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Tips on hallway design – practical furniture and design ideas

Tips for hallway design -modern-floor furniture-white-wood

The hallway is the first thing you see of your home. Therefore, it should be well designed and always tidy. The helpers here are the practical furniture and decorative tricks that will warmly welcome your guests. We can offer you some Tips on hallway design, that deal with the most important elements in the room.

Tips for hallway design – decorate appropriately


You can decorate one of the walls in the hallway as an accent. Experiment with interesting wallpaper or bright colors. Avoid pure white walls because they get dirty quickly. If you want to add pops of color then lay out a small colorful rug that will stand out against the neutral walls. A large carpet in the hallway is difficult to clean. The decorations in any room are very important, as is the hallway. Put a vase of flowers or twigs in a corner or hang pictures on the walls. A group of small mirrors or a large mirror with an ornate frame is also a nice idea.

Tips for hallway design – practical furniture and storage space ideas


You need enough space to store the things you use every day. Some pieces of furniture are an absolute must to keep the entrance area looking nice and tidy.

Optical illusion mirror

Tips for hallway design wall mirror-white-gray-floor tile-armchair


You can put the mess in the hallway in order with a simple bench. Place additional boxes or baskets underneath where you can store everything.

Cabinet with a floating look

Tips-hallway-design-wall-shoe-cupboard-white-flower-wallpaper-wood flooring

Small side table or console table

A small table by the front door is the perfect place to leave your keys and cell phone. You can always have a vase of fresh flowers or a picture frame with your favorite photo on it. Drawers or shelves offer additional storage space for knickknacks.

Console table with drawers

hallway design wood console table drawers bouquet

Key hanger

For those who often lose their keys. They are easily attached to the wall and come in many fun designs.

Table lamps arranged symmetrically

hallway design light wall color side table lamps tulips

Shoe cabinet

The traditional shoe cabinets in the hallway are very practical, especially when more people live in the house. They always make the hallway look neat.

Pattern wallpaper on the wall  

tips for hallway design decor wallpaper palm trees leaves shelves carpet

tips for hallway design wallpaper pattern console table lleiderhacken

Enough for the decorations and furniture arrangement. Here we offer you some modern designs from Südbrock, that are beautiful, modern and compact at the same time.

clear lines and modern design

modern furniture cloakroom hall design sudbrock möbelwerk

everything nice and tidy

coat rack white mirror coat rack sudbrock Möbelwerk

large mirror in the hallway is a must

modern hall wardrobes sudbrock Möbelwerk white mirror

the warm wood look

Sudbrock Möbelwerk walnut wood shoe storage mirror

slight curves as accents

Sudbrock Möbelwerk floor furniture modern practical

    modern hallway cloakroom wood Sudbrock Möbelwerk

tips for hallway design modern furniture storage space sudbrock Möbelwerk

compact hallway furniture black wood back wall

modern hallway furniture closet drawers coat racks

Sudbrock Möbelwerk cabinet hallway compact, handleless black

sudbrock Möbelwerk wood shelves shoe cabinet coat rack

storage hallway white furniture built in sudbrock Möbelwerk

hall furniture sudbrock Möbelwerk wood square shelves light blue front

compact furniture hallway design shelves round wall mirror wall hooks

elegant black and white hall furniture sudbrock Möbelwerk

modern furniture hallway light blue orange round mirror

space-saving hall furniture floating white handleless wallpaper

hallway design wood bench seat cushion shoe cabinet

hallway design mirror frame wood console table coat rack

tips for hallway design practical furniture cupboard wall mounts wood