Christmas decoration ideas

Tinker Advent calendar in a glass: Instructions and ideas for the content

Small bags, cloth bags, paper cups and even toilet paper rolls: a homemade Advent calendar sweetens the Christmas season for children and parents. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be sweets: An advent calendar can also be designed without frills. More and more often it is filled with nice messages, with craft ideas or with poems and Christmas sayings. We’ll show you 20 ideas for a creative Advent calendar in a glass and explain what you can fill it with.

Tinker advent calendar in a jar: fill jam jars

Tinker advent calendars out of jam jars wooden house tips

Surprising secondary use: In keeping with the motto “crafting zero waste”, old jam jars are now given a second chance. Decorated with Christmas craft paper and on a shelf in the shape of a house (for example from the children’s room), the jam jars create a creative Christmas decoration. The house can be set in scene with fairy lights, pine cones, poinsettias and artificial snow and cuts a fine figure on the mantelpiece or on the side table.

Make a modern Christmas calendar out of jam jars

Advent calendars in jam jars fill ideas and instructions

The next handicraft idea is modern. This wonderful Christmas decoration can be effectively staged in puristic and Scandinavian interiors. The lids of the jam jars are sprayed with golden srpay, the numbers are cut out of black, white and golden cardboard and the rest of the decoration is made of packaging paper. Mix and match: combine checked patterns, lace doilies made of paper and Christmas motifs cut out in creative shapes (candles, notes, etc.). Attach the paper details to the Christmas glasses with glue for glass or with double-sided tape. Tie the pillar candles together with decorative ribbon and place an animal figure next to them. The advent calendar is perfect for wall shelves in the living room and in the kitchen.

Tinker advent calendar on ladder with jam jars

Hang jam jars on a ladder with string, cut out circles with a motif punch and write the numbers on them with a silver ballpoint pen. Make a hole in the middle of each circle with a hole punch and attach it to the jam jar with the string. If you wish, you can also embellish the advent calendar with garlands. Fill the jam jars with little things. The following are well suited:

  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Rose hip branches
  • pinecone
  • Notes with quotes or poems
  • Cookies

Implementing advent calendars in a glass Tips for creative and inexpensive Christmas calendars

If you are making the advent calendar for a child, you can put a gift bag in each glass. So the gifts stay hidden in the glass. If you are making an individual advent calendar for an adult (the partner, the roommates, etc.), then you do not need to put bags in the glasses. Simply arrange vouchers, small notes with an inspiring message and Christmas decorations inside. You can also put cinnamon sticks or dry flowers in the jars.

Such an advent calendar is not suitable for families with small children and pets such as cats or dogs. The risk of injury is too great.

Advent calendar in a glass: idea with candles and natural materials

Advent calendar in a glass with candles arrange ideas for adults

The next advent calendar is made from jam jars and natural materials. Collect pine cones, cypress, fir tree and rose hip branches and arrange them in a vintage wooden box. Old wine boxes are good. Fill the jam jars with river stones or sand and place pillar candles in them. You can light a candle every evening until all 24 candles are lit by Christmas.

Advent calendar in glass candles and frosting ideas

Alternatively, you can buy self-adhesive numbers and stick them on the glasses. Then spray the jam jars with a frost spray. Let them dry briefly, then carefully remove the numbers. Punch out the silhouette of a snowflake with a motif punch and cut decorative ribbons to size. Decorate the neck of each jar with a snowflake and decorative ribbon.

Advent calendar made from baby jars

Tinker advent calendars in a glass and fill with ideas and instructions

Baby jars are compact, take up little space and can be filled quickly. So if you have old baby jars at home, you can fill them with sweets, put them in a wooden box and the advent calendar is ready. Golden chocolate coins, biscuits, chewing gum, homemade jam: edibles that go into the jars should have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature.

Decoration idea with washi tape

Do you have a craft enthusiast at home? Then the next surprise is just right for him. You need:

  • Several small jam jars
  • Buttons
  • Washi tape (various motifs)
  • self-adhesive craft paper
  • small lozenges
  • other sweets and handicraft accessories of your choice (scatter stars, motif punches, gift ribbons, jewelry sets, paracord, paracord needles, etc.)

First tape the lid of each jar with craft paper, then attach the stickers with the numbers. In addition, decorate the glass with washi tape and fill it. Our tip: decide on three main colors. Red, sky blue and white go well together and are guaranteed to create a Christmas spirit. The recipient can then use the jam jars to store handicraft accessories.

Make an advent calendar in a glass and fill it with slips of paper with quotes and sayings

Tinker Advent calendar in a glass on colored paper, write sayings and poems

A personalized Advent calendar in a glass is something special and gives the recipient twice as much pleasure. These are the necessary craft materials:

  • Self-adhesive paper (white, yellow, red and blue)
  • 20 small wooden discs with a diameter of 4 cm
  • Snowflake stamp
  • Stamp and paper color, silver
  • Glossy paint marker in white with a line width of 1-2 mm
  • printer

First, print out the name of the recipient on the white self-adhesive paper. Then cut out the label and stick it on the mason jar. Using a wooden disc as a template, cut out 20-30 small circles from the yellow, red and blue paper. Stamp them with the snowflake stamp and glue them to the wooden discs.

Tinker Advent calendar in a glass: The content

Advent calendars in jam jars make ideas for filling without candy inedible

Instead of tea, sweets and nuts, the advent calendar is now filled with self-made vouchers, cool sayings and quotes. Treat the recipient to a little surprise every day. Here are some ideas what you can write on the tree grates or pieces of paper:

1. Advent calendar for the partner: make vouchers for everyday life. For example: “Today I invite you to coffee and cake”, “Today I wash the plates and cutlery”, “Treat yourself to a wellness break today, I made fragrant bath bombs for you”

2. Advent calendar for friends, grandparents and siblings: Write loving sayings and short poems on the tree grates, print out small pictures together. Fill the jam jar with individually wrapped sweets such as cookies and chocolates or with tea bags and coffee capsules.

Make note advent calendars for children yourself

Advent calendar in a glass, write sayings and poems on pieces of paper

3. For teenagers: make small pompons out of felt wool in yellow, green, red and sky blue. Print out a label on self-adhesive paper. Cut 6 cm long and 2.5 cm wide strips of cardboard in yellow, green, red and blue. Using white stamping paint, stamp the numbers 1 to 24 on it. Then use a black fineliner to write interesting facts about animals or interesting customs and traditions in other countries. You can also break a short story into 24 sentences or paragraphs. Alternatively, you can surprise the children with sweets. For example, if the note says “Christmas cookies”, then the child will receive freshly baked Christmas cookies. You can also write down ideas for leisure activities, for example “Today we toboggan” or “Zoo visit” or “Today we will do something together”.

Sayings, quotes or poems you have written yourself?

Tinker advent calendars in a glass and fill them with ideas and decorations

If you would like to surprise a friend or sponsored child with homemade food for Christmas, but he does not live in the same town, then creativity is required above all. Of course, in this case you cannot spoil the recipient with small gestures of attention every day. But you can give him joy with motivating sayings and quotes. You can also surprise amateur chefs with recipe ideas. If you hide a couple of vouchers between the notes with quotes, the surprise is of course twice as big.

Tinker advent calendars in a zero waste glass without edibles and sweets with sayings and poems

You can also give the recipient a task every day. For example, one day he should write a thank you card or a lovely text message to someone, then he should hug someone. Or if he is in line, he should let someone in front. He is supposed to donate old clothes and toys to an SOS Children’s Village. The possibilities are just endless.

Advent calendar in a glass: coloring jam jars

Advent calendars in jam jars create ideas for content

There are numerous tutorials on how to paint glass vases and bottles. Jam jars can also be spiced up with color. We’ll explain how to do it. First, clean the jam jar thoroughly, remove dirt and grease stains. Put self-adhesive numbers on each jar. Use a stained glass or fluorescent paint that you apply with a flat brush. Let the jars dry before removing the self-adhesive numbers.

Advent calendar in a glass: gifts from the kitchen

Tinker advent calendar with jam jars instructions

Surprise the children with lovingly wrapped gifts from the kitchen. Homemade jam, compote, syrup or pickled cheese balls are suitable as gifts. Of course, you can also pack desserts, muffins or cookies in jars, as long as they can be kept at room temperature for a longer period of time. Then place the jam jars in special packaging boxes with compartments and screw on the lids. With a marker, write the numbers from 1 to 24 on the lids. Decorate the packaging box appropriately. Our tip: 30 ml jars are ideal for packing and transporting. 30 ml of jam are exactly sufficient for breakfast.

Decorate jam jars for Christmas

Would you like to tinker an advent calendar in a glass for the children? Then you can put various sweets and other individually wrapped surprises in a jam jar. You need the following materials:

  • A small figure (cookie, Christmas tree, etc.) with a Christmas motif
  • 1 drop of detergent
  • divisible transparent plastic ball with a diameter of 8 cm
  • 1 mason jar with a diameter of 8 cm
  • Adhesive, waterproof for glass and metal
  • about 60 ml of distilled water
  • Artificial snow

Glue the decorative figure to the outside of the lid. Then fill half of a plastic ball with distilled water. Put the artificial snow in the half of the ball and a drop of washing-up liquid. Glue the half of the ball to the lid, turn the jar over and shake it vigorously. Fill the jar with candy of your choice.

Advent calendar in a glass: color the glass and stamp with snowflake patterns

Tinker and paint Advent calendars in a glass Instructions for Christmas calendars

Fill the advent calendar in the glass with sweets

Advent calendars made of jam jars for children tinker with tips about the content

Advent calendar in a glass: bake cookies and stamp numbers on them

Advent calendar in a glass cake and cookies with digits

Advent calendars in a glass create ideas

Tinker Advent calendar in a glass instructions