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A pretty table decoration made of roses to make yourself


Anyone who is a fan of roses will also fall in love with this pretty table decoration. It is very easy to imitate. You will most likely find the products for this in a one-euro store. The decoration creates a rustic atmosphere and looks especially wonderful in combination with other similar decorations. One Table setting made of roses is great for fun occasions and the colors you can choose for are endless.

A table decoration made of roses to make yourself – which products you need for the decoration:


The first thing you need for that Table setting made of roses a bouquet of artificial roses. This should preferably consist of 7 roses, depending on how big the decoration should be. You also need a cylinder made of Styrofoam that is approx. 2 cm high and a wide ribbon that has a rustic style and is at least twice as wide as the Styrofoam, i.e. at least 4 cm. As already mentioned, you will probably find all of these things in a one-euro shop without any problems and for little money.

And this is how you put together the table decoration from roses:


Do you see how incredibly easy it is? As you can see, a decoration consists of 7 roses. You can of course make several and distribute them in different places in the room. In case you are wondering: The rose heads in an artificial rose bouquet can be easily removed if you pull them gently. So this DIY project is even suitable for the less skilled at handicrafts. You can also choose a different color of the roses. It all depends on your taste and the style of your interior. the Table setting made of roses is also ideal for a wedding, a dinner party or just for the dining table in your living room.

We hope you enjoy trying it out!


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