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Christmas angels do handicrafts with children to decorate for Christmas

tinker christmas angels with children simple ideas paper instructions

Angels are great Christmas crafts, which is why you can use them for a fun afternoon of handicrafts with the kids. Even if you might think at first that these are complicated projects, you will be amazed how easy it is to implement some craft ideas. In addition, you can even use different materials and objects from everyday life when you make Christmas angels with children. I am sure that you have now felt like it. Then just try out one of the following handicraft ideas for Christmas. And if you can’t make up your mind, then you have enough options for several afternoon handicrafts.

Making Christmas angels with children – folding paper angels

Christmas angel tinker with children wooden bead paper fold easy tinkering idea

For Christmas crafts you need a wooden bead, thread and paper in any color, but these are best for Christmas. First prepare the pearl when you are making the Christmas angel with children. Paint a face on it and thread yarn through the hole. Now you need the paper. Take two square sheets of paper (origami paper is sold ready-made in a square shape) and fold them into a fan. Then shorten one of the two compartments at one end before pulling the “harmonica” apart.

Fold the larger piece in half and glue the two ends together. A small hole is created at the fold through which you thread one of the ends of the yarn. Glue the other fan onto the larger one and wrap the yarn around it, then put the end back through the bead. Pull the yarn tight and tie a knot above the wooden ball. If you are making these Christmas angels with children, you can now add hair and a halo if you wish. Wool threads are very well suited for hair, for example, while the halo can be tinkered with wire or glittering pipe cleaner.

Tinker angels with coffee filters for Christmas

christmas angel tinker with children coffee filter diy paper cup christmas tree decorations

For this project you need three coffee filters, a paper cup, golden string, toothpicks and a small styrofoam ball. Once you have everything ready, you can make the Christmas angel with the children. Place the paper cup upside down and place the coffee filter upside down like a dress. Then put the toothpick through the middle of the bottom of the cup and then again the ball. Now place another coffee filter over the ball. Wrap a piece of the golden cord around the resulting “neck” below the ball.

First fold the third coffee filter in half. You then pommel the folded filter in the middle and tie a piece of string around it to get the two wings, which you then glue to the back of the angel. In the end, only the halo remains. To do this, form a ring from a piece of golden cord and glue it onto the angel’s head. You can now paint a face if you like.

Angels do handicrafts for Christmas with children – idea with clothespins and fabric

Christmas angel tinker with children clothespins wood fabric lace loops

You can continue to use your scraps of fabric by opting for this craft idea. Even smaller children won’t have any problems with handicrafts here. Use wooden clothespins as a base and, with a few other things, turn them into cute Christmas stems. When making the wooden angels, you can use any fabric, including linen and lace. You can also decorate the brackets with other decorations if you like. Again, the best way to get the halo is with a pipe cleaner. If you make the Christmas angels with children, they can then be used as Christmas tree decorations, but also as dolls for the children. You can take out the durable decorations every year and use them to decorate your home.

Christmas angels tinker with paper

christmas angels tinker children pendants paper christmas crafts branches

With the help of the templates for printing, which you can find at the end of the article, you can make such colorful Christmas angels with children. It is best to print them directly on the construction paper or transfer the shape, after which you cut into them along the lines shown. After that, shape the cone for the dress. The wings and the head are created automatically.

tinker christmas angels children instructions do it yourself print out the template

If you don’t have a printer, you can cut out the individual elements separately and glue them together. It just takes a little more time, but it’s not much more difficult. You are also welcome to provide the angel with a loop so that you can use it as a pendant. If you use Christmas paper, if you are making the Christmas angels with children, the angels will be even more atmospheric.

Angels make handicrafts out of paper and cupcake liners

christmas angel tinker children paper cone muffin paper molds pipe cleaner

You can also make a paper cone for such a Christmas angel with children. Two muffin molds serve as wings, which you fold in the middle like the coffee filter wings and glue to the cone. Now cut out another circle on which you will paint the face. Glue a halo made of pipe cleaners to the back. Attach the head to the cone and if you want, draw arms on the cone.

Children make simple angels out of paper

children christmas angels tinker golden paper wings beginners toddlers

These angel figures for Christmas handicrafts, which are made of paper, are simple and yet pretty. They consist of a circle for the head, two circles of gold paper for the wings, and a rounded cylinder for the body. You draw the face with felt-tip pens, while either a glitter pencil, wool or other material can be used for the hair. The individual elements are simply glued together. You are welcome to use a different shape for the wings. Here the little ones can let their imagination run wild while doing handicrafts for Christmas.

Make winter decorations with paper plates

christmas angel tinker children paper plate inspiration christmas crafts cut glue

Even paper plates are suitable for quick and easy Christmas handicrafts. So you can also make angels with children. All you have to do is cut a piece out of the plate and use it as a dress. Another variant is to cut the plate in half and then quarter one of the two halves again to use it as a wing. Just try out both variants once. The further design of the Christmas angels can also be chosen individually. In the two instructions for making Christmas angels with children, you will only find some inspiration.

Template for paper angel here.