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A DIY bedside table – build it yourself quickly and easily

DIY bedside table decoration bedroom white do it yourself

If you need a new bedside table but don’t necessarily want to buy a new one, you can make this yourself. You may also have noticed how small the bedside tables that are being sold are. That would be a problem especially if you have a high bed. There are so many different designs on the Internet, but once you see the table in real life and put it on the floor, it only reaches at most to the knee.

For this reason, it might be better if you make it yourself right away. For the DIY bedside table For this article, you’ll need a cardboard tube, two round sheets of wood, and strips of shiny vinyl.

The DIY bedside table – it’s so easy to build yourself:

Set up bedroom interface mark step 1

You can decide for yourself which diameter you choose for the pipe. For these instructions, 20 cm was chosen. You can also choose a thicker tube if you wish. It all depends on your taste. From the total length of the pipe (usually about 1 meter or a little more) cut a 70 cm long piece to make the stand for the DIY bedside table to obtain. To do this, measure it precisely beforehand and mark the point where the pipe is to be cut.

Once you have cut into the pipe you can insert a small saw into the hole and cut around once. A pruning saw may be best for this. You will find that this little saw can come in handy for many other projects as well. Also the circle for the foot of the DIY bedside table you can cut with her. It cuts through 6 mm wide MDF without any problems.

Cut the pipe for the table leg

cardboard box cut table leg bedside table step 2

You can buy the round wooden plate that will serve as the tabletop. It should be 60 cm wide. This way you will have plenty of space on the DIY bedside table to have. Place the pipe in the middle of the wooden plate. Draw a circle around the pipe with a pencil. Screw in a few pieces of wood inside the circle.

Remove the excess piece

cut stand table leg bedside table finished step 3

Now place the table top on the pipe and screw the pipe to the pieces of wood.

The wooden panel that at DIY bedside table If you want to serve as a foot, attach to the other end of the pipe in the same way. In this example, this top is slightly smaller than the table top (45-46 cm). But that too depends on your taste. You can of course make them the same size. In addition, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made of wood. If you also want to save money, you can also choose MDF and cut a circle out of it.

DIY bedside table – attach the table top and foot

table top wood drill yourself decor bedroom step 4

Spray that DIY bedside table with white color. If you want the table to have a shiny effect, you can also spray it with a gloss spray. The white color is sufficient for the pipe, as not much of it will ultimately be seen.

While you wait for the paint to dry, you can cut strips out of the vinyl. Lots of stripes! You will need about 25 of these so get to work.

Screw the tube to the table top

wood plate fasten screwdriver step 5

Attach the strips to the DIY bedside table, as shown in the photo. The distance between the strips is approximately 2.5 cm. You can use thumbtacks to secure it. But if you prefer something a bit more fashionable, just take a couple of pretty upholstery nails.

The assembled bedside table

attach foot to bedside cardboard step 6

Now wrap another strip like a belt around the center of the stand from DIY bedside table and secure the ends with a foldback bracket. You alternately lay the long, hanging strips behind the “belt”: one strip in front, the next behind it, then one strip forward again and so on.

Paint the DIY bedside table and decorate it with vinyl

DIY nightstand painting white minimalist step 7

Pull each strip under the DIY bedside table, so that they are smooth and tight. Temporarily secure each strip with tape until you are sure of the gap and tautness. When you’re happy with the way it looks, you can replace the tape with staples. Furthermore, you can now remove the foldback clamp and staple the belt to the pipe.

And your new one is ready DIY bedside table! Have fun trying it out and later using it!

Prepare the vinyl strips

white stripes preparing bedside table decorating step 8

Fasten the vinyl strips with thumbtacks

furniture decorating thumbtacks vinyl attach step 9

Deco table paper strip tie step 10

Attach the table base decoration strips complete step 11

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