Christmas decoration ideas

Tinker Christmas cards: 55 original ideas to make yourself

Make your own Christmas cards with adhesive tape Christmas tree

We’ll show you 50 ideas on how you can make original Christmas cards yourself – let yourself be inspired by the creative suggestions and create loving greeting cards for your family and friends! Let the children help – because here you will find ideas for painting that are suitable even for toddlers of kindergarten age.

Make Christmas cards yourself – original DIY projects with paper


Make a Christmas card together with the child. Print out a template with a popular motif / angel, Santa Claus, Rudolf the reindeer /. Color the template / you can leave this task to the children /. Then decorate the greeting card with rhinestones or spray it with glitter spray. Glue felt or fabric details / eyes, nose, mouth / on it. You can make Santa’s beard from cotton. Complete! Now all that remains is to lovingly label the card.

Make your own Christmas card – natural materials

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-original-ideas-paper-ornaments-cut out

An original Christmas card can be tinkered with natural materials. Color the fall leaves in accent colors and glue rose hips, cinnamon sticks and pine cones on the card. If you don’t have time for excursions in nature, you can simply cut out the nature motifs from paper and paint them in cheerful colors. In the photo gallery below you will find more examples of homemade Christmas cards – choose your favorite design and let yourself be inspired!

Make modern Christmas cards yourself – trendy, abstract & original Christmas motifs

10 ideas for making Christmas cards with children – Christmas crafts with instructions

Tinker Christmas cards yourself – 30 ideas and instructions

Make an original Christmas card from color samples

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-design-color cards-Christmas tree

Children’s drawings turn into cute Christmas cards

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-children-painting-ideas

Make your own stamps out of potatoes and make Christmas cards with the children

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-kids-Christmas tree-ideas

Dwarves with fingerprints / their heads /, googly eyes and pompom hats


Painting Christmas cards yourself: 7 DIY instructions for beginners

Make Christmas cards with paper cutting – ideas, instructions and free templates

Making Christmas cards – 10 easy ideas for beginners and children

Handprint becomes a cute Christmas card for grandparents

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-children-ideas-sweet

Modern Christmas card – express template and decorate with bow

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-Christmas-motifs-print-out-decorate-bows

Make Christmas cards with decorative adhesive tape

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-Christmas tree-washi-tape

Sweet Christmas cards designed with decorative adhesive tape

Christmas cards-DIY-washi-tape-Christmas tree-ideas

Glue Christmas cards with charming patterns


Original Christmas cards – design your own Christmas tree from buttons


Make creative Christmas cards with buttons  

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-tinker-buttons-stick-ideas-instead-of-tree balls

Snowman made of three buttons and with a felt hat

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-snowman-bow-button-ideas

Origami pop up christmas card with fir tree

Christmas cards-DIY-ideas-Christmas tree-original

Rudolf paint the reindeer with fingerprints

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-handicraft-fingerprints-Rudolf-Reindeer

Make stamps out of potatoes – and make your own Christmas card with a snowman motif

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-stamp-potatoes-snowman-bird

This is how the potato stamp works


Make your own Christmas card from the leftover packaging paper


Decorate the traditional Christmas card with music paper

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-music-paper-angel-ideas

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-designs-Christmas-tree-felt

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-cut-out-felt-motifs

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-felt-star-ideas-ribbon



Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-paper-spray-spray-ideas

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-tinker-bow-decorate-ideas

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-candy-canes-paper-lettering-ideas

Christmas-cards-do-it-yourself-sew-fabric-ornaments-Christmas bells

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-tinker-fabric-sew-ideas-buttons

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-tinker-fabric-sew-ideas

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-stamp-gold-color

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-designs-Christmas-balls-gifts

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-star-anise-natural-materials-dry-leaves

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-tinker-bow-snow-star-paper

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-original-family-photos-ideas-sweet

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-family-photo-snowflakes

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-family-photos-print-ideas

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-paper-cut-out-pink-ribbon

Christmas cards-make-yourself-name-snowflake ideas

Christmas cards-make-paper-cut-out-children




Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-snowman-child-prints-ideas

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-fingerprint-card-Christmas tree

Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-make-motif-birds-rose hip-cinnamon sticks


Christmas cards-do-it-yourself-felt-Christmas tree-decoration ideas

tinker christmas cards yourself yarn wrap christmas baubles colorful decoration idea

tinker christmas cards yourself cupcake motif diy idea

tinker christmas cards yourself 3d effect winter landscape artificial snow frame

tinker christmas cards yourself roll paper idea christmas tree colorful

tinker christmas cards yourself elegant design white gold fir trees