Christmas decoration ideas

Make table decorations yourself for Christmas – 55 ideas

Make table decorations for Christmas yourself - ideas

Surprise your family and friends with charming table decorations for Christmas – made by yourself, of course. We’ll show you several projects in different styles that you can quickly imitate. With natural materials, Christmas tree decorations and Co. – the table can be spiced up that easily. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

Make your own table decorations for Christmas in green and white

Table decoration for Christmas red-tall-glass-vase-silver-candleholder-roses

The first idea is quite traditional, but very effective – the table decoration with fir branches, red napkins and red candles, red roses and rose hips looks festive and glamorous. For example, the red Christmas tree balls that are filled with artificial snow, the small gifts in the guests’ plates and of course – the large bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table can be tinkered with. The table decoration is perfect for large families and long tables. The checkered plate mats and the silver cutlery add the finishing touches.

Make table decorations yourself for Christmas – this is how you create a festive atmosphere

Table decoration for Christmas red-rose-white-artificial snow ball

For this table decoration you need the following materials – old turned table legs / these serve as stands for the Christmas tree balls /, red roses – you can possibly scatter artificial flowers and real flowers on the table, this will save you money and you will have table decoration ready for next year. You can prepare jam as a small present for the guests. The red candles add the finishing touch to the design.

Table decorations with silver cutlery, pine cones, checkered plate mats, red napkins

Table decoration-Christmas-napkin-candy-decorating-ideas

Table decorations with homemade Christmas decorations

Table decoration for Christmas artificial snow-ball ornaments-table runner-red

Table runner made of fir branches and red roses

Table decoration for Christmas fir branches-ideas-rustic-garden table

Table decorations in gold – modern and classy

Table decoration-Christmas-gold-black-bird's nest-decoration

Table decoration in gold and black

Table decoration-Christmas-gold-black-noble-festive

Christmas decorations on the festive table

Table decoration Christmas gold black glitter ball ideas

Pine cones with squirrels made of modeling clay

Table decoration for Christmas gold-black-pine-cone-squirrel

Table decorations for Christmas in green and purple

Table decoration-Christmas-sweets-Christmas tree decorations-napkin-green

Pink pepper and green glittery Christmas balls

Table decoration-Christmas-pink-pepper-green-glitter-tree ball

Arrange green and red ball on the table

Table decoration-Christmas-Christmas decorations-pink-pepper-branch

Festive table decorations on the Christmas table

Table decoration-Christmas-deer-figurine-gold-garland

Willow cats instead of flowers in the vase

Table decoration Christmas wine bottle deer

Sweet and charming table decoration idea for Christmas

Table decoration Christmas dwarf figure pine cones

Table decoration in gold and green

Table decoration Christmas green fir branches ideas place card

Decorate the plate with gold thread

Table decoration Christmas ideas gold thread plate

Table decoration in white – romantic in vintage style

Table decoration-Christmas-do-it-yourself-fir branches-silver-candle holder

Tinker place cards out of pine cones – Christmas decoration ideas

Table decoration for Christmas spraying pine cones and artificial snow

Arranging white roses on the Christmas table – festive Christmas decoration idea

Table decoration-Christmas-ideas-vase-fir branches-white-roses

Chair bow and Christmas ball as decoration

Table decoration-Christmas-do-it-yourself-chair loop-tree decorations

Stylish table decoration idea in white and green

Table decorations for Christmas pine cones-silver-vase-ideas

Lanterns create a happy mood

Table decoration-Christmas-fir branches-silver-cutlery

Make table decorations with glittering ornaments yourself

Table decoration-Christmas-deer-silhouette-white-plate-place card

Floating candles, rose hips and fir branches on the table

Table decoration Christmas glitter tree ball Christmas table

Christmas ball and pearl animal – Christmas table

Table decoration-Christmas-green-fir ​​branches-ideas-floating candles

Stylish and easy to imitate – idea for table decorations for Christmas

Table decoration-Christmas-modern-design-decoration-ideas-family-dinner

Table decoration for Christmas – chair bow decorated with fir branches

Table decoration-Christmas-chair bow-organza ribbon

Place card arranged differently – festive table decorations for Christmas

Table decoration-Christmas-white-green-pearl-deer-place card

 Tinker table decorations in the country house style

Table decoration-Christmas-deer-deer-fir branches-checkered-tablecloth

Table decoration-Christmas-country-house-decoration-gold-cutlery

Table decoration Christmas green gold rose hip idea

Table decoration-Christmas-white-green-fir ​​branches-ideas

Table decoration-Christmas-table-festive-decorating-ideas-country style

Festive for Christmas with natural materials – pine cones

Table decorations-Christmas-biscuits-berries-small-gifts-guests

Table decorations-Christmas-natural materials-tinker-ideas-ribbon

Table decoration Christmas pine cones place cards tinkering ideas

Table decoration-Christmas-white-hyacinth-fir cone table

Puristic table decoration for Christmas idea

Table decoration-Christmas-candle holder-white-cypress-gold-cutlery

Table decoration-Christmas-fir branches-white-candle-ideas

Table decoration-Christmas-candle holder-table legs-turned

Table decoration-Christmas-ideas-potted plants-green-candle-turned-table-legs-candle holder

Make table decorations-Christmas-puristic-green-yourself

Table decoration Christmas linen cloth napkin place card

Table decoration-Christmas-puristic-potted tree-cypress-green

Table decorations for Christmas for the children’s table

Table decoration-Christmas-idea-rhinestones-blue-napkin

Table decoration-Christmas-children's table-idea-festive-deco

Table decoration-Christmas-kids-table-ideas-paper-decoration

table decorations for christmas bouquet of evergreen balls red and white tables

table decorations for christmas dessert stand design moss wreath moss candles berries

table decoration for christmas fir tree idea white sticks modern rustic

table decoration for christmas serivettenring white puzzle parts

table decorations for christmas garland banquet table antlers fireplace garland