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Tinker hanging an Advent wreath – 1 instruction and 25 ideas

Tinker hanging advent wreath fir-green-red-ribbon-glass-balls-red-gold

Wreaths, mostly made from evergreen branches, have been used for centuries as a symbol of life during the long winter months. Many different traditions are associated with the wreath. The Advent wreath, for example, has four candles. Every Sunday before Christmas, the family gathers and lights a candle. An Advent wreath can simply be placed on the dining or coffee table or hung from the ceiling. Today we’re going to show you a simple guide on how to get one Hanging advent wreath can tinker with four ribbons.

Tinker hanging Advent wreath – materials

Hanging advent wreath tinker with required materials

You need:

– evergreen branches

– Wreath blank made of wicker or metal

– Tape

– String for hanging, preferably in gold

– Needle nose pliers, floral wire, scissors

– Pine cones and Christmas tree decorations

– four stick candles and candle holder (small bells were used as candle holders here).

– Hot glue

Make a hanging Advent wreath – step by step

Tinker hanging Advent wreath willow wreath tapes

First wrap the green ribbon criss-cross around the willow wreath. The fir branches are then tucked into the gaps. Then cut a piece of red velvet ribbon, make a loop in the middle and tie it to the wreath. The four red loops must be equidistant from each other so that the wreath hangs horizontally.

Bell as a candle holder


Then take the four metal bells and open them with pliers. Glue or tie the bells between the loops with floral wire.

Wrap ribbons around the wicker wreath

advent-wreath-hanging-tinkering-willow tendrils-raw-green-red-ribbons

Now you can tie the approximately 12 centimeter long fir branches to the willow wreath. They should be facing down so you can see their green side and not the back when you look up. For a decorative effect, 4 spruce cones are also fixed on the top with floral wire.

Fasten the pine cones to the wreath

advent-wreath-hanging-tinker-willow-wreath-pine cones

First find out how long you want the four hanging cords to be by measuring the distance to the ceiling with a tape measure.

Connect the cord and loop


Since the gold-colored cord is heavy, it was tied with copper wire to form a red velvet ribbon. The knot was then tucked under a decorative 7 centimeter wide ribbon.

Hide the knot with a decorative ribbon

Tinker hanging advent wreath -decorative border-fir-tree-motif

After all four cords have been attached, the four candles are added. Try to make the candle holders as stable as possible.

four white stick candles

Tinker hanging advent wreath - fir branches-white-stick-candles-loops

Now the Advent wreath is hung on a ceiling hook. You now have easy access to the bottom of the wreath. Pin the other fir branches until the willow wreath is completely covered. You can add a few more berries and mistletoe and Christmas tree decorations for fun.

Hang up Christmas tree decorations


* A project by Willodel

The ideas for decorating the advent wreath are endless. Cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, cranberries, pearl garlands, apples are just a few of them. You can even leave out the candles. Take a look at the examples below and get some inspiration for your own project!

four red pillar candles


red and white checkered ribbon, red berries and wooden discs

advent-wreath-hanging-ideas-willow-wreath-red-pillar candles

leave a few apples under the Advent wreath


decorate with cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree decorations

advent-wreath-hanging-ideas-cinnamon-sticks-christmas-tree decorations

Advent wreath and calendar in one


red pearl garland

advent-wreath-hanging-tinkering-fir branches-christmas-tree-decorations-candy-pearl-garland

Hang up the advent wreath over the dining table

advent-wreath-hanging-tinkering-over-dining-table-green twigs

white decorations tied on wicker wreath


Olive tree branches instead of fir branches


beautiful strong red color


interesting idea for tealight holders







advent-wreath-hanging-ideas-kitchen-dining-table-living room



advent-wreath-hanging-tinkering-blue-satin ribbons-glass ornaments


advent-wreath-hanging-tinkering-evergreen-twigs-chandelier-berry twigs-table decoration-red-gold