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Tea gifts for Christmas for tea drinkers: 5 inspirations to imitate

In many cultures, tea is more than just a warming drink. The hot drink is a tradition for some and a noble pleasure for others. For passionate tea drinkers, there is probably no better gift idea than enriching them with high-quality and exotic teas for a special occasion. Here, as well as with the tea accessories, the selection is huge and you can passionately choose the most suitable for the respective person. In addition, you can easily make original tea gifts for Christmas yourself. In the following we present 5 creative inspirations with instructions.

Tea gifts for Christmas: 5 inspirations with instructions

Make tea gifts for Christmas glass ideas yourself

Tea gifts for Christmas are a really good idea for friends and acquaintances, but also for colleagues you don’t know very well. The only important thing is to find out whether the person in question likes drinking tea and whether he / she is more into fruit tea or prefers herbal tea. Everything else is a matter of creativity and budget.

Make tea gifts for Christmas ideas yourself

For tea gifts, it is recommended that you only use individually wrapped tea bags. In this way, the shelf life and the quality of the tea are not reduced. Alternatively, you can take small amounts of loose tea, but of course nicely packaged. Above all, it is important that the tea gift contains as many different types of tea as possible.

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Tea gifts for Christmas in a glass

tea gifts christmas idea glass

Tea gifts in a glass are particularly original. Even after the contents have been used up, the beautiful container can still be used or you can enjoy the hot drink directly in it. For this it is always better to buy a nice jar with a lid. The bigger the glass, the more tea and nice little things you can put in it. Of course, another container such as a chic teapot or a beautiful teacup is also suitable for the purpose.

Tea gifts for Christmas glass idea

So that the tea present in the glass is perfect, everything you fill up with should be coordinated in terms of taste. So you have decided, for example, for rooibos tea, go well with caramel candy or rock candy. The fruit tea can be supplemented with dry fruit, etc..

Perfectly complement the individual tea gift for Christmas with home-baked biscuits

tea gifts christmas glass make tea biscuits yourself

What goes well with every type of tea is delicious, crispy home-baked tea biscuits. Here we present a simple recipe that makes 140 pieces.

  • 500g flour
  • 1 packet of baking powder
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 75 grams of sugar
  • 5 tbsp water
  • 175 g soft butter
  • optional to decorate: dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to around 180 ° C and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. First mix the flour and baking powder well, then add the remaining ingredients and, ideally, use a mixer or, alternatively, use a mixing spoon to make a dough by hand. Divide the dough into two or three so that it is easier to work with. Then roll out a portion on a lightly floured work surface and cut out round cookies. If desired, use different shapes of biscuits and bake for about 10 minutes. After the baking time, let it cool down, melt the chocolate in a water bath and use it to decorate the biscuits. The biscuits can be kept dry for up to 2 weeks.

Tea gifts for Christmas: make your own wreath out of tea bags

tea gifts christmas wreath tea bag idea

Tea gifts for Christmas in the form of a Christmas wreath can be designed in a particularly imaginative way. Nicely wrapped tea bags are arranged in a circle with the help of lavishly decorated clothespins. Everything is tinkered on a disc made of stronger cardboard and hung up somewhere as a Christmas decoration with a decorative ribbon.

Making tea gifts for Christmas yourself: Instructions

tea gifts christmas diy instructions tea bags clothespins

For this great craft idea you mainly need wooden clothespins, a piece of sturdy cardboard, beautiful packaging paper with Christmas motifs, glue and as many beautifully wrapped tea bags as the clothespins. Now you can proceed to handicrafts.

tea gifts christmas teabag wreath make yourself instructions

Depending on how big you want the wreath, you first cut a circle. Then make a slide from the circle that is as wide as a clothespin is long. Now you cover the window with a nice Christmas paper.

tea gifts christmas wreath tea bags clothespins

The clothespins are covered on one side with Christmas paper and on the other side they are evenly fixed to each other on the pane. Now all you have to do is arrange the tea bags nicely. The following applies: the more colorful and nicely packaged, the more atmospheric the wreath ultimately looks.

Tea gifts for Christmas: design tea bags individually

tea gifts christmas tea bags design your own idea

For imaginative tea gifts for Christmas you don’t have to choose the types of tea or the tea bags according to their packaging. You can also design these yourself. For this you need some nice paper or alternatively you can print out Christmas motifs and use them to create small envelopes for the tea bags. To fix the edges, you can use a paper glue as usual or sew them together with a sewing machine.

Tea gifts for Christmas: Christmas tree made from tea bags

tea gifts christmas make yourself christmas tree tea bags instructions

Another particularly nice idea for tea gifts for Christmas are these mini Christmas trees made from tea bags. In addition to the tea bags, you also need a few things from the craft store: Styrofoam cones for the typical Christmas tree shape, a small gift box as a base, a hot glue gun, a star for Christmas lace and maybe a little rice for additional stability.

tea gifts christmas christmas tree tea bags

Use the hot glue gun to attach the tea bags to the styrofoam cone. You should be careful not to put the hot glue directly on the styrofoam, but to spread it thinly on the edge of the tea packaging, otherwise it will melt. You should also think about the arrangement of the tea bags before gluing. It would be nice if there was a symmetry.

tea gifts christmas christmas tree instructions

Now attach a round or rectangular gift box to the lower part of the styrofoam cone, which should be smaller than the diameter of the cone. Since the styrofoam and the tea bags are relatively light, it is advisable to put some uncooked rice in the box so that the Christmas tree becomes more stable. Of course, small surprises can also be hidden there.

tea gifts christmas christmas tree make yourself instructions

Finally, a star is fixed on the tip of the cone so that the tea creation appears like a real Christmas tree. The recipient can use this as a creative Christmas decoration and enjoy tea after the Christmas season.

Original Christmas gift idea for tea drinkers: make bookmarks yourself

tea gifts christmas tea fans tea drinkers idea bookmarks

Passionate tea drinkers who like to enjoy their cup of tea with a nice book will definitely look forward to a handmade bookmark in the form of a teapot or tea bag. A bookmark like the one in the picture is easy to make yourself, even if you don’t have a sewing machine at hand. Above all, a little craft felt is needed for this. First you cut it into the desired shape and use a needle, thread and beautiful cord to create the tea motif for the bookmark.