Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Built-in wardrobe: space saver in the modern hallway

built-in wardrobe modern-wooden fronts-dimensions

A cloakroom locker is usually used to store coats, jackets, umbrellas and the like, and if larger, it can also store tools, snow shovels, toys and other things. It is often near the door so that everything is ready to hand when going out or quickly stowed away after coming home. Since the clever storage space ideas are always highly valued in the apartment, then you should consider these: to have the wardrobe built into the wall. Of the Built-in locker offers an optimal use of space in combination with an attractive design. Its size can be adapted to any room situation and you can choose between numerous surfaces and handles.

Built-in wardrobe – modern storage space solution


The hall closet is usually about 70 cm deep, which allows hanging large jackets and coats and increases the storage space above and below the clothes rail. This depth is also perfect for storing tool boxes, large winter boots and shoe boxes on the cabinet floor. For a narrow hallway, it is best to choose closets with sliding doors that will not disturb the corridor. Check out these excellent pictures below and get some inspiration for your own home!

Order custom-made built-in cloakroom lockers


black hall cupboard against the white walls


large hall cupboard made of light wood


Mix of styles – rustic and modern


Hallway cupboard with niche and bench


decorative cabinet doors with 3d panels and mirrors

wardrobe-built-in-modern-bench-wooden panels-wall-mirror-cut-outs-3d-look



Built-in wardrobe white-modern-mirror-sliding-doors-open-shelves


built-in wardrobe-white-matt-niche

built-in wardrobe - white-high-gloss-narrow-plank


built-in wardrobe-shelves-storage boxes

built-in wardrobe-modern-white-sliding-doors-tailor-made

Built-in wardrobe-wood-bench-shelf-shoes


built-in wardrobe - wood-orange accent


wardrobe-built-in-modern-white-high-gloss sliding-doors