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A beautiful DIY table decoration made of vine wood


You are creative and want to design your own decoration. In summer and autumn it is not difficult to find materials. In the forest or on the beach there are plants that can stay fresh on the table for a long time.

A DIY table decoration made of vine wood


This great DIY table decoration is ideal for the reception of a wedding, the bridal shower, the dress rehearsal of the reception, the wedding itself or just as a pretty accent in your home. Find out here in this article how to make this gorgeous DIY table decoration can do it yourself.

For the DIY table decoration you need:


  • 3 pieces of floral foam in the shape of an igloo (6 cm). You can get it online or from a florist.
  • 1 sandblasted piece of grapevine (45 to 60 cm)
  • Secateurs
  • 3 pieces of wire 15 cm long
  • 10 flowers white peony
  • 3 succulents in pots
  • decorative twigs, in the example foxtail (amaranth) was used

And this is how the DIY table decoration is made:


  1. Wrap the wire around the floral foam and the vine. Pull it tight to hold the foam firmly in place.
  2. Take the succulents out of their pots, remove the soil and roots, and cut the stem at an angle. Pin the succulent plant in the floral foam. It is advisable to pierce a hole beforehand so that the succulents can be put into the foam more easily without using a lot of force. The succulents are very fragile.
  3. Shorten the stems of the peonies to about 5 cm in length. You should also cut these at an angle so that you can insert them more easily into the foam. Insert them at least an inch deep for a more secure hold.
  4. Cut the amaranth to a length of 15 to 20 cm and use it to fill the free spaces between the succulents and peonies.

And that’s it. Is the DIY table decoration not easy to do and just beautiful and modern?

The flowers and succulents are pinned together


Tie the water tank to the vine wood


A table setting with peonies


Contrast of colors