively, you can use the following trick: Tie a piece of string to a pen. Tie the other end to a pencil, whereby the distance between the first pen and the pencil tip must correspond to the measured distance. Holding the first pencil firmly on the center of your circle, pull the string taut and that way draw a regular circle. Make sure that the center pin does not slip.

Assemble and color tires

Instructions for homemade Christmas decorations with tires

Fix the plate to a table with a clamp. The plate should protrude several centimeters in order to be able to cut comfortably without damaging the table. Use the jigsaw to cut out the circle on the outer line. Apply glue or silicone to the tire and glue the plywood circle onto the tire. Now you have to let the glue dry sufficiently. Alternatively, you can also fix the plate with a nail gun.

Recycling idea for tires - make Christmas decorations for outside

Then you can spray the tire in the color you want from all sides. It is best to do this outdoors and on a mat. As you can see in the instructions above, you could also first dye the tire, then fix the plate and then also dye it. However, we recommend the first variant – first assemble and then spray everything with paint in one go.

Make and attach the piece of metal

Tinkering with tires and tin cans for an environmentally friendly project

Now you still need the typical piece of metal that Christmas tree decorations have to hang up. You can make this from a tin can as in these instructions or from a metal bucket. Cut the can and drill two small holes through the metal on the side with the bottom in two opposite places. In this way you thread the wire to get a handle that you knot on the inside. Drill two holes through the tire, push the ends of the wire through and knot them inside the tire. Complete! If you want, you can now add decorations, e.g. a snowflake in this example (made of felt, paper or other material). Or you can get stencils and use them to spray Christmas motifs on the tires. Then you can use the tires to decorate your garden, terrace or entrance area.

Make winter car tire decoration yourself – snowmen

Funny car tire decoration for winter in the form of snowmen

How about such sympathetic snowmen in your garden who will really bring joy to everyone? You have two options for making snowmen as decorations with tires. You can see the first variant in the picture above. To do this, first make the head as in the instructions above for the Christmas tree balls, only this time you color the tire white. The other tires are of course white too, but do not require a sheet of plywood, as they are simply stacked on top of one another. How many tires you use is up to you, because that depends on how big you want your snowman to be. Let the white paint dry well, assemble the car tire decoration, and then draw the buttons and face with acrylic paint. You can then decorate the finished snowmen with a bow or a hat.

Color tires white and stack them on top of each other for cute snowmen

In order to make a snowman, you don’t necessarily have to saw and drill, as described above. Instead of this type of head, you can simply add a face to the last stacked tire. This type of snowman is no less cute, so it’s up to you to decide how much time and effort you want to invest in this outdoor Christmas decoration.

Make your own garden decorations for Christmas with old tires - funny snowmen

Car tire decoration idea – tinker Santa Claus

Paint a Santa Claus on a tire with spray and acrylic paint

If you have the talent to draw, you can also try your hand at a Santa Claus. First spray the tires red and once the paint has dried, stack them on top of each other. Now you can first draw the outlines for Santa Claus with a felt-tip pen: head with beard, eyes, nose and mustache. Then all you have to do is color in the sketch with acrylic paint. It may take several coats to achieve an opaque color.

Do-it-yourself car tire decoration - Santa Claus with garlands

If you think that you will not be able to draw, you can just stick a beard from cotton or cotton wool and imitate Santa Claus in this way. Or maybe you can find a Santa Claus mask that you can simply glue the tires on?

Christmas trees made from tires as decoration

Christmas car tire decoration for inside and outside - Christmas trees with a difference

If you have old tires in different sizes at your disposal, you can even make such a Christmas tree. Simply color the hoops green and then stack them on top of each other (starting with the largest and ending with the smallest). Then various decorations such as bows, garlands, stars and other things can be glued all around. Such a tree can decorate both the garden and the living room.

Alternative to the classic Christmas tree made of tires with fairy lights and Christmas garlands

This original car tire decoration for Christmas is also great for a car dealership as an alternative to the classic Christmas tree. If, in this case, you are not using old but new tires, they should of course not be colored so that they can be sold after the Christmas season. In this case, the tree can simply be wrapped with green garlands and / or a string of lights. Customers are guaranteed to smile at the idea.

Decorate with hoops – make fancy Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath as an idea for self-made car tire decoration with fir green, poinsettia or fairy lights

Christmas wreaths are also a great decoration for car tires, don’t you think? Keep in mind that the tires for cars are quite heavy and therefore hardly suitable for the door. But they can be hung on a wall, dangle freely from a tree or simply leaned against a fence, a trunk or a wall. If they are only ajar, you can even use large tractor tires or those for off-road vehicles. However, if you absolutely want a door wreath, it is better to choose a light motorcycle tire or a bicycle tire.

And with regard to the design, there are really many variants available to you. The simplest option is to simply wrap a string of lights around the tire. Then you get an attractive car tire decoration for Christmas, which makes an impression especially in the evening hours. Both single-colored and colored fairy lights are suitable for this.

Decorate spare tires with fir green for a mobile wreath

You can also color the tire green and then decorate it with a bow or artificial Christmas flowers (e.g. poinsettias). The green color should indicate the typical fir green. A nice, wide satin ribbon is also suitable for wrapping around if you want to save yourself the spraying of spray paint or varnishing. The wreath then also receives a certain elegance. Then you can decorate with artificial flowers, small Christmas tree balls, stars, pine cones and all the other things that are otherwise used for Christmas wreaths.

Or how about you buy a cover for your visible spare tire and cover it with pine green? You can then use it to cover the tires of your SUV and exude the Christmas spirit everywhere, no matter where you are going.

Old tire decoration with Christmas arrangement

DIY arrangement in the tire as a plant container for a decoration in the entrance area

A lavish Christmas arrangement that decorates your entrance area and welcomes all of your guests sounds really good, doesn’t it? And the example above shows that it really is. The arrangement not only looks enchanting, but can also be made by beginners. So you don’t have to be a professional florist to get this DIY idea done.

Arrange a pretty Christmas arrangement yourself in a red hoop

Start by spraying the tire any color (or wrapping it with colored tape). You can opt for typical Christmas colors such as red, white and green, or you can choose one of the colors that appear in the other Christmas decorations nearby. Then seal the tire on one side with plywood. You can find out how to cut such a board in the instructions above for Christmas baubles.

DIY arrangement for Christmas for the terrace with evergreens, birch twigs and berries

Then fill the tire with potting soil. Plain sand is also suitable, but then it should be well hidden by the arrangement because it doesn’t look too attractive. Then start pegging any elements (in the example birch branches, pine cones, fir green and other evergreen branches, berries and white tree or shrub branches): Put the highest elements (here the birch branches) in the middle and then distribute all the others around them Elements. First arrange them upright from the center outwards and then gradually flattening them out. Feel free to experiment. You can always take items out and rearrange them until you are happy with the arrangement. Finally, you can shorten and shape very long and protruding branches a little.