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4 craft ideas for spring and summer decoration – work with real flowers and paper

Craft ideas spring adult herbarium dried flowers picture frame glass

Handicrafts are fun and inspire children and adults alike! Not only can you let your imagination run wild, you can also spend a playful time with your child. You can conjure up a lot with the use of a wide variety of materials. We are happy to present you 4 great craft ideas for spring and summer decoration with flowers! Fresh cut flowers tempt our senses with colors and scents, while decorative paper flowers never let their heads droop. Whether real or paper flowers – every room can be enchanted with flowers! Give your walls a floral touch with our creative decorations!

Make your own herbarium in the picture frame

Craft ideas spring herbarium drying flowers in picture frame

When the temperatures slowly rise again after the long winter, many people look forward to spring. Nature awakens with tremendous, indomitable strength – everything sprouts, drifts, grows and blossoms in gorgeous colors. The first signs of spring appear on the meadows, in the gardens and in the forest and invite us to take a walk. Take the opportunity to collect some leaves, twigs, and flowers.

Craft ideas spring herbarium decoration wall window sill

You can then easily preserve the collected “natural materials” and use them as decoration. Pressed flowers are ideal for decorating gifts, greeting cards and also for making mobile phone cases, jewelry and home accessories of all kinds.

The so-called floating frame herbarium offers a very special way of stylishly setting the scene for pressed flowers. The floral works of art are arranged in a picture frame between two panes of glass and preserved for eternity. Pretty simple and yet sophisticated!

Make a fresh flower wreath yourself

Craft ideas spring summer willow wreath decorate fresh flowers

Here is another great craft idea that has to do with natural materials – a flower wreath. As a basis for the wreath, you can use a simple willow ring, for example, which is decorated with various greens and flowers. Tie the branches to the willow ring with floral wire. Always place individual branches on the willow wreath and wrap the wire around them.

Craft ideas spring summer wreath tie fresh flowers branches

Instead of using a ready-made willow wreath, you can make a wire blank in the right size yourself. First, use the wire to form a ring in several layers and wrap the wire with green florist ribbon. Now make small bouquets from the flowers, which you wrap with floral wire and then with the florist ribbon. Now tie these small bouquets to the wire ring with the help of the flower wire. A flower wreath is not only a great piece of jewelry for the front door, but also a wonderful accessory for the hair.

Make paper flowers for spring and summer decorations

Craft ideas for spring summer paper flowers

Paper flowers are a must for every craft enthusiast! They are pretty to look at, versatile and do not wither! All sorts of handicraft and decoration ideas can be conjured up: They are ideal for decorating gift boxes, greeting cards, wreaths or for scrapbooking. Many different techniques and different types of paper allow a colorful variety of design options.

Paper roses tinker spring children adults

The flower shapes are also very diverse. Roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums, orchids, tulips – everyone can make their favorite flowers out of paper. If you want to give your designs even more texture, you can use tissue paper or crepe paper.

Paper flowers make different types of flowers fresh colors spring summer

The simplest variants include paper flowers, which can be made from simple cardboard and a little glue. The individual petals are usually cut out from a handicraft template and then arranged from large to small and glued together. This creates a great 3D effect and the flower becomes particularly lush.

Paper wreath in a tropical look

Paper wreath tropical look paper flowers tinker summer

Urban jungle look has been very popular for a while now. The jungle trend brings the green into the apartment and provides that holiday feeling in everyday life. Large-leaved jungle plants, exotic animals and tropical colors now adorn furniture, wallpaper and textiles. To decorate the apartment green, exotic and summery, a beautiful paper wreath in the jungle look is also suitable.

To match the jungle feeling, exotic-looking flowers such as plumeria and hibiscus are crafted from paper. Deeply incised leaves like these of the Monstera impress with their unusual shape and create the perfect green background for the colorful flowers. The icing on the cake is the pink flamingo, which nicely complements the jungle look.

Craft ideas summer jungle look paper wreath flamingo monstera leaf

The enthusiasm to produce something beautiful and good yourself makes you happy! You can find more beautiful craft ideas in the magazine, for example from matches21 or on Pinterest. Let yourself be inspired and infected by the craft bug!