Christmas decoration ideas

Tinker 3D poinsettias: instructions and templates

Every year we want to buy new Christmas decorations because we can always find something new and original on the market. But the Christmas decorations are often expensive and it is not worth spending our entire Christmas budget on them. Homemade decorations, which could often look more beautiful than the ones you bought, are an inexpensive alternative. We’re going to show you some great guides on how to do it 3D poinsettias can do handicrafts to decorate the Christmas tree, the window, the Christmas presents or a bare wall in the living room.

Making 3D poinsettias – instructions

Christmas stars tinker 3d-instructions-christmas-tree-pendants-silver-gloss

To make these beautiful 3D poinsettias, you need gift or decorative paper, the printed star template, a pencil, scissors, a ruler, cardboard, quick-drying glue, gold thread, pipe cleaner or glitter garland, small beads.


First print out the template and cut it out. Place as a template on the decor paper, mark the contours with a pencil and cut out with scissors.

Tinker 3D poinsettias


Place the template on the star made of decorative paper and fold along the dotted lines. Use a ruler to do this.

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Tinker poinsettias-3d-instructions-decor-paper-template-fold



Place the template on the star and fold the prongs inwards.



Glue the prongs together as shown. This would give dimension to your star. You can also decide whether the star should be flat or deep by taping the edges together differently. If one is completely on the opposite edge, then the star would be higher. If you want to glue an ornament on the top it would be better if you glue the edges somehow in the center.



You can embellish the paper star by gluing a piece of glitter garland and a small bead in the center of the star.



* A project by Urban Comfort

Instead of a pearl, you can choose this nice alternative with muffin cups and glitter paper.

tinker poinsettias christmas tree decorating construction paper

poinsettias make christmas tree pendants glitter paper

poinsettia tinker cardboard christmas tree decorations

Scandinavian Christmas decorations – 3D paper stars

Christmas stars tinker scandinavian paper 3d shape

The big paper stars are classic for the Scandinavian Christmas decorations. They look even more effective with a string of lights in there. Usually these are pinned to the window, but they can also be hung in a corner, on a bare wall, or above the dining table. Whether alone or in a group, these 3D stars are a real eye-catcher!


To make a 7-pointed star, you need to print out the template 7 times.



Then drop the templates. To make folding easier, use a pencil and ruler to score the lines. Fold along the middle so that the right side is facing out. Then fold the flaps.


Apply glue to the outside of the flaps and glue the two templates together to form the star point. Repeat this process to make all 7 prongs.


Then start assembling the star. First make three pairs and then glue them all together. Before you glue the last prong, use a hole punch to make two holes for the string to hang.

Christmas-stars-tinker-scandinavian-jagged-stick together

tinker poinsettias in a Scandinavian-light-through-holes

With a few cutouts on the template, you can create beautiful patterns. Let your paper star shine by placing battery-operated LED fairy lights in it.

tinker christmas stars scandinavian-cut-out-template

Christmas stars-tinker-scandinavian-black-white-shining

poinsettia-tinker-scandinavian-decoration-living room


* A project by Nostalgia cat

Another variant of the 8-pointed 3D stars



Poinsettia crafting instructions pencil ruler








* A project by HGTV



Tinker 3d star with 5 points


With this double-sided 3D star with 5 points you need two stars each. In order for the pair of stars to be glued together, you need to apply glue to the tabs.

3d star tinker with 5 points instructions with template

3d star tinker with 5 points template






3d poinsettia tinker window decoration fairy lights


3d-poinsettias-tinker-red-paper-glowing-fairy lights



3D Bascetta star

3d poinsettia make colorful modular origami

The 3D poinsettia Bascetta is also extraordinarily beautiful. This craft project is suitable for advanced learners in the art of origami. If you want to fold these 3D stars, you need 30 square folding paper with a size of 9 × 9 centimeters. Each element is folded individually and then put together to form a whole.

3d poinsettia fold with instructions

3d star folds without template

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