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Make funny Christmas cards or just print them out – 20 fun ideas

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Christmas is of course a peaceful time, but a little humor never hurts. A Christmas card doesn’t always have to be classic and simple. The strange elements, images or sayings are just fun. Put a smile on the faces of your loved ones and send Christmas greetings with a wink. You can make funny Christmas cards yourself, or simply download, print or email them. In the following we present a few excellent variants.

Make funny Christmas cards, print them out or send them by email

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Everyone is happy to receive funny Christmas cards with fun motifs such as cute animals, happy photos and original sayings. Whether in the form of a factual greeting card or a message on the mobile phone, funny ideas for Christmas are very popular. If you have no ideas what to write, then we will enrich you with 18 wonderful inspirations. A good way is to think about whether the slogan or motif should be funny or rather sentimental. Browse through our suggestions and choose your favorites that will inspire your colleagues and friends.

Original and fun Christmas cards: instructions to do it yourself

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A really imaginative and extremely humorous idea is to create a funny Christmas card with family photos. The original greeting card can hardly be more personal and individual. All you have to do is quickly edit family photos on the computer and you should transfer the human figures to a white background. You don’t have to be very precise. Note that after all, the figures should look nice side by side, so it is advisable that you scale them to be the same size. It certainly looks funnier when the respective people have just made a movement at the moment of the recording.

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All you have to do is print out and cut out the carefully edited images. The more paper figures you have prepared, the better. Then take a nice decorative cord and fix the human figures to each other with some adhesive tape on the back. Ultimately, a funny garland should be created that the person receiving the gift would hang on the Christmas tree or simply as an atmospheric decoration. It certainly looks funnier when there are several figures hanging on the garland.

Funny sayings for a simple and funny Christmas card

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A self-made card can be added to this. This shouldn’t be time consuming. Most of the time, less means more. According to this principle, you can design a card with just a saying and without any decorations or decorative elements. This can even be printed out in black and white and is an excellent addition to the creative garland. We present 5 original and funny sayings for Christmas:

“Now the festive Christmas days are coming. Then we hide the scales in the basement and in January, when we’re broke, losing weight is simply easier anyway. “

“If the gift isn’t intoxicating, it’s easy to exchange. But if your aunt knitted something green yourself, you can’t sell it for money. “

“If the goose is grumbling in the stomach, the family is bustling and your bank balance is fast, then it’s definitely Christmas.”

“Because you are so very humble, do you only want two presents? Would you like plaster of paris for your head and oil for your joints! “

“Are you waiting for the Christ Child this evening? Do not you have to. I just saw it at the bar and could hardly stand. You don’t have to hope for gifts, because it drunk all the money! “

Funny Christmas cards with sayings to print out

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Christmas is coming soon and if you have not yet sent all the Christmas cards, you can do it quickly with our support. Upload the original and funny Christmas cards that we have lovingly designed for you and print them out or simply send them to us by email. Choose carefully and delight your loved ones for Christmas.

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