Craft ideas

10 ideas that you can tinker with the children as gifts for grandma

It’s Mother’s Day soon and it’s not just the mother who can be honored on this special day. After all, grandma is also a mom and deserves a loving gift. And what is better than a do-it-yourself gift from your grandchildren? Of course, you can also make a nice present for grandma for other occasions such as a birthday, Easter or Christmas. So sit down with your children right away and try out one of the following craft ideas for children that we have put together for you.

Gift for grandma made from paper flowers

Make paper flowers as a gift for grandma for bouquets and terrariums

With simple paper flowers made from tissue paper, wonderful gifts can be made. Not only bouquets that last forever, but also small terrariums and greeting cards can be tinkered with them. And they are also great for decorating other gifts or gift packaging.

Making paper flowers: 10 DIY instructions for spring-like decorations made of colored and crepe paper

Tinker paper flowers with children – nice ideas and handicraft instructions

Crafting tip: make paper flowers – large paper dahlias

The flowers can of course also vary in size. But one thing is certain – if you use them and create any gift idea for grandma, she is guaranteed to be happy. The delicate flowers made of tissue paper fit into any interior and can be wonderfully used as decoration by your grandmother.

Make the present for grandma and add a card with paper flowers

Greeting cards with paper flowers

Gift for grandma tinker with tissue paper - creative ideas with paper flowers

Make homemade picture frames as a present for grandma

Make a simple idea as a present for grandma - picture frames with hearts

With the quilling technique, you can make such a gift for grandma with children. All you need is a simple picture frame of any size and strips of paper. Instead of the romantic colors from the example, you can of course also use more cheerful colors such as yellow, green, orange or light blue. Paper strips for quilling are sold pre-cut in the craft store, but you can of course cut them yourself.

Instructions for quilling to design a picture frame

Then take a strip and wrap it around a toothpick, kebab skewer, thin knitting needle, or similar object. You then take the finished spiral between your thumb and forefinger and press one of the sides together so that a teardrop shape is created. With two such elements glued together, you will get a heart. Spread the finished hearts on the frame with glue and finally add simple, small spirals in the spaces in between.

Make a gift for grandma from grandchildren – candle with a picture you have painted yourself

Make a candle as a present for grandma with a picture of the children you have painted

Candles are always a great idea and homemade candles with the napkin technique are not only easy to make, but also great fun. But would you have come up with the idea of ​​transferring the picture of your child that you had drawn yourself onto a candle? This way, the candle will be really unique and will be a hit with grandmother. You need:

  • white candles
  • Tissue paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Wax paper

Giving a DIY candle to grandmother - instructions with tissue paper and waxed paper

Lay out a mat and spread a piece of tissue paper on it that will fit around the candle. The children then paint this as they like. You should know that you will be making a present for grandma together so that she can paint something suitable too. Then place the painted paper on the candle and wrap wax paper around it. Hold the wax paper firmly.

Now blow warm air with a hair dryer against the picture on the candle. The candle wax melts slightly and absorbs the colors of the picture. It can take up to a minute until the image is transferred, depending on how hot the air is. Remove the paper and the gift is ready!

Make oven gloves yourself as gift ideas

Make a gift for grandma - design oven mittens with the handprint of the grandchildren

If you want to make a present for grandma with a toddler, hand and fingerprints are always a good idea, because they do not require a lot of handicraft skills from the inexperienced little ones, but they can still be proud of the work. And since grannies usually like to cook and bake, personalized oven gloves are great!

Simply buy ready-made oven gloves in any color, as well as fabric paint in a shade that will be easily recognizable on the fabric of the gloves. Then use a brush (preferably a sponge brush) to apply the paint to the child’s hand and press it onto the fabric. It is important that you do not apply too much paint so that the impression has more texture.

If you also want to design a heart in the middle, simply paint it on with a brush and paint after the first color has dried well. Finally, fix the colors as described in the manufacturer’s instructions. After you have made the present for grandma and child, you can also print out and add a card with a greeting, congratulations or a beautiful poem.

Tip: You can also design other textiles in this way.

Make your own painted wooden spoon as a gift for grandma

Make a present for grandma - paint a wooden spoon and decorate it with a brandy pen

Since we are already on the subject of “cooking”: This idea is implemented by the children together with an adult, because a woodburning pen is also used. The children first paint the spoons in any way they like with a pencil. Patterns and motifs can of course be freely chosen. An adult then simply traces their creations with a woodburning pen in order to burn them permanently into the wood. The names of the children and the year can be noted elsewhere.

Useful gift for grandma making crafts for baking and cooking with wooden spoons

Make gifts yourself for grandmother – embroider self-painted pictures on fabric

Embroider children's pictures on fabric and give them to grandmother

If you like to embroider, this gift idea is a great idea. If not, you finally have a reason to give it a try. You need:

  • any picture of your child
  • any cloth for embroidery (e.g. cloth napkin or tea towel)
  • iron-on pen
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery hoop

Instructions on how to transfer an image onto textile for embroidery

Let your child draw a picture. This can be colored. Then trace the outlines with the iron-on pen. Press down firmly while doing this. Then place the desired fabric on an ironing board and place the sheet of paper with the picture on it (the picture faces down). Now iron over the paper. The heat will transfer the outlines that you have traced with the pen onto the fabric.

Now fix the fabric in an embroidery frame and you can start sewing. It is best to use thread of the same colors that your child used to draw. You can give away the finished fabric as a cloth or leave it in the frame as it is. In the frame, such DIY gifts are wonderfully suitable for hanging as a wall decoration or for setting up. You can simply cut off the excess fabric on the sides.

Craft clay pendant with fingerprints

Simple craft idea for children with craft clay and fingerprints

You can make such beautiful pendants as gifts for grandma and grandpa from simple craft clay. For this craft idea for children, the clay only needs to be rolled out thinly, after which you can cut out any shapes. You can use cookie cutters for this purpose. You can also cut out a simple circle with a glass.

Then press your child’s finger in the clay at an angle and then in the other direction again to get a heart. Don’t forget to add another hole for a key ring or chain to hang through. Bake the clay according to package directions to harden.

Make wooden coasters as gifts for grandma and grandpa

Coasters as gifts for grandma and grandpa with pictures of children

Coasters are always well received and if they are also made of natural materials such as wooden discs and were made by your own grandchildren, they are all the more beautiful. This is how these pieces of jewelry are made:

  • Wooden discs
  • Children’s drawings
  • Napkin glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Craft knife

Transfer the image to wooden discs with watercolors and use it as a coaster

Take a wooden disc and place it on top of the design you want to transfer onto it. Trace its outline. Cut out the obtained circle a few millimeters smaller than drawn. Then use the sponge brush to apply napkin glue to the wooden disc, place the drawing on it with the picture facing up and seal with another layer of glue. So that the picture is really well sealed, you should then apply two to three more layers of glue. But always let each layer dry well first.

3D greeting card with pine cones and rose petals

Greeting card made of natural materials - make your own roses from pine cones

Regardless of whether you are making a birthday present or want to give away something that you have made yourself on another occasion, an additional greeting card is always welcome. How about this lovely and lovely idea?

  • small pine cones
  • Rose petals (or other leaves)
  • Branches
  • Acrylics
  • paint brush
  • white paper and envelopes
  • Glue (e.g. hot glue)

After collecting the natural materials while taking a walk, you can make the gift for grandma. Lay out newspaper and fold a sheet of white paper in half to make a card. Then use a brush and acrylic paint to paint the pine cones in a typical rose color. Then paint the branches with green paint.

Once all of the elements are dry, you can put a dollop of glue on the front of the card and glue a pine cone in place. Then glue a stem in place and then the leaves. If you can’t find any rose petals, you can also use other leaves that you cut out of paper or even paint on with acrylic paint. Now you can label the card as you like and write congratulations on it. In addition, you can make another present for grandma and add the card to it.

Creative ideas – plates as a shelf for jewelry

Make colorful jewelry plates yourself as gifts

Surely Omi wears jewelry that she takes off in the evening? Then you can make a useful gift with such a plate. And the fact that it’s homemade makes it even more amazing. This is how you can easily make a jewelry plate as a present for grandma:

  • Terracotta plates of any size
  • Origami or srapbooking paper
  • Acrylic paint to match the chosen paper
  • Napkin glue
  • paint brush
  • Color palette or alternatively lid

Craft idea with terracotta plate and srapbooking paper

First, cut out a circle from the paper that fits inside your plate. To do this, you can simply put the plate on the paper and trace the bottom with a pencil. Then paint the plate with acrylic paint in any shade. This should best match the design of the paper. Paint one side first, let the paint dry and then dye the other side as well. Two coats of paint may be necessary. Apply the second only after the first has dried.

Paint the plates with acrylic paint and fix the paper with napkin glue

Brush the bottom of the plate with the glue, put the cut-out paper in it and seal the entire plate with a layer of glue. After the glue has dried overnight, the present for Grandma is ready to be given away. You can also make other plates as gifts for grandma, because they are not only great for jewelry.