Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Modern hall furniture for your hallway from Sudbrock

Modern hallway furniture bench chop shoe rack

If you modern Hall furniture are looking for your hallway and are thinking about hallway design, then take a look at ideas from Sudbrock. Sudbrock produces high quality, modern furniture for hallways and hallways, that are practical, functional and elegant.

Modern hall furniture made of light wood

Modern hall furniture corridor sento select sudbrock

The Sento + Select collection is just one of the wonderful design solutions that exist for the entrance area. The Elli line differs with smoother lines compared to the straight lines and right angles of Sento. These innovative furniture systems made of plywood offer unlimited possibilities because they can be combined. They can also be painted or veneered in the color of your choice. the modern hall furniture have everything you need from hooks and hangers to drawers and shoe racks that double up as a sitting area.

Modern hall furniture – elegant and practical

Modern furniture hallway sudbrock light white practical

Modern hall furniture like these are brilliant ideas for storage and organization. Consisting of an elegant mirror, tasteful wooden drawers and original shelving systems, the collection can serve both aesthetically and as a practical solution for shoes and clothing.

floating white cabinets

Modern hall furniture hallway wood white cabinets sudbrock

Chests of drawers and hooks

Modern hallway design hallway chopping white dressers

Mirror and bench  Hallway furniture hallway mirror bench sudbrock wood

elegant design

Modern furniture hallway elegant practical

simple design in the Flir  Hallway furniture, bright, plain white

large drawers and high-gloss surfaces

Hallway furniture hallway large drawers high gloss sudbrock

Modern hallway design with hallway furniture from Sudbrock

Modern hall furniture hallway design ideas black sudbrock

Oak wood hall furniture

Modern hallway furniture cloakroom sudbrock oak wood

Wooden cloakroom

Modern hall furniture hall wardrobe wood sudbrock