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Autumn handicrafts with paper – great decorations for your home

autumn tinker turkey feathers colored paper thanksgiving pumpkin

The mid-autumn festival in Asia is celebrated with red or orange paper lanterns and the typical moon cake is baked with sweet, salty, meat or vegetarian fillings. In Europe and North America, people celebrate autumn with pumpkins and the children transform beautiful ideas and motifs from this season with the help of paper and other handicraft utensils into creatively designed decorations for kindergarten, school or at home. Tinker autumn with paper, however, it becomes a kind of inspiration for adults as well, as a creative hobby for fine decorations for your own home. Artists are inspired by autumn in other ways, creating marvels out of paper.

Autumn handicrafts – garland of paper leaves

autumn tinker garland paper leaves chestnut maple

Is there anything more beautiful than the splendid colors of autumn? Autumn tinkering with paper provides great decoration and craft ideas such as the beautiful lantern in great colors, tastefully hung or nicely placed in the living room or in the kitchen. The little ones and the adults will have fun making the paper lanterns and both sides will be satisfied. As they say goodbye to the last days of summer and welcome the warm and sometimes rainy days of autumn, the autumn decorations bring colorful feelings and warm hearts. There are great autumn festivals and beer festivals coming up, so good and happy times await you.

Autumn handicrafts for the door – a wreath of twigs and paper flowers with buttons

autumn tinker wreath door paper blossoms branches

The day of gratitude, known as Thanksgiving, which was originally handed down by the Indian population, is celebrated with lots of sweets, colorful costumes and the delicious turkey on the table. The children go from door to door in the neighborhood and get, besides the great sweets, also small autumn handicrafts made of paper, which will ensure great joy and even more happy children’s hearts. For example, you can even equip an empty lint roller with buttons, small pebbles and autumn leaves and create a human design from them. Take a look around your household for small household utensils and with the help of paper you will come up with great ideas for beautiful autumn decorations.

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Autumn mood with a pumpkin made of paper strips

autumn tinker paper stripes orange pumpkin 3d idea

Make pumpkins to hang up from curved strips

autumn tinker pumpkin motif orange green idea hang up

Colorful paper flowers as hair


Autumn tinker paper lantern


Autumn handicrafts – sweet giveaways for the children


Make flowers in autumn colors out of paper


Great autumn decorations as roses on the kitchen table


Pumpkins ingeniously designed in orange


Congratulation or invitation card with autumn motifs


Children’s craft ideas for fall

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