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Handicrafts with boys from 3 to 10 years old – 13 quick handicraft ideas

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Handicrafts are one of the favorite pastimes of all children. Handicrafts are fun for all children, regardless of age and gender. Crafting is actually much more than folding paper, gluing it, cutting with scissors and painting with different colors and brushes. This activity not only promotes the child’s creativity, but also the ability to concentrate and fine motor skills. In this article we will be dealing with Crafting with guys deal and present you with some quick, interesting craft ideas for 3 to 10 year olds. If the girls are also captivated by the creative ideas, then let your little fingers do their magic.

Handicrafts with boys in kindergarten – from 3 years

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The kindergarten boys will likely need your assistance depending on the level of difficulty. You can do handicrafts with a wide variety of materials, including paper, wood, sand, stones, bark, recycled material, etc. Handicrafts with wood, for example, are very popular with the youngsters. This natural material can be used to make numerous things that also last a long time. You can transform wooden blocks very quickly in one go. You will also need a spool of thread, some cotton wool, some popsicle sticks and round pasta wheels.

Handicrafts with boys – wood

Handicrafts with boys airplane-washing-peg-ice-cream sticks-bright-colors

Clothespin planes can also be easily assembled from wood. Take some clothespins and paint them the color you want. Once dry, glue the colorful popsicle sticks to the top and bottom of the clothes peg as wings. Small popsicle sticks are ideal building material for the tail of an airplane. A small triangle made of foam completes the picture of this creative toy. By the way, if you put a strong magnet on the bottom of the clothespin, you can use the plane as a fridge magnet too.

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Handicrafts with guys – paper

Handicrafts with boys - cars - toilet paper rolls - colored - push pins - wheels

Paper of various thicknesses up to cardboard can also be used for handicrafts with boys. The material paper has a wide range of uses and is often preferred for handicrafts with children. In the following we will present you a great and quick craft idea with empty toilet paper rolls. The roles are always on hand at home, it is inexpensive and you can teach children the basics of environmentally conscious thinking from an early age.

Colorful racing cars – instructions

tinker boys-toddlers-toilet roll-racing cars-wheels-instructions

You will need some empty toilet paper rolls, which you then paint in the colors you want. While the paint dries, you can cut out the wheels of the racing cars from cardboard and cut them out accordingly large. You need smaller circles for the steering wheels. Use a craft knife to cut out an opening and fold the box backwards. That will be the seat back. You only need to attach the steering wheel with glue and attach the wheels with a thumbtack. Here we go!

Different, cute animals can be made from toilet paper rolls. If your child likes to hear stories, you can make the characters that appear again and again in their favorite stories and do a kind of puppet show. Your son is also welcome to take on a role and tell the story according to his own ideas. For example, you can tell or read the fairy tale “Little Gold Bells and the Three Bears” and design the bears from empty toilet rolls in no time at all. For now, you can draw the head shape of a bear on cardboard and cut it out as a template. Let your child paint the bear’s face according to their imagination. Wrap the roll with brown paper and glue the bear head.

Handicrafts with school children – Minion pen holder

tinker-boys-school-age-pen-holder-minions-sponge rubber-wiggle eyes

You can make a Minion pen holder with your boy and decorate his desk nicely. The minions, the small, yellow creatures from the animated film, are all the rage and put you in a good mood. This funny pen holder consists of a jar, yellow craft paper, blue foam rubber for the dungarees and cardboard for the Minion glasses. Of course, you can also assemble this pen holder from other materials, such as empty cans or cans made from stacked chips. Let your creativity run free while doing handicrafts.

Tinkering with plastic


Another quick craft idea for boys is to make a pen holder out of empty plastic bottles. This monster pen holder will no doubt bring joy to your elementary school child. Although some monsters look terrifying, they do not harm anyone and are one of your boy’s favorite characters. Empty, cleaned and, preferably, colorful shampoo bottles are ideal as containers for your self-made pen holder. Use a cutter to first cut off the bottle under the neck of the bottle and shape the opening with scissors. You can use the removed plastic for the monster arms. Make another opening for your mouth, cut out paper teeth, glue the googly eyes on and the monster is done. Feel free to attach it to walls, tables and shelves.

Children’s birthday party – forming Star Wars characters


Between the ages of 7 and 10, most boys are impressed by the numerous Star Wars characters. A varied and exciting activity for a children’s birthday party for boys with the Star Wars motto would be to make their own favorite characters. Which characters you want to make is of course up to you. Darth Vader and R2D2, for example, are two of the most important characters in the Star Wars universe.

Crafting with boys – Darth Vader


The materials you will need for your Star Wars project are colored construction paper, tape of different widths, glue and scissors.

Children’s birthday party – tinker R2D2

tinker-boys-paper-children's-birthday-star-wars-white-blue-adhesive tape

Crafting tips for children


This craft idea will create a special and magical atmosphere at your boy’s birthday party.

Spring crafts with children


Use the beautiful spring days with your boy for handicrafts and welcome the coming sunny days with a portable sun. The self-made mobile in bright colors can be hung in any room and is ideal for giving gifts to friends. All you need here are paper plates, yellow craft paper, orange and yellow tissue paper, yellow thread, and glue. Incidentally, babies are also fascinated by this mobile. Bring the sun into your home.

If you would like to enjoy the first rays of sunshine in spring and spend the free time outside with your boy, maybe you can make a kite out of paper. The children are really happy to fly colorful kites in both spring and autumn. The great dragons are also a nice idea to decorate in spring. For this simple handicraft project you need a sheet of paper or colored cardboard in a cheerful color of your choice. Put the paper in front of you and cut a rhombus out of it. Let your child make snippets of colored tracing paper and stick them on the kite. You can use any cord for the kite cord or you can also use wool. To decorate the kite string, you can cut out small pieces of the tracing paper and tie them into bows. Tie it to the kite line and your kite is ready. Handicrafts with boys and girls can be really easy and everyone involved is a huge joy.

Craft ideas with boys – summer


Children like to collect shells when they are on vacation. You can keep your vacation memories alive longer by turning the clams into colored crabs with your cub. For this you need shells, acrylic paint, pipe cleaner and googly eyes. Handicrafts with boys can be so straightforward and still fun. Boys love the monsters and can create funny monsters from two shells each. Let your child find medium sized seashells and glue them together with the hot glue so that they stand open. Let the glue dry well. If you want, you can glue four pearls under the shells to serve as feet. Then glue two wiggle eyes to the upper shell. You can cut out a tongue out of red felt or some other fabric and glue it into the lower shell. For the hair, you can use yarn or raffia curls.

If you want to create a year-round holiday feeling, you can make a pretty greyhound with boys. You can hang up the wind chime in your living room as well as decorate your garden or balcony with it. First, drill small holes in the shells. If you already have some, please feel free to use them. Have your boy thread each of the clams onto a string in any order. To prevent you from sliding down, make a double knot after each clamshell. Even a single shell chain creates a great, summery atmosphere. You are welcome to attach several chains to a piece of driftwood and create a pretty mobile.

Autumn handicrafts with boys from 7 years

tinker-boys-autumn-snowglobe-pickle-jar-mini-tree-twigs-autumn leaves

How about filling a snow globe with a tree and falling autumn leaves instead of snowflakes? You can easily and quickly realize this creative project. Get a mason jar with a lid, a packet of decorative leaves in autumn colors, a small twig and a hot glue gun for your “ball of autumn leaves”. The liquid consists of glycerin and water. Thanks to the glycerin, the leaves fall more slowly.

When doing handicrafts with boys in the fall, you can use all sorts of natural materials that nature has to offer. During this time, the natural materials are very often right in front of the apartment door. During a walk you can find acorns, pine cones, chestnuts, colorful autumn leaves, moss and twigs, from which you can make loving decorations, cute toy figures and unique gifts. You can do handicrafts with boys, for example, a cute bat. You can shape the bat’s body from beechnut hats that you glue together. A small walnut with an acorn cap as a nose and ears are suitable for the head. You can make the arms and legs out of flexible plush and glue them to the back of the body. Maple leaves are ideal as wings. Just glue them to the bat’s back. Finally, hang the self-made bat upside down on a branch.

Crafting with boys for Christmas


The winter time and especially the days around Christmas are certainly the best time to do handicrafts with your boys. The Christmas atmosphere includes the right decorations as well as great gifts. We present you the Turtles ninja glass balls. They are an interesting Christmas tree ornament, but are also very suitable as gifts that do not cost much and look good on the Christmas tree.

Spice up the glass ball – Turtles Ninja


To realize this idea you need green glass balls, glue and colored satin ribbons so that Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello are different from each other. In addition there are googly eyes and string to hang up. That’s how easy it is.

Winter ideas for boys – snowflakes made from iron beads


The snowflakes made from iron beads are another idea for handicrafts with boys. For this you need ironing beads, breadboard, tweezers, rhinestones and the heat of the iron.

Craft template for children – snowflake


We would be happy to provide you with a snowflake handicraft template to print out. Simply place them under the pegboard and assemble them according to the given pattern.

Make Christmas decorations with boys – a snowflake made of styrofoam and cotton swabs

tinker-boys-snowflakes-christmas tree decorations-cotton swabs-styrofoam

Another variant of the snowflake as a Christmas decoration can be made from a small styrofoam ball and a few cotton swabs. With glue and some decorative sand, you can make the snowflakes shine, just as it should be at Christmas.