Christmas decoration ideas

Table decorations for Christmas – 53 ideas for a great atmosphere

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You need some new inspiration for that Table decorations for Christmas? Our gallery will certainly be of great help to you. It contains examples of every furnishing style that give the Christmas season an elegant and at the same time romantic and cozy atmosphere, as is expected.

Table decorations for Christmas – traditionally in red and white

table decoration christmas diy crackers gifts modern red white

Traditionally, the colors red and white are preferred in Germany. In the USA, on the other hand, green and red are the typical Christmas colors. These are often combined with gold accents. Nevertheless, nowadays there are also many modern options that are popularly used for table decorations for Christmas. The banquet table can be decorated exclusively in gold or silver, or it can also consist of more unusual colors such as blue, beige, pink or others. In these cases, a Christmas mood can still be created by using Christmas motifs and figures.

Table decorations for Christmas – figures and motifs

table decoration for christmas lantern fir green red tree decorations

For the table decoration for Christmas, distribute, for example, pine cones, pine green, reindeer figures or winter snowflakes. Pretty Advent wreaths decorate the middle of the table and emit a romantic light when the candles are lit. And while we’re on the subject – the candles must of course not be missing! Because what would the Christmas season be without the romance of candles.

The napkins as table decorations

table decorations christmas fir tree napkin fold snowflake place mat

You can also decorate the table for Christmas with matching, nicely folded napkins. Like the candles, they are an indispensable part of the table decorations for Christmas. There are a wide variety of motifs, so you can choose new variants for each holiday. This idea is also perfect for preparing the banquet table together with the children. You can find many simple guides on how to do this.

Elegant table decoration in gold and transparent glass

table decorations christmas noble gold glass rose accents

Winter bouquets for Christmas

table decorations christmas flower arrangement winter design candles

Decorate the plates and chairs at the dining table for Christmas

table decoration christmas craft idea rose red cinnamon stick chair decoration chain heart

Table decorations for Christmas – apples and fir green

table decorations christmas apples candles table runner checkered red white fir branches

Arrangement of fruits as a dessert for Christmas

table decoration for christmas white tableware heart piece fruit table candles

Table decoration in white and light blue

table decoration for christmas white flowers strauss light blue glasses modern

table decoration for christmas napkin ring berries idea red plate arrangement tannengruen

table decorations for christmas napkin design fir tree wreath table mat

table decorations for christmas snowflake white red christmas tree balls

table decoration for christmas simple idea bowl pearl necklace silver gold table runner

table decoration for christmas red white traditional big candle glasses

table decorations for christmas pastel blue-gray tablecloth christmas motifs fir

table decorations for christmas colors accents gold light blue christmas tree decorations

table decoration for christmas elegant gold shine orchid arrangement banquet table

table decorations for christmas dark blue white winter motifs snowflakes

table decoration christmas zigzag pattern serviette red green traditional tulips

table decoration christmas winter design blue white gray snowflake napkin rings

table decoration christmas white elegant table runner silver

table decoration christmas willow twigs strauss weidenkaetzchen gray white beige

table decorations christmas vintage plate decorate christmas tree decorations chain

table decoration christmas vase silver shabby fir green cones lanterns

table decorations christmas vases idea gold stripes lilies christmas tree decorations

table decoration christmas table runner gloss gold wreath modern elegant

table decorations christmas plate gold leaves table candles roses bouquet

table decorations christmas stripes napkins red white christmas baubles decoration

table decoration christmas silver design transparent glasses snowflakes idea

table decoration christmas napkin table runner set gray snowflakes dessert stand accent

table decoration christmas napkin roll ball idea candles elegant

table decoration christmas napkin ring black bow mistletoe accent

table decoration christmas black napkin noble fir green napkin ring apple idea

table decoration christmas rustic romantic candle holder cake bell

table decoration christmas rustic flair linen arrangement evergreen shells tree decorations

table decoration christmas romantic scandinavian style asterisk red white motifs

table decoration christmas romantic design idea cottage napkin embroidery snowflake

table decoration christmas modern wintry idea napkins gray christmas bouquet twigs white

table decoration christmas modern fairy lights balls white gray design

table decoration christmas mint green tablecloth lush bouquet of flowers red dining room

table decorations christmas artificial apples design plate heart piece arrangement

table decorations christmas kitchen idea country house tableware style table candles stripes

table decoration christmas crackers simple fir green ring gold serviette

table decorations christmas checkered tablecloth red crackers nutcracker socks mantelpiece

table decorations christmas tableware vintage idea lace place mats

table decoration christmas family atmosphere simple design lanterns gold white

table decoration christmas dining table red serviette place mat heart piece

table decorations christmas reindeer figure gold candlestick ornaments

table decoration christmas beige tablecloth red white tableware lantern star