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38 craft ideas with paper strips in an ornate look

Craft ideas paper blossom dragon letter n ornate pattern colorful

One of the best materials for crafting is paper. One can even say that in most cases it is at least necessary as a basis. And since you usually already have paper at home, you can also start tinkering spontaneously. We would like to introduce you to a particularly interesting variant of handicrafts. These are twisted strips of paper from which you can create romantic and very attractive designs. These Craft ideas with paper are not only suitable for decorating your own house, but can also be used wonderfully as a gift. Greeting cards can also be wonderfully decorated with squiggly paper and give each piece of handicraft a special look.

Craft ideas with paper – great inspiration

tinkering ideas with paper phoenix colorful stripes entwined blue red pink

We have put together some great inspirations and craft ideas with paper of this kind below. In addition to monochromatic images and figures, you can also create unique pieces by combining colors or even creating the attractive ombre look like the phoenix above. Try out your favorite motif right away and then, if you want, come up with something of your own. Have fun implementing these craft ideas with paper.

Craft ideas with paper – buy strips or cut them yourself

craft ideas with paper stripes colors craft store materials

The paper strips for the craft ideas with paper can be cut to size yourself or bought ready-made and have any width. The screwing itself is done in a variety of ways and depends entirely on what you like best and what is easiest. On the one hand, you can easily “curl” the strips by hand for the handicraft ideas with paper. Another variation is the use of a comb, in which the paper is wrapped around the prongs. You are also welcome to come up with your own tool. There are also special tools available in the craft store. Then the strip is glued together and shaped with your fingers as required. The finished figures can then either be hung up or glued to a sheet of paper to create pretty pictures. So, as you can see, these paper craft ideas are not difficult to implement at all.

Spring paper flowers

Craft ideas with paper spring flowers roll colorful colors

Romantic craft ideas

craft ideas paper cello camera tulips peacock do it yourself

Paper owl

craft ideas paper funny decoration owl spiral paper strips

Camera idea

craft ideas paper camera gift idea cardboard blue yellow retro

Tinker gifts

Craft ideas paper letter decorate flowers pattern colorful hobby

Handicraft instructions with paper strips

Craft ideas paper instructions roll strips yellow tool

Tinker flowers

craft ideas paper blossom instructions yellow orange simple glue

Petals and tinker stems

craft ideas paper leaves flower stalks instructions simple basis

craft ideas with paper birthday card decorate pink flowers

Craft ideas with paper owls motifs swirl stripes yellow background

Craft ideas paper starfish rainbow colorful colors spiral shape

craft ideas with paper children diy picture meadow clouds sun inspiration

craft ideas with paper flowers frame butterflies spring strauss

craft ideas with paper instructions flower wavy stripes pink

Craft ideas with paper tags diy blue stripes fir tree

tinkering ideas paper lettering diy gift neat design

Craft ideas paper butterfly diy template wing colorful

craft ideas paper pink nuances romantic flowers picture vintage

craft ideas paper peacock colorful colors roll tinker branch bird blue

craft ideas paper cardboard material star curled stripes christmas decoration

tinkering ideas paper pattern inspiration dragon squares roll paper strips blue green

craft ideas paper purple stripes blue picture design simple

craft ideas paper inspirations pictures design decor interior wall

craft ideas paper instructions flowers leaves comb tool

craft ideas with paper stripes hummingbird colorful bird design

Craft ideas with paper snowflakes pastel colors winter decoration

craft ideas with paper red pink flower fringes diy romantic

tinkering ideas with paper earrings original stripes embellished heart yellow orange

tinkering ideas with paper chain pendants design elaborate stripes