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Making the Christmas tree last longer – tips for proper care

Making the Christmas tree last longer Care tips Fresh green needles

A real Christmas tree is a wonderful living organism. In order to stay green, healthy and fire-safe for longer during the holiday season, it also needs appropriate care. The most important thing is that the Christmas tree gets enough water so that it retains its freshness and aroma for longer. This also prevents needling and drying out quickly. You can find out what else you need to consider in order to make your Christmas tree last longer in the following care tips.

Choose a fresh and healthy Christmas tree

Choosing a Christmas tree in a Christmas tree culture

A freshly cut Christmas tree will last longer than one that was felled weeks ago and delivered to various points of sale. If possible, buy your Christmas tree in a Christmas tree culture. There is even the option of choosing the tree yourself while it is still standing. Now you can have a freshly whipped Buy Christmas trees online at Meine Tanne. The Nordmann firs on offer are cut fresh before dispatch and safely transported. So you can have a beautiful, fresh, sustainably grown specimen delivered to your doorstep.

Find the perfect place for the Christmas tree

Make the Christmas tree last longer Find the perfect location at home

Choose a suitable place for the tree in your own four walls. It should be away from open flames or sources of heat (chimneys, heaters, heat exhausts, direct sunlight) as they could dry it out prematurely. A corner of the room is ideal for the Christmas tree, for example. If you want to decorate your tree with lights, place it near an electrical outlet.

Christmas tree care tree apron jute fabric fallen needles

Use a mat to protect the surface. You can use a properly sewn tree apron or simply line the floor with Christmas-themed paper or a piece of satin fabric. Not only is this for decorative purposes, but it also keeps out water and dirt.

Prepare and set up the Christmas tree

Prepare and set up the Christmas tree. Cut 2 cm from the tree trunk

Use a handsaw or chainsaw to cut an inch or two off the tree trunk to improve water absorption. The cut does not have to be oblique or pointed, but rather straight. After that, the Christmas tree should be set up within 8 to 12 hours. Use a container or tree stand with sufficient water holding capacity. For Christmas trees up to 220 cm high, it should hold at least 3 liters of water. Basically: The tree should receive 1 liter of water per 2.5 cm of tree trunk. You can either buy a special tree stand with a water container or use the tried and tested variant with a bucket filled with stones. First, put the tree in the bucket, then place the stones around the trunk.

The Christmas tree needs enough water

real Christmas tree with water tank nice and fresh and green

Fill the container with water. In the first two or three days that the tree is accustomed to it, it will absorb a lot of water. On the first day, the amount of water could even be over 3.5 liters.

After that, you need to top up the water every day. Make sure that there is always sufficient liquid in the container. A well-watered tree will not only lose fewer needles, it will also reduce the risk of fire. Because a dry tree burns faster.

Do not add any additives to the water, including flower preservatives, sugar, glycerin, carbonated beverages, aspirin, honey, etc. Pure water is all you need to make your Christmas tree last longer.

How long does a Christmas tree last?

a real Christmas tree creates a magical indoor climate

A well-cared for tree should usually stay fresh for at least three to four weeks before it naturally dries out. Check your tree regularly for drought. Run your fingers over the needles to see if they are dry and loose. If the needles break or fall off easily, the tree has dried up and should be disposed of.

Christmas tree needs enough water to stay fresh longer