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Tinker door wreath for Advent – beautiful evergreen idea

tinker evergreen plants ilex berries instructions

Even beginners can do this easy Tinker door wreath for Advent. The evergreen branches and red berries are perfect for the winter season and would give your friends and family a warm welcome. You can also hang this fresh wreath over the fireplace or elsewhere in the house. The lemon leaves, blueberry, cedar and boxwood branches are just the thing for this time and the bright red ilexberries go perfectly with it. You can find these at any flower shop, 5 to 10 stems should be enough for a wreath. You still need an 8-inch metal wreath, pruning shears, ribbon, stapler, hammer.

Tinker door wreath for Advent – evergreen branches

door wreath advent tinker instructions evergreen branches

1. Start with the lemon leaves for a stable base. Cut off the long ends of the stems. Place the twigs between the clamps of the wreath blank.

Tinker door wreath for Advent – Instructions

door wreath advent tinker evergreen lemon leaves

2. Add a layer of blueberry leaves. Use secateurs to cut the branches to the size you want.

Door wreath Advent season tinker lemon tree leaves green

3. The cedar branches are prickly, so you may be able to wear gardening gloves for this step. Cut the cedar twigs into pieces and place them around the wreath in each clamp. They add a nice wintry look and the scent is wonderful.

Advent door wreath tinker blueberry twig leaves

4. Break the boxwood into pieces and tuck them in the center of the wreath. Use the smaller pieces to fill in the gaps.

Door wreath Advent time tinker evergreen leaves winter season

5. Choose the red holly berries to add a festive red color.

6. Carefully tuck a small sprig of berries into each clamp. They may be fragile, so be especially careful with them.

Advent door wreath tinker evergreen boxwood twig

7. Find each clamp through the green branches and seal them with a hammer. Make sure all the branches are securely fastened so that nothing falls out when you hang the wreath on the door.

8. A nice big bow is the perfect finishing touch.

Tinker door wreath for Advent season cedar branches scented winter

Tinker door wreath evergreen boxwood branches  Door wreath for Advent time tinker with red ilex berries

Tinker door wreath evergreen foliage red ilex berries

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Tinker door wreath instructions to tie a bow

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Tinker door wreath wintery instructions loop

Tinker door wreath for advent season evergreen plants leaves berries

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