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Crafting with 2-year-old children – 20 ideas with different materials

Painting and doing handicrafts with toddlers is always fun and also has positive effects on the child’s development. During such activities, concentration increases, fine motor skills develop and the imagination is stimulated.

Handicrafts with 2-year-old children, finger-paint

Even from a very early age, the little ones are curious about the different materials and want to touch everything with their hands. In this article, we’ve gathered lots of great ideas and tips for crafting with 2-year-old kids that can inspire you to start creative craft projects.


The craft ideas for 2-year-old children should be as simple as possible, but contain as many colors as possible. All materials used should be child-friendly and non-toxic. At the age of 2, most children start to be self-employed and get inspiration for various handicraft projects. However, you must also note that the development of each child is individual. Therefore, you should not compare your toddler with children of the same age and you should not worry that one or the other child can do more or a few things on their own.

Handicrafts with 2 year old children with finger paints


Finger paints and paper are the best tools for handicrafts with toddlers. They like to dip their fingers in the paint and have a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes this creates beautiful images that are full of color and creativity. If the toddlers are doing handicrafts with finger paints at home, then you should cover the table or area where handicrafts are taking place with a wax tablecloth to protect it. In this way, the environment can also be tidied up much faster and easier after the handicrafts.

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Below are two easy finger paint recipes that are completely non-toxic and super quick to prepare. If your 2 year old is using it to paint, you shouldn’t worry about the paint accidentally getting into their mouth.

Recipe for finger paints with flour:

  • 4 heaped tablespoons of flour
  • 200 ml of water
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • Food coloring

Preparation: Mix the flour, sugar and water in a saucepan, beat everything with a whisk and cook over medium heat until the mixture thickens. Then distribute in small containers and mix with various food colors.

Recipe for edible finger paints without flour:

  • 500 g yogurt
  • Food coloring

Preparation: Divide the yogurt in individual containers and add food coloring. In each container, stir the mixture with a popsicle stick until the desired color results.


With finger paints, you can make colorful pictures with 2 year old children. Whether with handprints, fingerprints or with a brush – there are no limits to creativity. Use the enthusiasm of the child and give him the freedom to do handicrafts. After painting with finger paints, you should completely clean the child’s hands of the paint, otherwise there is a risk of paint stains all over the apartment.

Handicrafts with 2 year old children with handprints


With the help of their parents, children can still create beautiful handprint pictures when they are 2 years old. You can use the hand-made finger paints, or simply other non-toxic paints. You can create creative pictures for a special occasion and use them to decorate a wall in the apartment.

Scary motifs such as ghosts and spiders are very suitable for Halloween. Using your toddler’s handprints, you can design these simple spiders with white paint on black paper. To do this, paint the whole hand without the thumb with white paint and make two opposite handprints. Finally glue googly eyes on it and you’re done.


Colorful birds, such as this peacock, can be tinkered with 2-year-old children at Easter and spring. Hand, finger and even footprints can be used for this. You can also use it to conjure up other Easter motifs such as Easter bunnies, chicks and hens.

Popular motifs for Christmas such as Santa Claus, Rudolf the reindeer, white angels and simple snowflakes can be creatively recreated with small handprints. They create a festive atmosphere and are also very popular with the very little ones.


Various fruits and vegetables, which can be used as a kind of stamp, are suitable as an alternative to hand and fingerprints. To do this, cut the appropriate vegetables into pieces and give them to the child. Your 2-year-old should then dip the “stamp” in the paint and conjure up beautiful shapes on a sheet of paper. Potatoes, apples, celery, and lemons are best for this craft project.

Craft ideas for toddlers with paper


Besides finger paints, paper is one of the most popular materials for handicrafts with 2-year-old children. They always have a lot of fun tearing up the paper, crumpling it up or sticking it on different templates. For this we recommend the use of colored tracing paper or crepe paper, because they are much thinner than handicraft paper and are easier for children to work with.

There are materials and tools that you should never use while crafting with 2 year old children. These are all objects that have sharp edges, are fragile or poisonous. If glue or scissors are required when doing handicrafts, you or an older child can do the job. Some toddlers can handle children’s scissors at the age of 2, but an adult must always be with them.


Tinkering with scraps of paper is certainly fun for two-year-olds. Give the toddler colored tracing paper, crepe paper, or an old newspaper or magazine and let them tear up the paper. You can then crumple up the resulting paper scraps and arrange them in colors. The resulting balls of paper are then glued by the toddler to a sheet of paper that has been coated with glue in advance, so that a creative picture emerges.

Another great idea for crafting with 2 year old kids is the paper mache. Here again, scraps of paper are used, which are dipped in a mixture of flour and water by the child and then stuck on a surface. With a simple balloon you can create a simple round shape and then use it as a bowl.

tinker-with-2-year-old paper-plate-tissue-paper

If you would like to make a certain animal or object with 2-year-old children, then it is best to choose one or two-tone ideas. Since the children do not yet know the colors at the age of 2, the task is made easier. For example, if you want to make a ladybug, first give the child only red tracing paper to stick on a suitable template. Only after the ladybug’s body is ready are the black paper circles given to the child. In this way, the little one cannot mix up the colors and the result is always beautiful.


You can’t just use the toddlers’ handprints for painting. They can also be cut out of sample paper and then turned into creative handicrafts. Cutting out the handprint from the paper is something you have to do, but your 2 year old can then help decorate the craft.

Handicrafts with 2-year-old children – ideas with simple materials


If you have a two year old child, you may not have free time to shop at the craft store. If so, below are some wonderful crafting ideas using materials you probably already have at home. They are perfect for handicrafts with 2 year old children and are suitable for every season.

Paper plates, for example, can be used as templates for various craft ideas, such as animals, fruit and vegetables. The technique for tinkering with scraps of paper is used, but the toddler is not only allowed to stick paper, but also other objects on the paper plate.

tinker-with-2-year-old ladybug-egg carton

If you want to do handicrafts with 2-year-old children at Easter, you can use egg cartons. Since a lot of eggs are usually bought at Easter, some egg cartons are left over after the Easter eggs have been colored. This allows you to create beautiful spring and Easter motifs with the children and use them as part of the home decoration.


The ideas for handicrafts with egg cartons are simply endless and not only suitable for Easter at all. You can use it to make colorful caterpillars, snails, chicks, bunnies and many others with 2-year-old children. Cut out the individual containers from the cardboard and use them to create the figure you want. Then the toddler can paint the bowls with finger paints and stick them with suitable decoration.


Another household material that is perfect for crafting with 2-year-old children is coffee filters. They can be painted with finger paints and crayons and with them you can make simple animals like these butterflies. The coffee filters are tied in the middle with clothespins, which are then decorated with colored pompoms.

tinker-with-2-year-old-children-cactus-ice-cream sticks

With popsicle sticks, just as many different things can be tinkered with 2-year-old children. The little ones can arrange the popsicle sticks in the appropriate shape, paint them and decorate them. Then you can glue the popsicle sticks and make beautiful figures, such as these cute cacti.

Crafting with 2 year old children with salt dough


With 2-year-old children you can still try to knead dough and make various figures. Salt dough is best for this, because it is super quick and easy to prepare. In addition, the figures can be baked from salt dough and used as a creative decoration.


For the salt dough, only water, salt and flour are required, mixed in a bowl and kneaded into a dough mass. Then you should roll out the salt dough and cut out various shapes with the toddler. In this way, you can even make beautiful Christmas tree decorations with 2-year-old children.


With handprints, you can not only paint creative pictures, but also make funny figures out of salt dough with 2-year-old children. Help the child to make their handprint on the dough, then bake the dough in the oven at 100 degrees for about half an hour. Then the child’s handprints can be transformed into creative pictures with a little paint.