Christmas decoration ideas

Make garlands yourself – ideas for Christmas decorations for little money

make garlands yourself fabric candy cane cupcakes bobbles felt

Christmas is around the corner! Have you already prepared for the party? Unfortunately, you didn’t have enough time before Christmas? Do not worry! Some things can still be conjured up at the last minute, and for little money! The good old Christmas girlad – a generally important part of the decorations for Advent and Christmas – offers you great design freedom. You only need a few minutes to set an effective accent in the entrance area, living room or at the window. We offer you to refuel some inspitaion to keep you gorgeous Make garlands yourself.

Make garlands yourself from buttons

make garlands yourself buttons colorful colors fir tree

With a few buttons in bright colors you can make such interesting garlands yourself. You will certainly agree that this is really easy to do. You can also take a colored string or add other interesting items.

Make garlands yourself – fairy lights

tinker garlands yourself fairy lights ball red white fabric antlers

Spice up a string of lights by knotting evenly spaced colored strips of fabric around the cable. For the Christmas decoration, choose appropriate colors such as white, red or green. Of course, extravagant colors are also allowed.

Sew a garland

make garlands yourself fabric sew christmas trees mantelpiece decoration

If you have a knack for sewing, then create pretty Christmas motifs and then design them into a garland. Your imagination is the limit.

Paper garland

make garlands yourself paper idea pine cones white red brown

You can make interesting garlands yourself not only with strips of fabric but also with strips of paper. For this idea, the strips are simply rolled up and stapled in place. The shape of the figures is reminiscent of pine cones. Try it out!

Make garlands yourself – fabric and ribbon used

Christmas garland red colored ribbons-lace letters cardboard

Attractive and glamorous Christmas decorations can be made very quickly, even at the last minute. Do you want great Make garlands yourself, you have to get some handicraft utensils in advance – some ribbon, colored wrapping paper and brocade. This elegant garland is not only very cheap, but can also be quickly tinkered without instructions.

Garland with pine cones

Garland decoration ideas cones Winter Autumn-Christmas Advent crafts

Christmas decorations would only be half as beautiful without natural products! Pine cones can be sprayed with paint and then sewn with thread. This nature-inspired garland beautifully decorates the entrance both in autumn and in winter and delights with its bright, cheerful colors.

Color tips

Winter autumn Christmas decoration Christmas tree ball garland-handicrafts natural materials-cones

Upcycling ideas with old gift bags

Christmas time Advent crafts garlands shiny gold-colored gift bag

Make a garland with acorns out of paper or felt

fast Christmas decoration paper-for little money-garland acorn segments

Garland of colored textiles – felt

Ideas for autumn Christmas garland jewelry handicrafts-decoration garland-felt leaf-shaped-colorful

Leaf-shaped and variegated segments

Garland diy ideas-fall christmas fabric-felt pictures-attach clothespins

Colorful felt balls for hanging

Hanging felt balls decoration for Christmas Santa Claus boots

Curly and colored spiral garland

Ribbon Tinker spiral-shaped garlands yourself - idea inexpensive materials - attractive

Happy origami garland

Origami folding paper garland decoration ideas Christmas advent

Crafting with napkins

strong color deco napkins Christmas-Advent handicrafts-cheap

Spaceship garland for the nursery

Children's room decoration garland-tinker shiny paper-spaceship stars

Maybe this year Santa Klaus won’t come with the slide and the reindeer Rudolf, but with a spaceship!

Balloon garland with lucky notes

Balloon garland ideas colorful-do-it-yourself-tinker-message notes

Christmas decorations tinker ideas for little money inflate garland balloon

Sew coffee filter bags into a garland

Coffee filter bag garland sew Christmas ideas DIY cheap

Star ornaments for Christmas

Garland star motifs - gold Christmas time Advent crafts

Make garlands yourself – individual gift idea

Christmas garland ideas last minute gift idea garland family photos

Sew muffin cases or candy wrappers with thread

Candy wrappers tie a garland of shiny muffin cases

Rain of flowers – make your own paper flower garlands

Autumn decoration ideas garland hanging-flower rain

Hanging garland with single bags

Christmas crafts - in the last Munite garland vertical ice cream cone - ice cream cone colored

Make doily garland yourself

nice girlange doilies cup pad tips for hanging

Cup pad – craft material 

Craft ideas with materials white lace doilies colored yarn

Fold the cup coaster and stick it on a color

Cup coasters fold ideas beautiful garland tie decoration ideas Christmas

Fruit-shaped balloons – bring a bit of southern flair into your home

quick decoration Christmas crafts fruit balloon garland

3d Christmas ornaments from old map

Garlands yourself crafting ideas card Christmas tree ornaments-three-dimensional

Garland with bells for the entrance door

Vintage door frame obsolete white garland hanging bells

Tinker Christmas tree ornaments

Triangle motifs Christmas tinker ideas guide folding pictures

Make garlands yourself segments of orange paper

triangle motifs-christmas decorating-ideas materials

Make garlands yourself with paper

Fast cheap decoration ideas-red and white Christmas garland stickers

Triangle-shaped garland

Garland Christmas ideas paper colorful font

Triangle shape garland make paper colorful cheap

Gift wrapping christmas ideas garland circular craft ideas