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Create a paradise in your small garden

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Every garden can be a source of ultimate enjoyment, regardless of its size. A Small garden gives you everything you need to go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. And best of all, these amusements are free as soon as you can Your little garden have planted. Once the job is done, the time comes to pull out your favorite lounge chair and relax!

Japanese “Zen” garden design idea

japanese garden design

The advantage of a small garden is that once you’ve established your layout and design, it’s relatively easy to maintain. Do not be afraid when designing your small garden. The examples here show the fantastic things you can achieve in a relatively small space. you Small garden, Like any other garden, it should include an area for relaxing and entertaining friends. A small veranda or patio meet this important requirement. You also need to be in comfortable shaded areas Your little garden if you want to keep a cool head when the sun is at its hottest. Trees provide the perfect natural shade, but if you don’t have mature trees, a very good alternative would be to hang an attractive canopy over the area you want. Alternatively, if you have enough space, you could build a small gazebo.

Wonderful patio design in the small garden

Patio design idea in a small garden

If you have your small garden design, you need to consider which design fits the available space and what type of garden. If you have a very busy lifestyle, you are likely to choose an easy to maintain garden unless you know someone who can look after you after your garden. Low maintenance gardens are usually placed on solid structures rather than complex plantings. The ideal inspiration for this would be a Japanese one  ‘Zen’ garden, in which the plants are reduced to a minimum. Meaning is then placed on other elements such as water and stone. The zen garden for relaxation and meditation is designed so that it would be an oasis of peace and tranquility once established.

Small garden with a fabulous design

wonderful garden design idea

If you are a passionate gardener and love plants then you would get the most out of it Your little garden make to indulge your passion. Don’t just look at the ground to create your planting. Create different levels with raised beds and large planters. This becomes a visual dynamic to I.your little garden Add. Think about how to get height in your equipment and possibly use free-standing lattice-like sections to define garden zones or rooms. If you don’t have space for these, use decorative planters hung on your house walls to stretch your plants upwards.

There are endless possibilities to be in a personal paradise Your little garden to create, so why wait any longer, start designing it.

by Jaz

Flooring in the garden – tiles and natural stones

Soil design in the garden

Design idea for a small garden

Design for small garden

Small garden with a pond

small garden - wonderful design idea

Small garden with wood flooring

Wooden flooring in the small garden

Tree house design in the small garden

Tree house in a small garden

Small garden facilities – patio, pond, white natural stones

small garden equipment idea

Playing with beautiful colors in the garden

colored garden deisgn

Maze design idea

Maze idea

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