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Cloakroom ideas – 19 unusual hanging options

wardrobe ideas tom raffield wood loop idea hook

Design by Tom Raffield

Hallway furniture is an important part of our home furnishings. They are mostly available in the classic wood and metal look, mostly in sets with a make-up buffet, with a bench or stool and with a shoe compartment. In this article, we’re going to show you 19 fancy ones Wardrobe ideas that you will fall in love with. With a unique design and execution, with the personal mark of the designer and creatively designed from every angle.

Wardrobe ideas marked with uniqueness

Design by Michael Young and Katrin Olina

wardrobe ideas tree michael young katrin olina bunt baeume aeste

A wardrobe that looks like the first line of liquid paint on the wall is a great idea. If you want to furnish your apartment with modern, minimalist furniture, you should find this wardrobe pleasing. Wardrobe ideas made of metal for hanging coats and keys, with a really pretending and surprising effect. If you only hang up the wardrobe with other accessories for on the go, so to speak “naked”, it will nonetheless cut a good figure even without the usual jackets and coats. Or how about a dandelion waiting for you in the hallway on your coat or jacket ?! Shabby chic, retro or with the mark of modernity, these wardrobes will definitely impress you.

Wardrobe ideas with a crazy look

wardrobe ideas pipe plumbing accessories industrial style

What we see in the photo is not part of a technology wall and plumber assortment in the basement, it is a special kind of cloakroom. Rotary handles in red, lock nuts and bolts in gold, as well as tubes in matt white, all of this looks like fittings for Water system off, but is a cloakroom. Crazy Wardrobe ideas, Is not it?!! And how about you hang your coat on a foosball player? It doesn’t get any crazier … Take a look at our small picture gallery with unique cloakroom ideas.

Modern coat rack

wardrobe ideas godot alberto brogliato modern tree optics white gray

Design by Alberto Brogliato

wardrobe ideas wood modern design wave shape lamp paper


Kicker figures as heels, individually adjustable


Ideas wardrobe vine curves

shabby chick wardrobe bird figurines

Shabby chick with metal birds

Retro hook coat rack black hat

Interior design hallway with retro cloakroom 


Dandelion as a wardrobe made of wood or valuable plastic

Reclaimed wood-oak-wood-with-showcase-cloakroom-ideas

Made from recyclable oak wood








creative design cloakroom entrance area

Deer horns wood wardrobe

Mountain-made wooden cloakroom