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Modern Advent wreath for a beautiful Christmas decoration – 20 inspirations

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The Christmas season is slowly approaching and you should already consider this year’s Christmas decorations. An important part of this is the Advent wreath, which should be ready by the end of November at the latest. The classic Advent wreath is usually made of fir green, pine, fir and conifer branches and four candles. Instead of the traditional Advent wreaths, however, a modern advent wreath preferred that goes well with a modern interior. In the article you will find a few ideas and tips on how you can make modern Advent wreaths yourself.

A modern Advent wreath and how it differs from the classic

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The modern Advent wreaths differ from the classic ones mainly in the materials used and their design. While the traditional Advent wreath has a round shape, the modern one can be elongated, oval or even a bit chaotic. You can also deviate from the classic color scheme with the modern Advent wreath and use bright colors instead. You can choose different sizes and colors for the candles and decorate them with decorative elements.

Modern advent wreath with fire protection

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An important aspect when you make the Advent wreath yourself are the necessary safety measures. The materials should be chosen so that there is no risk of fire. The candles should either be placed on coasters or be self-extinguishing. If you want to design the Advent wreath modern and with fire protection, then you can use small bottles made of glass or glass flasks as candle holders, which significantly reduce the risk of fire.

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Modern design of an advent wreath made from natural materials

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A modern Advent wreath can also be made from natural materials such as branches and pine cones, but it should have an adjusted design. If you decide for the brown branches, for example, you should choose the candles in a neutral color and not attach green to the Advent wreath.

Make modern Advent wreaths yourself – inspirations

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If you want to design the Advent wreath in a modern way, you can let your creativity run free and add your own to the existing ideas. Here we have presented two beautiful ideas as inspiration – one for an Advent wreath in a round tray and one with a wooden trunk and pine cones.

Make the Advent wreath yourself


A modern Advent wreath with natural green can be designed very cheaply because you can find the materials in nature. The Advent wreath can either be designed as a table arrangement or hung from the ceiling on wide ribbons.

Ideas for modern advent wreaths with succulents


Instead of the traditional fir green, a modern Advent wreath can be decorated with succulents and evergreen houseplants. The green plants combine beautifully with candles in light pastel tones, which can be adapted to the decor or wall color.

Modern advent wreath with house plants – necessary materials

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For a modern Advent wreath with succulents, the first thing you need is a plate or a tray that will serve as the basis. You also need the desired succulents, a few Christmas balls, some moss, modeling clay and of course the four candles.

Make the modern Advent wreath yourself


A modern Advent wreath on a plate or tray is very easy to make. A flower arrangement is to be made from the plants and attached to the tray together with the candles using the modeling clay. Note that the candles should be firmly attached so that they cannot be poked.

Design the modern advent wreath in purple


If you want to add some sparkle to the Advent wreath, you can either buy candles with glitter or decorate the plate with sequins. Sparkling bows and ribbons also create a similar effect and make for eye-catching Christmas decorations.

Hanging advent wreath as a Christmas decoration


For families with small children, a hanging Advent wreath is recommended, which is out of the reach of the children. For example, it can be hung on a ceiling hook, thus ensuring child safety. In this case, however, you should make the Advent wreath as lightweight as possible and attach it well to the ceiling.

Materials and instructions – make a hanging Advent wreath


Here you will find simple instructions for a hanging Advent wreath made from green branches. The green can be either artificial or fresh, with the freshness providing a pleasant scent. In addition to the branches, silver wire, myrtle wire, floratape, pliers, candles and decorations of your choice are required for the Advent wreath.

Use berry branches for the Christmas decoration


The hanging Advent wreath does not take up any space on the table and is well suited for smaller apartments. If you want to use it for a color accent in the interior, you can use artificial berry branches and colored candles, which will immediately become an eye-catcher.

Design your hanging Advent wreath in a modern way


A hanging modern Advent wreath should not necessarily be hung from the ceiling. Different metal stands on which the Advent wreath is placed are suitable for modern design. The metal stand can either be placed on the floor or on a side table.

Modern advent wreath – a simple idea


If you want to design the Advent wreath in a modern way, but have a lack of time, you can imitate this very simple and quick idea. You can use a silver tray as a base, decorate it with twigs and pine cones, and attach the four candles to it.

Modern advent wreath with a reduced design


A modern Advent wreath with a puristic design fits perfectly in a minimalist interior. Colors such as white, gray, brown and beige speak for style and elegance and can usually be easily adapted to a modern interior.

Make an Advent wreath yourself or with children


You can also make the decoration for the modern Advent wreath yourself or with the children. Different figures such as stars made of white cardboard or paper combine beautifully with a wreath of natural branches. Another good idea are the small numbers for every Advent that can be attached to the individual candles.

Modern advent wreath with different candles

modern-advent-wreath-ideas-different-candle-shapes-colorful-wooden-beads-pine cones

A modern Advent wreath can be designed in any shape on a small slate plate and decorated with wooden beads instead of Christmas balls. The selection of unusual candles in different shapes also ensures a modern design, as the traditional Advent wreath is designed with four identical candles.

Decorate candles or candle holders to match the Advent wreath


If you make the Advent wreath yourself, you can be creative and design the candles and the tray according to your preferences. If you want to do without a green Advent wreath entirely, you can use a bowl or a wooden tray and decorate it as you like.

Modern advent wreath with glitter to make yourself


You can make a modern Advent wreath, which can be designed in a few minutes, from Christmas decorations such as stars, pine cones, fir trees, snowflakes and reindeer. For a sparkling effect, you can use jewelry with a little glitter. Instead of large candles, simple tealights in decorated tealight glasses can also be used, with which there is no risk of fire.