Christmas decoration ideas

Tinker window decorations for Christmas – charming DIY ideas

We will show you charming ideas on how you can make beautiful window decorations for Christmas. Beautify the windows with a homemade Christmas garland and create a happy atmosphere. Welcome your guests in a creative way! With small decorative figures, paper and natural materials, numerous arrangements can be conjured up for the windowsill.

Make window decorations for Christmas with paper

Window decorations for Christmas create a happy atmosphere


Especially at Christmas, the beautiful decorations create a happy atmosphere. A quick craft project is the paper garland. First the individual motifs / Santa Clauses, dwarfs, animals or snowflakes, stars / are cut out of white or colored paper, then glued to a string and then hung on the window. The advantage – compared to garlands made of natural materials, these last a long time and can be used for several years. Environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful!

Window decorations for Christmas – combine flowers and animal silhouettes


If the effort for the first handicraft project seems too great for you, you can just cut out a silhouette from paper and then put it in the limelight. The figure can be sprayed with glitter spray and placed on the windowsill together with fresh flowers. In this way, the window decoration looks modern and stylish and automatically attracts attention.

Tinker window decorations for Christmas – garland made of felt

Window decoration-Christmas-garland-angel-deer-silhouettes-paper-cut out

The third option is to cut out figures from felt / alternatively, the figures can be cut out of cardboard and then pasted with felt /. Together with LED candles, these will harmoniously add to the decoration in a puristic style.

Charming window decorations with tree decorations and fir branches

Window decoration-Christmas-ideas-garland-tinker-tree decorations-pine cones

Window decoration for Christmas – make dream catchers out of fir branches and purple bow

Window decoration-Christmas-dream catcher-purple-bow-fir branches

Window decorations for Christmas – make several door wreaths out of fir branches

Window decoration-Christmas-round-door-wreath-evergreen-fir ​​branches

Modern and chic – Christmas tree balls as window decorations for Christmas

Window decoration-Christmas-glass-ball-red-washi-stripes

Make a garland with Christmas decorations and use them to decorate the windows

Window decoration-Christmas-garland-Christmas-decorations-hang up

Cutting out window decorations from paper – stylish decoration idea

Window-decoration-Christmas-poinsettia-paper-cut out

Make charming window decorations with adhesive film

Window-decoration-Christmas-silhouettes-paper-cut out

Wooden birdhouse, artificial snow and figures of birds on the windowsill

Window decoration-Christmas-birdhouse-artificial snow-windowsill-arrange

Make a cute garland out of newsprint

Window decoration-Christmas-Christmas tree-silhouette-newsprint-cut out

Decorate for Christmas – rose hips, pine cones, lanterns from jam jars

Window decorations-Christmas-lanterns-jam jars-rose hip-fir branches

Make stylish window decorations with natural materials

Window decoration-Christmas-decoration-idea-gold-ball-fresh-flowers

Window decoration-Christmas-Art-Fir-Tree-Gold-Baubles-Presents-Window sill

Window decoration-Christmas-gold-chain-garland-paper-cut out

Window decoration-Christmas-picture-Christmas-wreath-next to-dining table

Window decoration-Christmas-letters-artificial-grass-hang up

Window decoration-Christmas-door wreath-garland-red-flowers

Window decoration-Christmas-window-flower box-twine

Window decoration-Christmas-rose hip-Christmas decorations-windowsill-evergreen-perennials

Window decoration-Christmas-fairy lights-Poinsettia-Small-Dekofiguren

Window decoration-Christmas-paper-Christmas tree-silhouette-snowflakes

window decoration-christmas-tinker-ideas-kitchen-sink-fairy lights-ornaments-branch

window decoration-christmas-tinker-ideas-christmas-decorations-silver-red-deco

window decoration-christmas-tinker-ideas-gold-blue-green-decoration-christmas-balls

window decoration-christmas-tinker-ideas-window-pane-curtains-gold-accents-wreath

window decoration-christmas-tinker-ideas-house-door-christmas-balls-door-wreath-banister-deco