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A wonderful DIY bracelet, bracelet or bangle

diy bracelet multicolored balls bracelets ladies friendship

Decorating something on a bare wrist is very easy. Just take a wide bangle or a couple of bangles and you have made a stylish statement without any effort. And making your own bracelets can be just as easy. The following examples of a DIY bracelet, -Chains or hoops impress and inspire you with how they have been transformed into beautiful works of art in a creative way by sewing, twisting, baking or by gluing different materials together. Check out these 45 pretty bracelets that you can make yourself.

DIY bracelet – a simple idea

diy bracelet pendants infinity anchor straps

These first two examples of a DIY bracelet are among the simplest. For this purpose, get colored ribbons and any tags. The string is then tied to the pendants. The simple yet great braided pattern is also popular and a great variant.

Combine a DIY bracelet with a chain

DIY bracelet chain decorate gold suede band braiding

Such variants also look very elegant. A bracelet is simply wrapped in any way with a ribbon or cord to spice it up in color. In this case, a thin band of suede in pastel orange was chosen.

How to make a macrame bracelet – simple instructions for beginners

DIY bangle wrapped with colorful, summery embroidery thread

Return of the macrame hanging basket – 27 colorful ideas for inside and outside

Chain and suede cord bracelet

diy bracelet silver bracelet braid idea pink light blue

Combined with colored suede, these silver chains also look much more likeable. The braided pattern is reminiscent of the herringbone braid, which you can use to orientate yourself accordingly.

DIY idea with a big chain

diy bracelet chain large gold bracelets wrap green blue

Larger chains were used here. Gift ribbons, which also shimmer nicely, provide color. The way the ribbon is threaded into the chain is very simple as you can see. Try it!

DIY bracelet – a bracelet with tassels


Particularly impressive in this variant are the different materials that were used: girlish pearls, solid metal chains and chic threads. There is a suitable bracelet for every style. It’s an example of the wonderful things you can do with leftovers. (from Studs & Pearls)

DIY bracelet – A neon-colored bangle wrapped with yarn


This brightly colored bangle is made exactly as it looks by wrapping neon thread close together around a piece of rope. Choose a bold, three-tone design like the one in the sample photo or, if you’re looking for something a little more modest, a pure black and white pattern. (from I Spy DIY)

A DIY bracelet made of ropes in a nautical style


You should have already realized that you don’t have to be a Boy Scout to tie a great sailor’s knot. Beginners can use a plain piece of rope to shape the knot’s pattern better, but the preppy look of this navy blue and white pattern is just wonderful. (from Operation Overhaul)

A DIY bracelet made of leather and beads


Fold a piece of leather in half so that you have a rounded end and sew beads of your choice onto each side. The small blue and gold pearls make the material look very delicate, even though the band is made of thick leather. (from Fab You Bliss)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet with spikes


This wild metal bracelet may look terrifying at first, but dare to do it! Wear it with leather leggings if you want to turn heads with a matching accessory, or combine it with a t-shirt with an anchor pattern for a cool, contrasting style. (from Stripes and Sequins)

Bracelets decorated with tulle


This colorful tulle forms the basis for this friendship bracelet instead of the ordinary yarn. That DIY bracelet provides more wit and charm. (from Brit + Co)

A bracelet made of hex nuts in the shape of a diamond

DIY disc metal thread purple bracelet

Did you already know that Hex Nut is a girl’s best friend? Tie these metal ware together in order for that DIY bracelet To shape a pendant in the shape of a diamond that looks incredibly chic. (from trinkets in Bloom)

DIY bracelet – A bangle made from a sweater


Give your beloved, old sweater new life with this interesting bangle. Just cut a piece from a thick wool jacket or patterned sweater and sew the ends together around a bangle shape. (from a bit of sunshine)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet made of sequins


Add some shimmer to your collection of bracelets and chains with this DIY project. Sew the sequins on a chain in a pretty color. You can use the whole chain or just short pieces. Whatever you want. Wrap it around your wrist and adjust it, or leave it long to wear as a necklace. (from Brit + Co)

A friendship bracelet with hearts

DIY metal bracelet heart friendship idea

How long has it been since you showed your love to your best friend? Learn this heart pattern and make yours with this one DIY bracelet a joy. (from Honestly … WTF)

A bracelet made of chains and rhinestones


This DIY bracelet from two chains, leather and rhinestones will add unlikely glamor to any outfit. Braid the rhinestones between the gold and silver chain to get a perfect accessory for a champagne evening. (from Everything Fabulous)

A bracelet made of eyelets, hooks and thread


Sometimes less is more and that proves this interesting one too DIY bracelet, that consists of hooks and eyes. All you have to do is fold over the yarn to attach it to the oval wire eyelets. They are a great addition to a striking watch. (from I Spy DIY)

A leather wrap bracelet with rivets


This DIY bracelet is an inspiration of a designer piece. It takes very little time and doesn’t cost nearly as much as the original. If you plan to work with leather more often, it would be a good idea to invest in a leather punch. Beginners can also do the whole thing with a needle and some muscle strength. (from Thanks, I Made It)

DIY bracelet – a wide bangle made of pearls


Since when is bigger and more conspicuous not also better? This bracelet consists of golden and silver pearls that are alternately strung together and is perfect for the wrist of Cleopatra or Jeanne d’Arc. (from P.S. – I Made This …)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet with a ring in turquoise


This bracelet with ring is the epitome of simple beauty. Their inconspicuous elegance and the feeling of delicacy make them a true statement in a minimalist style. Measure the distance between your finger and wrist as you prepare the materials. (from Into Mind)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet with a name and a bow


Can you imagine the trick in creating this cute, personal necklace is that it starts with a pen and notebook? Draw a lettering without interrupting the letters and then do it with your materials. The result is a pretty and unique bracelet. (from Born in ‘82)

DIY bracelet – bangles with rivets


Find a new use for your old bangles that are in the farthest corner of your jewelry box and turn them into breathtaking accessories. Play with rivets and connect, for example, two or three thin bangles with one rivet to make a wide bangle, or you can fasten them with several rivets and you have a new, stylish bangle that you can be proud of. (from Brit + Co)

Bangles made of golden tubes

DIY bangle set gold tube design

These colorful bangles with tubes can be made from two different materials. Either you choose a colorful string for more fun or you use one DIY bracelet made of leather to achieve more stability and elegance. Regardless of which variant you choose, you should know that gold hoses go perfectly with both (from Honestly … WTF)

A painted leather bracelet

DIY painted leather arm band idea

Paint your own geometric designs on leather cord for this DIY trend. Choose the tribal design with a colorful zigzag pattern for that DIY bracelet or keep it simpler with a black and white pattern. (from A Beautiful Mess)

Bracelets made from zippers

DIY bracelet rice clasp idea design

This is one of the best unconventional transformations to materials ever. These colorful zippers as DIY bracelet cost little money and can be transformed into very different looks with just one paper cut. (from Brit + Co)

A leather bracelet with an interesting clasp

DIY-leather-clasp-bracelet-idea-grayi this DIY bracelet made of leather, everything revolves around the ingenious clasp. Attach it to the shimmering, silver leather strap and close it in a particularly stylish way. (from Think Crafts)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet with pompons


The idea of ​​replacing the pendants with these cute pompons on this DIY project is just wonderful. Attach a strip to the edge of your arm chain with these fabric pompons and secure them with eyelets for an interesting, cute design. (from Thanks, I Made It)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet made of painted rhinestones


Get ready for one of the most impressive designs in a long time. Add a dollop of neon-colored nail polish to some of the rhinestones on your bracelet for such a glittery design. The idea is just brilliant and so simple too! (from Hocus Kocus)

A herringbone braided bracelet

DIY-fish-burr-colorful-three-side by side

If you have no problem creating the herringbone style braid on your own hair, then it will be easy for you to do this too DIY bracelet to make yourself. Choose a monotonous design by using only two shades or make it more colorful with two contrasting colors to match the summer. (from I Spy DIY)

Bracelets made from sequins

DIY bracelet delicate color sequin design

These sequin bracelets are fun, unique, and easier to make than you might think. But don’t make the mistake of threading each sequin individually. Save time by picking up a whole bunch and being careful for that DIY bracelet thread. (from Honestly … WTF)

Bracelets with screw connections


Who would have thought that fittings could look so chic? Attach this chunky compaction to a long, thin leather cord and wrap it around your forearm. You already have a new one DIY bracelet. Put two layers on top of each other for a more dramatic look. (from Style Hurricane)

DIY bracelet – a transparent bangle


Follow the trend of transparency with these double plexiglass bangles. You can find this clear material at most hardware stores. Ask there if they can cut it directly to your size. Put it in the oven for a short time to soften, then hurry to bend it into shape. The plexiglass hardens again in about 30 seconds. (from Love Aesthetics)

A bracelet made of ropes and spikes


Should this design be called neatly gothic or should it be called sailor punk? Anyway, that DIY bracelet looks just great. Simply tuck the spikes through the knots of the rope and screw them into place at the back. (from P.S. – I Made This …)

Modern bracelets made from ropes


The rope is a really versatile material that a lot of things can be made of. You can do it at one DIY bracelet Braid, knot or twist and always get a wonderful result. Also, try a few more colorful colors for a more vibrant design. (from Brit + Co)

DIY bracelet – painted tribal bangles


The interpretation of the 21st century tribal pattern makes us wish we had more than just two arms. Address labels allow you to cover the areas you don’t want to paint and just use acrylic paints for the rest. The result is colorful and cheerful. You can also wear several at the same time. (from Dismount Creative)

DIY bracelet – a bangle with a heart shaped out of wire

DIY arm band wire heart idea

If your heart isn’t on your tongue, at least wear it on your wrist. The bulges of the heart are shaped with a pair of pliers and also serve as an eyelet for the hook. (from I Spy DIY)

DIY bracelet – bracelet with eye


Banish all evil energies with this pretty bracelet with one eye as an accent. The almond shape of the eye decorated with rhinestones, as well as the chain in combination with yarn look simply breathtaking. (from My Little Secrets)

 DIY bracelet – A wide bracelet made from a leather bow

DIY leather bow bracelet idea orange

It’s fascinating how quickly you can turn a superfluous piece of leather into a pretty bangle. Simply squeeze the center of the piece of leather together, secure it with thread or twine, and you’re done with over half of the bracelet. (from Oh the Lovely Things)

DIY bracelet – a bracelet with a pendant made of pearls


Forget the thrift store the next time you’re looking for a vintage-style piece of jewelry and make one yourself with pretty pendants made of pearls. For a more luxurious end result, combine it with a pretty, crystal bracelet. (from Honestly … WTF)

A wristwatch with homemade straps


Replace the boring strap on your watch with a colorful and cheerful one DIY bracelet like this. You can make them out of leather or use friendship bracelets and pearl necklaces. (from Brit + Co)

Bracelets made of leather and trimmed with fabric


Pastel shades and floral patterns give these bracelets a feminine look. Such a personable one DIY bracelet has the perfect mix, matching color combinations and textures: the meeting of power in its greatest grace. (Henry Happened)

Braided bracelets made of clay


Adorn your wrist with this interesting one DIY bracelet. It’s time to start making adult modeling clay. Kneading, braiding and baking are the three main activities to transform this mass of polymer clay into pretty, braided bracelets. The earth tones matching autumn look wonderful, but the speckled tone also has something special. (from Delighted Momma)

A bracelet made of pearls


This DIY bracelet pearls are very easy to make and look really chic. Make several in all the colors of the rainbow by weaving golden or silver pearls into linen thread. Tie it to a button with two holes and use it as a clasp at the same time when you attach it to your arm. (from Honestly … WTF)

DIY bracelet – A wide bangle made from large sequins


Challenge your inner disco freak with this glamorous bangle. Give your old bangle a new look by gluing the large sequins to it in a scale pattern using a hot glue gun.

A bracelet made of vinyl and rhinestones


There’s nothing shiny and neon-colored that you can’t look for a pretty one DIY bracelet can use and that also applies to this example. Thread an elastic cord through beads in the shape of rhinestones and vinyl to achieve this sleek and modern look. (from SwellMayde)


And those were all examples. We hope you enjoyed them and were inspired by them. There is something suitable for every occasion and style, because you can change every example according to your taste and design it as you like. The imagination knows no limits. Have fun copying!