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Configure a stylish wardrobe for the bedroom yourself

modern wardrobe for the bedroom bed Flou Italian design

We present you a stylish addition to your interior – the Wardrobe for the bedroom by Flou.

Wardrobe for the bedroom by Flou – configuration options

Wardrobe for the bedroom Flou modern design door handles metal lounge chair

The Italian furniture company Flou was founded in 1978. Since then, the manufacturer has specialized in bed production. Lately, the noble brand has expanded its product range and has recently started offering  Wardrobe for the bedroom. An online configurator assists customers in selecting doors, door handles, materials and shelves. In this way everyone can find a tailor-made solution for their own bedroom. Numerous combinations between different materials and colors are possible. From natural beige tones to strong pink color – everyone can decide according to their own preferences. Matted natural materials contrast with high-gloss plastic surfaces. The goal – to configure a functional addition to the interior yourself.

Wardrobe for the bedroom – examples of configurations

Wardrobe for the bedroom minimalist bedroom set up wardrobe

 The epoque 16.32 Wardrobe for the bedroom or the children’s room can look minimalist, modern, rustic, or even eclectic – the choice is up to the user. Our tip – if you want to configure the wardrobe yourself, coordinate the colors and materials with the color and material of the bed frame. The wardrobe can also set accents – you can choose a door in a contrasting color for this purpose. minimalist decor will benefit from a white wardrobe. If you want a natural look, you can opt for wood color. Handleless sliding doors let the purist shape of the wardrobe come into its own, while door handles with ornaments bring a romantic touch from the past and are reminiscent of the vintage style.

Beige wardrobe – minimalist decor

Wardrobe for the bedroom innovative configuration system beige color door handles

Match the color of the wardrobe with the bed and bedside table

Wardrobe for the bedroom bedroom color beige brown neutral

Pink wardrobe for the girl’s room

Wardrobe flou pink white nursery decor

Cute color scheme for the nursery

Children's room funny wardrobe red white

Natural colors and vintage door handles

set up beige brown design puristic

Furnish a completely white bedroom

white bedrooms create interior design ideas