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Cactus decoration for a Mexico or summer party – 6 simple craft ideas

Whether for a Mexico party or just as a funny decoration that should put you in a good mood – cacti are perfect if you are looking for something unusual for your party that will put everyone in a summer mood. For this purpose you can of course use real cacti and distribute them in the room, but you can also make artificial ones from a wide variety of materials. Today we give you a few ideas for original DIY cactus decorations.

Make cactus decoration yourself - ideas and instructions from different materials

Make cactus decoration yourself from balloons

Make a cactus decoration with green air balloons

These self-designed balloons, for which you need the following materials, are really extremely simple and even perfect for all beginners.

  • green balloons in different shades two sizes: 30 cm and 12 cm
  • Pom-poms in pink and / or pink
  • black marker
  • line
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • optional: helium

Cactus decoration - instructions for making party decorations with balloons

How to do it:

  • Inflate the balloons with helium or normal air and tie them shut.
  • Secure the knot additionally with string (if you use helium, you can use it to tie the cactus balloons later).
  • Use the pen to draw “V” s on the balloons to imitate spikes.
  • Glue the small balloons to the big ones just as you like.
  • Glue the pompons in place to imitate blossoms.
  • Decorate the apartment with them.

Cactus decoration ideas with long balloons

Wall decoration in the form of cacti and hearts made of long balloons

You can also create a cactus party decoration for the wall in this shape. To do this, simply inflate long green and yellow balloons of different lengths and stick them on the wall. It’s best to start inside and work your way out, working in a few yellow balloons here and there. Finally, glue balloons along the outline to create a frame. For sticking, you can use special double-sided adhesive tape, which is intended for walls and is easy to remove later.

Cactus decoration DIY made of stones

Funny cactus decoration for parties and homes - paint river stones with acrylic paints

  • flat river stones of different sizes
  • Acrylic paints (various shades of green and white)
  • paint brush
  • small terracotta flower pot
  • Decorative sand

Tinker cactus decoration out of stones for a Mexico party

Wash the stones thoroughly with soap and let them dry well. Then paint them green and once the paint has dried you can use white (or black) paint to draw the spines. Now fill the pot halfway with the sand, arrange the painted stones and fill up with more sand. Complete! This idea with lucky stones is wonderfully suitable if you are looking for a cactus table decoration.

Cacti decoration made of paper

DIY cacti made of paper - easy craft idea for children and adults

  • green paper
  • Edding
  • scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Pots
  • brown wrapping paper

Draw a cactus on the green paper and cut it out. You will now use this as a template to draw a second cactus in the same shape on green paper. Cut this out too and draw spikes on each side of both cacti. Now cut one of the two lengthways and in the middle from below to the middle and the other from above.

Cut out sheets of paper and stick them together

Plug the two cacti together at these interfaces and you get a three-dimensional cactus. Tear up the wrapping paper into smaller pieces and crumple them into balls that you fill the pot with while holding and temporarily supporting the cactus. The cactus decoration is ready!

Cactus decoration made of felt

Sewing cacti from felt with simple instructions for beginners

  • green felt
  • Felt in pink, pink or red for the flowers
  • sewing machine
  • green yarn
  • Pins or clips to hold the fabric in place
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fiberfill
  • possibly glue for the flower

You don’t have to be an experienced seamstress for this cactus decoration. Even beginners will do just fine with the task. With a pencil, draw a U-shape on paper and cut it out (think about an extra 2 cm for the seam when choosing the size). You will now use this element as a template to draw 6 of them on felt and cut them out. Then place two elements on top of each other and sew them together around the oval side (leave an opening at the bottom).

Sewing instructions for cacti with flowers - handicrafts made of felt

In this way you get 3 elements, the edges of which you can also cut shorter with a pair of zigzag scissors to get the effect of spikes. Now place the three elements on top of one another, pin them together so that they cannot slip and sew a seam lengthways along the center line. Now fill all segments with the polyfill, but always leave a little space at the bottom to be able to sew up the openings.

You can use a wooden stick or pen to fill it. Sew the openings shut by hand and then cut out two identical flowers. Glue or sew these onto the cactus, slightly offset to one another, and you’re done and can design your party location with the decorative cacti!

Origami cactus decoration for a party

Make origami cacti with video instructions and use them as party decorations

If you want to make this modern origami cactus decoration, you only need origami paper, scissors and small pots and documents (e.g. small boxes) in which you can put the finished cacti. For the cactus you will need square paper that is 17.5 cm in size and for the flowers you will also need square paper that is half the size. You can see step by step how to make the decoration with cactus in the following video tutorial: