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A pretty table setting made of candles and parchment


Today we have instructions for one Table decorations from candles and parchment for you, so simple it is even for the less dexterous among us. It fits wonderfully as a decoration for the wedding, especially if you prefer to do without flowers or want to save money with fewer flower arrangements. You need, among other things, transparent glass vases or pretty glasses of any shape.

A pretty table decoration made of candles and parchment – the combinations


If you want, you can combine glasses of different sizes with each other. Just browse the Internet or various shops, because if you are lucky you can also find vases or glasses that are on sale and therefore cheaper. The great thing is that you can sell the vases again later if you don’t need them. With one, however, you can be sure that this is the case Table decorations from candles will create a wonderfully cozy and warm ambience, because that is exactly the strength of candles.

For the table decorations made of candles and parchment you need:


  • Parchment, preferably with a pretty pattern
  • cylindrical vases
  • Tea lights or LED candles
  • duct tape

Some tips


The trick on this project for a Table decorations from candles is to find pretty parchment that isn’t too boring and that suits the occasion. It should ideally have a great pattern. You might even find some with pamphlets to match the wedding. Again, look for it on the internet or ask at a stationery store about different designs and styles. Once you’ve found the right parchment, the rest will be so easy, even a child Table decorations from candles could tinker. Just wrap it around the vase, trim off the excess part and tape the two ends together with duct tape.

The finished composition


When the time comes to light the candles, it would be better to use a stick lighter, especially for the taller vases. If it is forbidden to light candles in the wedding hall, you will finally have the chance to try out these modern LED candles. To spice things up and add more patterns, choose some nice napkins. It depends entirely on your taste whether you choose paper napkins or cloth napkins. In contrast to most other table decorations, you can continue to use them after the wedding, decorate your home with them and create a cozy atmosphere. That’s reason enough to give you this Table decorations from candles and tinker with parchment, you won’t find it?

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