Christmas decoration ideas

Tinker Christmas wrapping: 20 beautiful and sustainable DIY gift wrapping ideas

Christmas is getting closer. As every year, most people are currently in the stress of shopping. Gifts are bought for all family members, friends, relatives, colleagues or business partners. Handicraft enthusiasts who are skilled in their handicrafts make the presents themselves so that everything can be packed by December 20th at the latest and placed under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. When the buying or crafting frenzy is finally over, the question of the right gift packaging arises. Quickly conjure up something so that there is enough time to put together the festive menu or to style the New Year’s Eve outfit! We’ll explain to you how you can quickly make beautiful Christmas packaging and show you 20 stylish DIY ideas with which you can effectively stage the Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree.

Tinker Christmas packaging: make the environmentally friendly “little house” gift box yourself

Christmas packaging ideas make gift boxes out of cardboard houses yourself

First of all, we will present you with a successful idea for Christmas packaging. In the days before Christmas, the “little house” gift box serves as a beautiful Christmas decoration, for example on the windowsill, on the chest of drawers or on the Christmas table. Arrange it together with artificial mini Christmas trees, deer, dwarf and Santa Claus figures and make a winter village like this. You don’t need a template for the house, just a cardboard box that you can cut into the shape you want. You can see how to assemble the house in the step-by-step crafting guide below.

Tinker Christmas packaging Make your own house out of cardboard and paint it

You need the following materials and accessories for this cute gift box: a folding box, a craft knife, hot glue and a white marker. Optionally, you can also make a stamp out of a potato and use it to stamp Christmas motifs on the house. How to assemble the house: put the cardboard box in front of you. Cut out two triangular details and fold the cardboard into a box. Put the gift in the box and glue the ends of the gable roof to the house with the hot glue. Let the glue dry completely for a few minutes at room temperature and then start painting the house as you wish. You can also entrust the children with this task. You will definitely be happy to stamp or paint the house.

Tinker Christmas wrapping Make your own house out of cardboard and paint instructions

By the way, you can use the little house again if you carefully cut off the roof with the craft knife when unpacking the presents. This packaging idea is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Not only do you save costs, you also do without packaging paper at all. In view of the numerous resources that are wasted in the production of packaging paper, especially water and electricity, more and more people are turning to sustainable alternatives. Lately they are more popular than ever. So if you use your Christmas packaging several times, you are making an important contribution to nature conservation.

Make sustainable Christmas packaging: wrap boxes in packaging paper and decorate with handmade labels

Christmas wrapping tinker fir tree silhouette cut out of paper decoration ideas

So if you want to do something good for the environment, you can wrap your gifts in simple wrapping paper and decorate them with self-made labels. Cut out several details from colored paper and use them to assemble a Christmas tree. The label looks particularly effective when you combine several tone-on-tone details. Decorate the Christmas tree with a bow and the sustainable Christmas packaging is ready. Here, too, the rule of thumb applies: Better to do handicrafts with scraps of paper. As far as possible, try not to tear open the packaging and throw it away right after Christmas, but instead to keep it and use it again.

Make Christmas bags and decorate them with natural materials

Make Christmas wrapping yourself. Make gift bags out of wrapping paper with natural materials. Make a wreath out of laurel branches

Christmas wrapping isn’t just wasting resources. Coated colored packaging paper looks very nice, but is not recyclable. Packaging paper, on the other hand, can be recycled and is therefore a sustainable and inexpensive option. Presents in any shape can be packed in Christmas bags made of simple packaging paper. And with a little skill you can embellish the bags with a stylish decoration made from natural materials. Make beautiful mini wreaths from laurel branches, fir green or boxwood, for example. Cut a circle out of white cardboard and glue it as a base. Write “Merry Christmas” or the name of the recipient on the box. Decorate the Christmas bag with a red bow and a wide, striped decorative ribbon.

Tinker Christmas packaging: decorate boxes with pine branches

Tinker Christmas packaging Make your own Christmas tree from cypress branches

Another very cool idea is to embellish the boxes or gift boxes with cypress branches. Organize a trip to the countryside and let the family help collect natural materials. You can then spice up the Christmas packaging with the found objects from nature. Natural materials are 100% biodegradable and many of them also last a very long time and can be used the next year if desired. Cypress branches are unfortunately very delicate and lose their beautiful green color after 4-5 days, but fir branches can last for several weeks. And you can also make artificial snow yourself. All you need is coarse-grained salt mixed with a bit of glue. Then let the artificial snow dry at room temperature. Use an old toothbrush to regularly distribute the artificial snow on the “fir tree” made of cypress branches. complete!

Make Christmas wrapping yourself out of music paper

Make gift wrapping from music paper yourself for Christmas

Would you like to make creative, but at the same time classic Christmas packaging? Decorate your gifts with music paper. In stores you can buy special wrapping paper with notes, but this is usually coated. Coated paper cannot be recycled and is therefore referred to as residual waste. In addition, certain harmful substances are released during manufacture. So instead of buying coated glossy music paper, you can buy a music book or music book and use it to wrap the gifts. You can then write down the sheet music of your favorite song on notepaper or find the sheet music online, download it and print it out. Tie the presents with string and decorate them with Christmas bells. Don’t forget to make a tag out of brown wrapping paper.

Tinker Christmas packaging: make and paint boxes yourself

Not all Christmas packaging should be in green, red and gold. If you want a stylish decoration, you can match the color of the packaging to the color scheme of the Christmas decorations. In the last few years in particular, romantic, playful decorations in pastel nuances have become established. Soft pink and silver form a particularly charming duo that gives the Christmas tree a vintage flair. To go with it: Nicely wrapped gifts in self-made and lovingly painted boxes.

Make wrapping paper instructions Step by step instructions

You need the following materials and accessories for the handicraft instructions shown above: white construction paper, a brush, watercolors, a suitable satin ribbon, scissors, a hole punch, a ruler and a pencil with an eraser. First paint the wrapping paper and let it dry. Then place it on the table with the painted side facing down. Place the present in the middle of the wrapping paper and cut out two strips. The first strip should be as wide and 2.5 times as long as the gift. The width of the second strip should correspond to the length of the gift. It should be so wide that you can use it to wrap the present. Punch a total of eight holes in the paper and pull the decorative ribbon through. Tie its ends in a bow. You can also decorate the packaging with silver Christmas balls.

Tinker Christmas packaging: stamp wrapping paper

Tinker Christmas packaging Stampin In paper with Christmas motifs

Do you love colorful wrapping paper and don’t want to do without it? Then you can make the colorful paper yourself! You need plain packaging paper or construction paper and a stamping tool set. Most stamp tool kits contain gold, bronze, white, green and black stamp and paper colors, an ink pad or stipple brush to apply the colors, and one or more silicone stamp sets with Christmas themes. All the necessary materials and tools are available in craft shops. Simply place the wrapping paper on the plate of the stamping tool, fix it with magnets on all four corners, apply the desired color to the silicone stamp and use it to stamp the gift. Continue with the other stamps until you have conjured up a colorful wrapping paper. In addition, you can cut out certain natural motifs from colored cardboard, tie a satin ribbon in the color of the files or make your own labels.

Tinker Christmas packaging: decorate gifts with fragrant natural materials

Tinker Christmas wrapping with wrapping paper and natural materials

Are you looking for an effective and inexpensive idea for a last-minute gift wrapping? Then the next idea is just right for you. Buy Christmas bags made of packaging paper or use them to wrap the gift boxes. Make tags out of paper and tie them to the gifts with string. Decorate the gifts with fragrant natural materials: pine branches give off a pleasant resin scent in the room, lavender branches bring a Mediterranean touch into your own four walls. Holly leaves, ferns, moss and even fresh flowers can also spice up the gift wrapping.

Tinker Christmas packaging: marbling paper

Make Christmas wrapping, paint your own wrapping paper, wrap the boxes with moss and natural materials

Another option for those who prefer to do without packaging paper from the trade and instead want to make gift wrapping themselves. With a little skill, you can marble your paper. We’ll explain how to do it. You need: white construction paper (optional tissue paper), a baking sheet, baking paper, a ruler, shaving foam, acrylic paint, a kebab skewer. First, line the baking sheet with baking paper and spray copiously with shaving cream. Use the ruler to evenly distribute and smooth the shaving cream on the baking paper. Drop several drops of acrylic paint on the shaving foam and try to distribute the color with the kebab skewer so that the desired marble look is created in the end. When you are happy with the marble effect, you can press a sheet of construction paper onto the shaving foam, then use the ruler to gently wipe off the remaining foam. Let the paper dry completely and then you can use it for wrapping smaller presents.

Tinker Christmas packaging: decorate gifts with woolen thread

Tinker Christmas wrapping Make wrapping paper and yarn yourself

Would you like to add an extra dash of color to the Christmas packaging? Then you can tie the gift with remnants of wool instead of a decorative ribbon. In addition, you can cut a star out of the marbled cardboard and make a colorful pendant. Dilute the paint with a little water and use the round eraser of a pencil as a stamp template. Use the eraser to stamp white dots on the packaging paper.

Sustainable DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: Emoji Gifts

Make Christmas wrapping Emoji wrapping paper yourself, make ideas for wrapping children's gifts

Often you don’t need any packaging paper at all, because you can make very creative packaging yourself with cardboard. For example, the children will be happy if you wrap their gifts in yellow cardboard and then paint funny emoji faces on them. Optionally, you can cut out the emoji eyes and mouth from cardboard or felt and stick them on the gifts. An extremely imaginative packaging idea for large gift boxes.

Children's gifts for Christmas packaging ideas for emoji packaging for boxes

If you stick a silver pompom on the lid of a red box and arrange the gifts on top of each other, you can even put together an Emoji Santa Claus from several gift boxes. A lovingly labeled gift also goes perfectly with it. You can wrap it with white paper and stamp “Merry Christmas” on it with a stencil. You just need a suitable color and a brush. Place the stencil on the paper, fix it with magnets or tape, if necessary, and apply the paint on it. Once you’re done, carefully remove the stencil and let the paint dry completely before continuing.

At Christmas we want to bring joy to our family. But free time is scarce, creativity is lacking and there are lots of gifts that urgently need to be wrapped. We advise you not to use the wrapping paper despite the stress of Christmas. An imaginatively wrapped present is something very special that the recipient is guaranteed to look forward to. And when you craft your Christmas wrapping instead of buying it, you are doing something good for the environment. Because the wrapping paper that we tear up at Christmas and throw away immediately afterwards is difficult or impossible to recycle. We have already shown you several examples of how you can wrap gifts beautifully and sustainably. You can find more inspiring examples in the photo gallery below.

Gift packaging with cheerful Christmas motifs

Make Christmas packaging yourself and paint instructions

Tinker Christmas packaging: blackboard paint gift packaging 

Make gift wrapping yourself Sustainable gift wrapping ideas with chalkboard paper to make yourself

DIY gift wrapping ideas: cut out a Christmas tree out of newspaper

Embellish gift packaging with a Christmas tree made of newspaper and a diamond decorative ribbon

Wrap gifts sustainably: make a bow out of red tape

Tinker Christmas packaging Make a gift box with a bow out of colored adhesive tape yourself

Quick packaging ideas for Christmas

Make gift wrapping yourself, decorate ideas for boxes and books with colorful wrapping paper

Wrap gifts and decorate creatively

Make gift packaging from natural materials yourself, decorate the packaging paper with bay leaves and cypress branches

Lovingly wrapped Christmas gifts with natural materials

Make your own Christmas packaging with natural materials. Combine fir branches and mistletoe branches and succulents