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Showcase bike racks for walls and ceilings in the interior in a modern way

Bicycle holder for wall-ceiling-black-white-modern-Scandinavian

Ecologically and inexpensively, cycling is good for human health in every sense of the word. Many people, young people and not only, choose this and are happy to replace the motor vehicle with a bicycle. And while the car needs a garage, the bike is clearly straightforward. It’s just one Bicycle holder for wall or ceiling needed to place it in a space-saving manner.

Bicycle holder for the wall attractively presented

Bicycle holder for wall - ceiling - wall decoration - art picture - small apartment - old building

If you don’t have a basement where you can store your valuable bicycles, you should find a place at home. Almost every room situation there are suitable variants for bicycle storage. Different bike racks for walls or ceilings are available to save space but are always at hand, and they even complement the interior aesthetically.

Bicycle holder for wall and ceiling – hooks and brackets

Bicycle holder for wall-ceiling-hook-vertical-shelving-system-bookshelf

The bicycle is no longer a vehicle just for leisure and its importance has changed significantly in recent years. It has become a lifestyle symbol and often a truer companion in everyday life. It is not infrequently even preferred by business people as a sustainable means of transport. In spite of everyday use, similar to a horsepower-powered vehicle, adequate housing is required. Don’t just put it in the basement and lean on the rule, but we present space-saving and sometimes very stylish brackets for your beloved means of transport.

For a change in the hallway, there is a bicycle holder for a blanket

Bicycle holder for wall-ceiling-hall-brick-parquet-floor-modern-staged

Wall- & Ceiling mounts for the bike transform the bike into a real lifestyle object. It is presented as an abstract picture hung on the wall or ceiling and immediately attracts attention. In addition, this variant is much more aesthetic than simply leaning the bike against the wall.

Bicycle holder for wall saves a lot of space

Bicycle holder for wall-ceiling-balcony-terrace-vertical-vertical

The holders not only offer space for the bicycles, accessories such as helmets or bicycle locks can also be stored there. The bike holders are also suitable for maintenance work on the bike. Foldable, space-saving stands or fixed external stands or simple hooks for ceiling mounting can be found in abundance in specialist shops.

Bicycle holder for the wall in the hallway instead of in the basement

bike rack-wall-ceiling-hall-industrial-style-brown-wall-design

The bicycle traditionally spends the time between outdoor use in the cellar, shed or garage. There it is protected from the weather and brought to safety. Although these rooms are intended for the storage of all kinds of belongings, you should also use the space sparingly. Bicycle holders for the wall are ideal for use vertically.

Bike with in the apartment – bike holder for wall

bike rack-wall-ceiling-decoration-study-desk-window

In large cities in particular, bicycles usually find their place in the home. It can be attached to the wall in a spectacularly inclined position. The bike makes itself comfortable on, above or next to the furniture. Depending on the space required, it can be set up either horizontally or vertically.

Keep noble bicycles present in the home – with a bicycle holder for the wall

bike rack-wall-ceiling-concrete-wall-living room-couch-upholstery

Noble bicycles with attractively painted frames immediately catch the eye as a kind of last-generation home fitness equipment and provide even more color in the apartment. Raised above the couch in the living room, it is ready to hand, looks like an art object and is also an eye-catcher. To bring it in an inclined position, the bike should be fixed to the wall in three places. Usually these points are on the handlebars, somewhere under the saddle and maybe under the frame.

Storing several bicycles at the same time – bicycle holder for wall offset in height 

bicycle holder-wall-ceiling-wall-black-white-wall-decoration-plant-modern

Two to eight bicycles can be set up vertically using a suitable bicycle holder for the wall. There is also limited space underneath for other accessories. Above, next to one another or on top of one another, the space requirements in terms of depth and width are limited. This practical and very simple holder stacks two bicycles on the side of the wall.

Off to the ceiling – Ceiling holder for bicycles

bike rack-wall-ceiling-living room-dresser-couch-stucco

Bicycle mounts for the ceiling take up more space, but each bike can be easily hung up individually and taken down as required. The bicycles are placed next to each other without overlapping. Why does one prevent the removal of the other.

Keep bicycles in the spotlight – practical ceiling holder

bike rack-wall-ceiling-modern-vertical-lighting-deco

If the demarcation between everyday bikes and sports equipment doesn’t play along, the bike becomes a showable prestige object. It is worthwhile to put noble bicycles in the spotlight with directional LED lighting. One or more wheels are hung on the handlebars or the front wheel and attached to the wall at a spectacular angle.

Bicycle in a modern interior – bicycle holder for wall 

bike rack-wall-ceiling-high-hammock-modern-youthful

Road bikes in particular are easier to set up in height due to the special features of their frame. It runs straight between the saddle and the handlebars. It is at this point that the wheel is attached to the holder. In addition, racing bikes are significantly lighter than, for example, mountain bikes.

In the case of ceiling brackets, there are simple ceiling hooks, but also stable, height-adjustable stands or comfortable ceiling lifts.

Wall shelf made of wood as a bicycle holder for the wall 

bike rack-wall-ceiling-loft-apartment-window-globe

Simple brackets for just one bike don’t require large holes to be attached to the wall. But if it is a holder for several bikes, it has to withstand a large load. Wall and floor anchors are required, but ask for permission before installation.

Bicycle holder for wall – imaginative ideas

bike rack-wall-ceiling-wall decoration-wall decoration-antlers

This creative idea has a purely decorative use as well as a practical one. In addition, it is particularly suitable for creative minds who like to create something themselves. Old bike parts can be used here. You need a round wooden board, then an old saddle and handlebar, preferably from a racing bike because of the characteristic curved shape. These three parts create an abstract antler that can be used as a wall decoration, but also as an original wall hook.

Make your own bike holder for the wall – from Euro pallets


The perfect solution, especially in rented apartments, when the wall has to be protected, is to first design a wall shelf system from Euro pallets. The desired bike mount is attached to this, thus saving a few holes in the wall.

Bicycle holder for the wall with a funny character 

bike rack-wall-ceiling-birdhouse-idea-creative-do-it-yourself

There are many ways to set up a racing bike against the wall, as it is relatively easy. Some models even weigh less than 5 kilos and can be hung on the wall using conventional hooks. Coat hooks of adequate size are also suitable for the purpose. Tiebacks for mounting on the wall are characterized by a typical hook shape and are therefore also well suited for the goal.

Make bike holder for wall yourself

bike rack-wall-ceiling-living room-deco-orange-modern

A bicycle holder for the wall can also be made from wood. Depending on the situation, a wooden board in the form of a wall shelf is sufficient to hold the bike in the desired position.

Bicycle holder for wall – instructions

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-mount-wall-mount-idea