Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Shoe rack design as an alternative to the shoe cabinet if there is not enough space

Shoe rack design -shoe-cabinet-space-save-round-sit-in the middle

With shoes, every woman feels the same way as with clothes – you never have enough of them. When you buy it, you don’t think about storage and soon there is no more space to stow it away. Shoe cabinets and storage systems are properly designed and produced, but take up significantly more space. Alternatively, there is Shoe rack design, which also ensures order, but also makes the lavish shoe collection optically attractive.

Shoe rack design that saves space

Shoe rack design -shoe cabinet-space-save-white-wall-wardrobe-simple

Storage systems for shoes, such as shoe cabinets, protect shoes from dust and light, thereby extending their lifespan. Shoe racks, on the other hand, are suitable for keeping the pairs that you wear in everyday life or simply more often within reach. They are designed in an open manner and are usually located in the hallway, which is also part of the cloakroom. The biggest advantage of shoe racks is that they allow adequate ventilation. Often shoes are put in the shoe cupboard while they are still damp, and they can start to get dirty, even go moldy.

Shoe rack design for wall mounting

Shoe rack design -open-metal-plates-wall-mounting-space-save

Before shoes are stored in the shoe cabinet, they should be dry and well ventilated. It takes a while and then they can be placed on the open shoe shelves in the hallway. Since shoes are always visible, the entrance area can quickly appear untidy. They collect dust relatively quickly on the shelves and when exposed to direct sunlight, the leather becomes porous and the fabric bleaches. For the benefit of your shoes, store them permanently behind closed doors or in boxes.

Creative shoe rack design – attach shoes to the wall

Shoe rack design -shoe cabinet-space-save-magnetic-board-wall

Shoes decorate the feet, but they can also decorate the walls in the hallway. Shoeblox is a very interesting storage system that uses magnetic forces. Mounted on a metal plate on the wall, a pair of shoes can be attached using magnets. The megnetic forces pull each other very strongly and because of the great tension they do not shift and remain stable at the specific point.

 Shoe rack design – fix shoes to the wall using magnetic plates

Shoe rack design -shoe cabinet-space-save-magnet-wall

The panels can be arranged anywhere on the wall, so that the shoes can be creatively integrated into the interior. As a kind of functional decoration, this fancy shoe storage serves as an eye-catcher and you can get the desired pair of shoes with a wave of the hand.

Exceptional shoe rack design with wave shape

Shoe rack design -shoe cabinet-space-save-wave-steel-freestanding

This bracket can be described as a free-standing shelf with an unusual shape. It is made of sheet steel that has been deformed in a wave-like manner. In the waves, the front part of the shoe fits and the back part hangs in the air. In this way, six pairs of shoes can be parked in the hallway without restricting it and, of course, without time-consuming assembly and without drilling into the wall.

Simple Shoe rack design for high heel shoes – grid


Heels and high heels are easy to store when they are hung. A grid with gaps large enough for the heel to fit loosely is well suited for this purpose. You can make such a shoe rack yourself without any problems. Just find a grille that is sturdy enough and lean it against the wall.

Make shoe rack design yourself – from an old ladder


Open shoe racks that do not accommodate too many pairs can also be designed by yourself. Old furniture and accessories are used here. This old wooden ladder, for example, has been partially dismantled and only half of it has been kept. At the rear, the shelves are supported by two crossed wooden slats so that the shoes do not tip over backwards. The ladder can be casually leaned against a wall and used functionally, but also decoratively.

Space saving shoe rack design for wall mounting – wooden shelves 

Shoe rack-design-shoe-cabinet-save-space-wood-wall-mounting

If the space is not too much, creative self-made designs can be used. Every free space can be optimized and reorganized for storage. In one corner, for example, which shelves with a triangular shape can be inserted and mounted directly on the wall. Another possibility would be to tie rectangular shelves around a central axis and bring them back on the wall. This means that no floor area is taken up, so the space does not seem cramped and the shoes do not lie chaotically on the floor.

Shoe rack design with geometric shape 

Shoe rack-design-shoe-cabinet-save-space-diagonal-geometric

Geometric figures can be inserted perfectly inside and next to each other, so they serve as a perfect source of ideas for various order systems. On the other hand, a pair of shoes circumscribes a wedge or, more simply, a triangle as a solid body. In this chain of thought, not only one pair of shoes can fit in a cuboid, as usual, but two. Perhaps the designers have also considered something like this when they created this shoe rack design for a sports shop window.

Put shoe storage in the spotlight

shoe rack-design-shoe-cabinet-space-saving-library-cabinet-decoration-high-heels

Every lush shoe collection deserves to be properly presented. Thus the shoes gain a different meaning and serve as a kind of decorative object. In addition to pictures and plants or in separate departments with directed lighting, they become another eye-catcher.

Shoe rack design – put the shoe collection in the limelight

shoe rack-design-shoe-cupboard-space-saving-high-heel-lighting

Modern living concepts save space through clever shoe rack design

Shoe rack-design-shoe-cupboard-space-save-wood-under-stairs

With the concepts for small apartments, there are always some inspirations to be found on how to save space cleverly without damaging the overall appearance. In this one-room apartment, everything useful has been optimized into a single construction made of wood. The space under the stairs is used for storage. Part of it consists of open shelves, and the other – pull-out shoe racks. If necessary, these are pushed out. When closed, only a discreet wooden surface remains visible, which does not fold open at all.

Optimize the space under the stairs with shoe rack design

Shoe rack-design-shoe-cupboard-space-save-drawer-under-stairs

This shoe rack design not only saves space, creates more order, but also avoids the visual chaotic effect that shoe racks are mostly associated with.

Shoe rack design – tower-like storage system for shoes and accessories

Shoe rack-design-shoe-cabinet-space-saving-drawer-system

This storage system is another example of a successful small home concept. The drawers and compartments use the entire height of the room and almost reach the ceiling. These can be pushed in and out, but how do you get to the top ones? The lower compartments, when pulled out, function as steps that one climbs up to open the upper ones.

Shoe rack design – shoe cabinet with staggered elements


Some shoe racks impress with their clever and particularly imaginative design, while others optimize the storage space. Some can also be designed by yourself if you have a good dose of craftsmanship. Let your shoes shine in the right light or discreetly disappear. You are spoiled for choice!

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