Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Cabinet lighting with light strips – Lux-Good from Rüttimann

Led lights provide cabinet door lighting

A new product from Rüttimann seems to address the problem with that Cabinet lighting to have found a solution. The company combines technical know-how and craftsmanship with classic design in order to offer a future-proof product.

Discreet closet lighting helps with clothing choices

Lux-Good Rüttimann cabinet light bar Led

Lux-Good® from 2013 is a holistic intelligent storage system. the Cabinet lighting turns the piece of furniture into a practical helper when looking for clothes. You can finally concentrate on choosing your clothes! Illuminance and color can be adapted to individual customer wishes and needs. How does it work? When the cabinet door is opened or closed, the power is automatically switched on or off via a magnetic sensor (the circuit is perfectly invisible integrated in the cabinet). The inside of the cabinet is therefore illuminated until the cabinet door remains open.

Lux-Good® cabinet lighting

Lux-Good System interior lighting recessed cabinet door

The light from the LED light strip, which is embedded in the cabinet door, exudes calm and has a pleasant effect. Placed on the inside, it prevents unpleasant glare effects that often occur with other lighting systems. No more direct light in the face! Rüttimann has also thought of sliding door enthusiasts. The light strip is located on the side of the wall unit. Lux-Good® is a synonym for luxury and comfort. The future-oriented model sets a new standard for cabinet design. This has been achieved thanks to the synthesis of materials and equipment. The creation of such furniture offers a great deal of freedom for creative ideas in the areas of product design, lighting and light staging.

Corridor furniture from Rüttimann

Dressing room Desirable closet illuminated Rüttimann

According to the company’s philosophy, the wardrobe is a piece of furniture that should be used for a long time, an investment in the future. A background or even an entire room. The cabinet should ideally have aesthetic and functional qualities to ensure problem-free and pleasant use. The company’s cabinets are caught in the zeitgeist and timeless at the same time. They invite you to let your imagination run wild. let yourself be inspired.

Led light bar embedded in the hanger rail

recessed light strip-Led coat hanger rod

Perfectly lit wardrobe

Walk-in closet lighting Led light strips

Hallway furniture as a stylish background

Cabinet lighting Rüddimann design light hallway

Walk-in closet – sliding door as a room divider

Walk-in cabinet sliding door room divider Rüttimann

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Configure a stylish wardrobe for the bedroom yourself

modern wardrobe for the bedroom bed Flou Italian design

We present you a stylish addition to your interior – the Wardrobe for the bedroom by Flou.

Wardrobe for the bedroom by Flou – configuration options

Wardrobe for the bedroom Flou modern design door handles metal lounge chair

The Italian furniture company Flou was founded in 1978. Since then, the manufacturer has specialized in bed production. Lately, the noble brand has expanded its product range and has recently started offering  Wardrobe for the bedroom. An online configurator assists customers in selecting doors, door handles, materials and shelves. In this way everyone can find a tailor-made solution for their own bedroom. Numerous combinations between different materials and colors are possible. From natural beige tones to strong pink color – everyone can decide according to their own preferences. Matted natural materials contrast with high-gloss plastic surfaces. The goal – to configure a functional addition to the interior yourself.

Wardrobe for the bedroom – examples of configurations

Wardrobe for the bedroom minimalist bedroom set up wardrobe

 The epoque 16.32 Wardrobe for the bedroom or the children’s room can look minimalist, modern, rustic, or even eclectic – the choice is up to the user. Our tip – if you want to configure the wardrobe yourself, coordinate the colors and materials with the color and material of the bed frame. The wardrobe can also set accents – you can choose a door in a contrasting color for this purpose. minimalist decor will benefit from a white wardrobe. If you want a natural look, you can opt for wood color. Handleless sliding doors let the purist shape of the wardrobe come into its own, while door handles with ornaments bring a romantic touch from the past and are reminiscent of the vintage style.

Beige wardrobe – minimalist decor

Wardrobe for the bedroom innovative configuration system beige color door handles

Match the color of the wardrobe with the bed and bedside table

Wardrobe for the bedroom bedroom color beige brown neutral

Pink wardrobe for the girl’s room

Wardrobe flou pink white nursery decor

Cute color scheme for the nursery

Children's room funny wardrobe red white

Natural colors and vintage door handles

set up beige brown design puristic

Furnish a completely white bedroom

white bedrooms create interior design ideas

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Design ideas for your hallway with a shoe cabinet from Team 7

modern shoe cabinet systems design

The Austrian company Team 7 presented their new design ideas for the hallway with a cupboard and shoe racks. We give you an overview of the collection of the Europe-wide known brand.

Design for the hallway with a shoe cabinet

Wardrobe hallway storage ideas

The renowned company Team 7 has become popular with its hardwood furniture. Your designs for the Hallway with closet are practical and cozy, with a modern look and in chic neutral colors. With a lot of attention to nature, which served as inspiration in the design and manufacture, sustainable models are designed and brought onto the market. Cubist shapes characterize the interior, glossy surfaces and wall mirrors create accents. The projects by the talented designer team have been awarded various prizes, including for innovation. The designers skillfully combine simple lines with interesting wood colors and create accents in this way. The wood color and the glossy surfaces are stylishly combined, so that in the end a design is created that is suitable for different furnishings due to its diversity.

Hallway with shoe cabinet – space-saving and practical

Design hallway ideas cloakroom shoe rack

The trends in hallway design are clear – a return to the natural elements can be seen in the last collections of many brands. The hallway should appear tidy as possible – space is usually limited there, so it is best to secure space for everything in good time. The complete facilities from the Austrian company offer different solutions – sometimes with a shoe cabinet, sometimes with a shoe rack. What you choose depends on the space available. For families, it is better to prefer the wardrobe – this way all shoes find their right place and a clear order is possible. Has exactly that thought Team 7 developed and presented their hallway concepts.

Gray glass counter and solid wood furniture

modern hallway design team7 cabinet design

Chic hall furniture – white shoe cabinet

white shoe cabinet design

Shoe racks in a rustic look

rustic hallway shoe racks-clothes hanger

White shoe cabinet and wall shelves

white shoe cabinet-modern hallway design

Wooden furniture with a glass counter

Wooden furniture set up modern hallway chest of drawers

Shoe racks in the hallway

modern hallway layout-design idea

Chest of drawers and shoe cabinet in one design

bright hallway furnishing ideas team7

Modern and elegant furniture for the hallway

chic hallway design wall mirror

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Modern chest of drawers ensures order in the living room and bedroom

black dresser bedroom furniture

We present you a new concept for the modern chest of drawers – the chic designs come from Italy and are real eye-catchers. They ensure cosiness and order in the living room and bedroom, and why not in the hallway too.

Modern chest of drawers with an exclusive design by Porada

low narrow chest of drawers

Porada is an Italian brand that makes an impression through chic designs and modern dresser has made. The family company was founded in the 1950s and has specialized in the production of fine furniture made from traditional materials such as solid wood furniture. In recent years the company has successfully developed several collections for modern furnishings that combine classic and modern trends. They offer entire interior designs and have a wide range – from tables to bedroom furniture to cabinet systems. The furniture manufacturers presented their ideas for the chest of drawers as a piece of furniture – it should not only be practical, but also look good. Great emphasis is placed on good room layout – the low chest of drawers in the bedroom resembles a sideboard and leaves plenty of space for photos, vases and other decorative models. It is no longer just a memory from the past, but a trendy piece of furniture that can fit both in the hallway and in the living room.

Modern chest of drawers – multifunctional and practical

modern chest of drawers-white

The simple shapes are accentuated by interesting drawers and colors. When looking around for a modern chest of drawers, pay attention to the height – it is becoming more and more fashionable recently for the pieces of furniture to take up as little space as possible. The minimalist tendency has successfully prevailed and the dressers are rather long than high. Designs clad in leather or with interesting curves will set accents – they have to be coordinated with the rest of the furniture in terms of color and style. Be inspired by Porada’s chic suggestions for designs and materials!

Solid wood chest of drawers

chic chest of drawers wood

Exotic decoration and chests of drawers with a simple design

Wood dresser living room design

Interesting chest of drawers with a sinuous shape

modern dressers living room sinuous shape

Sideboard covered in leather

Leather paneling chest of drawers

Classic chest of drawers made of wood

chic wooden dressers-living room

Modern chest of drawers for bedrooms

Wood dresser bedroom

Italian furniture for the bedroom

Solid wood dresser bedroom

Wooden chest of drawers for furnishing in retro style

Wooden dresser-Italian furniture

Shiny slim design

shiny dresser hallway design

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Tips on hallway design – practical furniture and design ideas

Tips for hallway design -modern-floor furniture-white-wood

The hallway is the first thing you see of your home. Therefore, it should be well designed and always tidy. The helpers here are the practical furniture and decorative tricks that will warmly welcome your guests. We can offer you some Tips on hallway design, that deal with the most important elements in the room.

Tips for hallway design – decorate appropriately


You can decorate one of the walls in the hallway as an accent. Experiment with interesting wallpaper or bright colors. Avoid pure white walls because they get dirty quickly. If you want to add pops of color then lay out a small colorful rug that will stand out against the neutral walls. A large carpet in the hallway is difficult to clean. The decorations in any room are very important, as is the hallway. Put a vase of flowers or twigs in a corner or hang pictures on the walls. A group of small mirrors or a large mirror with an ornate frame is also a nice idea.

Tips for hallway design – practical furniture and storage space ideas


You need enough space to store the things you use every day. Some pieces of furniture are an absolute must to keep the entrance area looking nice and tidy.

Optical illusion mirror

Tips for hallway design wall mirror-white-gray-floor tile-armchair


You can put the mess in the hallway in order with a simple bench. Place additional boxes or baskets underneath where you can store everything.

Cabinet with a floating look

Tips-hallway-design-wall-shoe-cupboard-white-flower-wallpaper-wood flooring

Small side table or console table

A small table by the front door is the perfect place to leave your keys and cell phone. You can always have a vase of fresh flowers or a picture frame with your favorite photo on it. Drawers or shelves offer additional storage space for knickknacks.

Console table with drawers

hallway design wood console table drawers bouquet

Key hanger

For those who often lose their keys. They are easily attached to the wall and come in many fun designs.

Table lamps arranged symmetrically

hallway design light wall color side table lamps tulips

Shoe cabinet

The traditional shoe cabinets in the hallway are very practical, especially when more people live in the house. They always make the hallway look neat.

Pattern wallpaper on the wall  

tips for hallway design decor wallpaper palm trees leaves shelves carpet

tips for hallway design wallpaper pattern console table lleiderhacken

Enough for the decorations and furniture arrangement. Here we offer you some modern designs from Südbrock, that are beautiful, modern and compact at the same time.

clear lines and modern design

modern furniture cloakroom hall design sudbrock möbelwerk

everything nice and tidy

coat rack white mirror coat rack sudbrock Möbelwerk

large mirror in the hallway is a must

modern hall wardrobes sudbrock Möbelwerk white mirror

the warm wood look

Sudbrock Möbelwerk walnut wood shoe storage mirror

slight curves as accents

Sudbrock Möbelwerk floor furniture modern practical

    modern hallway cloakroom wood Sudbrock Möbelwerk

tips for hallway design modern furniture storage space sudbrock Möbelwerk

compact hallway furniture black wood back wall

modern hallway furniture closet drawers coat racks

Sudbrock Möbelwerk cabinet hallway compact, handleless black

sudbrock Möbelwerk wood shelves shoe cabinet coat rack

storage hallway white furniture built in sudbrock Möbelwerk

hall furniture sudbrock Möbelwerk wood square shelves light blue front

compact furniture hallway design shelves round wall mirror wall hooks

elegant black and white hall furniture sudbrock Möbelwerk

modern furniture hallway light blue orange round mirror

space-saving hall furniture floating white handleless wallpaper

hallway design wood bench seat cushion shoe cabinet

hallway design mirror frame wood console table coat rack

tips for hallway design practical furniture cupboard wall mounts wood

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Wardrobe ideas – the modern wardrobe with sliding doors – practical and stylish

white wardrobe with sliding bedroom doors

Before you swap the winter clothes for the summer clothes, it is the right time to find out about a practical one Closet with sliding doors to think. Some wardrobes are manufactured and sold with sliding doors, but if you don’t want to do without your favorite model, you can of course build them yourself.

Wardrobe with sliding doors – a practical addition for the home

Armchair black white wardrobe bed

Of the Closet with sliding doors will offer you a flexible variant for the storage space of the clothes. The rule here is – the more doors, the better the room layout. The wall cabinet with sliding doors scores strongly against the walk-in closet, especially because it saves space and can be a nice addition to the interior. Since the doors of the cupboard are usually the most visible, you can spice up the old piece of furniture and repaint the cupboard doors or replace them completely.

Wardrobe with sliding doors – what colors and models

Wall decal black wardrobe design idea

Closet with sliding doors with mirrors make the room look larger. The white wardrobe has a special place in every room. Its polished, shiny surface can be decorated with interesting wall tattoos. If you feel particularly creative, you can paint the wooden cabinet in a new color – with a totally vintage look and currently sky blue, for example, is very popular. We have included the collection of the renowned Italian brand Mazzali for you as inspiration.

Closet in the hallway

modern design ideas hallway zebra rug

Closet with mirror surface

Mirror surface wardrobe bedroom pendant lamp flower pattern

Spice up the wooden cupboard with wall tattoos

Wooden cabinet wall stiscker dandelion cool idea

Cover the closet with interesting wall stickers

Wardrobe sliding doors wall stickers forest

White-beige color scheme in the bedroom

Wardrobe youth room girl boy

Chic wardrobe in black and white

Wardrobe ideas wardrobe design modern living room ideas

Shiny surfaces – bedrooms with a minimalist look

Bedroom wardrobe sliding red accents

Wardrobe for the modern, purist bedroom

Bedroom wardrobe beige brown bed

Replace the old doors and assemble sliding doors yourself

Wardrobe doors mount sliding doors

Exclusive decorative ornaments on the doors

Ornaments decoration elements hallway design

Gray closet in the bedroom

Wardrobe ideas wardrobe design bedroom chandelier

Completely white closet

Sliding doors modern design bedroom

Wardrobe with an unusual shape

white wardrobe sloping bedroom design

Wardrobe in two colors

brown beige wardrobe design living room

Wardrobe with animal print upholstery

Wardrobe ideas luxury wardrobe animal pattern modern interior design

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Modern shoe cabinets and shoe racks from Fashion for Home

Shoe rack mark hark black purple compact

All women love their shoes. As their best friends, they shouldn’t get a dark corner, but a real place of honor. The modern ones Shoe cabinets and shoe racks from Fashion for Home would love to accommodate their favorites. The designs are not only elegant but also save space and offer good clarity. You can immediately choose the right pair for your evening dress. Simple structures in plain colors are combined with colorful accents and creativity.

Modern shoe cabinets and shoe racks

shoe tree shoe racks light blue shoe box white

We present you the stylish, innovative shoe rack – Shoe Tree by designer Mark Hark. The design is subtle and has a simple construction. The tree consists of colored shoeboxes that can be combined in different ways. The small viewing windows of the shoeboxes provide a good overview and make your search easier. The bright turquoise and purple colors are very refreshing.

Modern shoe cabinets and shoe racks – Shoe Tree by Mark HarkShoe cabinets and shoe racks schuhkasten light blue shoe tree Shoe rack schuhbaum black colorful shoe boxes mark hark

The “Box Base” shoe rack helps you to keep your shoes and hallway in order. The shoe boxes have the same design as the Shoe Tree – in light colors and each with a viewing window. You can design the shoe cabinet individually and combine the shoe boxes according to your own organization system. You can also use the shelves to store other accessories and objects.Shoe racks colorful cardboard boxes light blue fashion for home

boxbase model modern white shoe rack box violet blue modern shoe racks basebox model elegant boxbase shoe racks colorful shoe box white

Model Spinn – designer Henri Gerber

spinn model shoe cabinet gray fashion4home Shoe cabinets and shoe racks space-saving hallway gray spinning designer Shoe cabinets and shoe racks space-saving gray stand

practical shoe cabinet with glass door and shelves

Shoe cabinets and shoe racks glass door white fashionforhome

Butterfly / designer Thomas Kühl

Shoe cabinet white hallway shoe racks compact faschion4home

High gloss whiteShoe cabinet white fashion4home butterlfly

used as a magnetic memo boardShoe cabinet butterfly magnet door fashion4home

MiPuro shoe cabinet / high-gloss lacquer in white  Shoe cabinet and shoe racks white modern compact fashion4home Shoe cabinet white mipuro model fashion4home

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Cloakrooms & hallway furniture

Modern hall furniture for your hallway from Sudbrock

Modern hallway furniture bench chop shoe rack

If you modern Hall furniture are looking for your hallway and are thinking about hallway design, then take a look at ideas from Sudbrock. Sudbrock produces high quality, modern furniture for hallways and hallways, that are practical, functional and elegant.

Modern hall furniture made of light wood

Modern hall furniture corridor sento select sudbrock

The Sento + Select collection is just one of the wonderful design solutions that exist for the entrance area. The Elli line differs with smoother lines compared to the straight lines and right angles of Sento. These innovative furniture systems made of plywood offer unlimited possibilities because they can be combined. They can also be painted or veneered in the color of your choice. the modern hall furniture have everything you need from hooks and hangers to drawers and shoe racks that double up as a sitting area.

Modern hall furniture – elegant and practical

Modern furniture hallway sudbrock light white practical

Modern hall furniture like these are brilliant ideas for storage and organization. Consisting of an elegant mirror, tasteful wooden drawers and original shelving systems, the collection can serve both aesthetically and as a practical solution for shoes and clothing.

floating white cabinets

Modern hall furniture hallway wood white cabinets sudbrock

Chests of drawers and hooks

Modern hallway design hallway chopping white dressers

Mirror and bench  Hallway furniture hallway mirror bench sudbrock wood

elegant design

Modern furniture hallway elegant practical

simple design in the Flir  Hallway furniture, bright, plain white

large drawers and high-gloss surfaces

Hallway furniture hallway large drawers high gloss sudbrock

Modern hallway design with hallway furniture from Sudbrock

Modern hall furniture hallway design ideas black sudbrock

Oak wood hall furniture

Modern hallway furniture cloakroom sudbrock oak wood

Wooden cloakroom

Modern hall furniture hall wardrobe wood sudbrock 

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