Christmas decoration ideas

Make decorations for Christmas with inexpensive materials

decoration for christmas wood disks fir tree tinker screw idea

Christmas decorations, candlelight and musical background make for a cozy and warm living room. Let the festive mood come into the house! In addition to the decorated Christmas tree, you have to make a little effort to decorate walls, doors and counters a few weeks before the festival. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. If you are looking for an inexpensive decoration, we will show you how to create a very festive one in a few minutes and on a tight budget Christmas decoration can gibberish that appears classy and warm at the same time. These ideas are easy to recreate. let yourself be inspired!

Make decorations for Christmas on a tight budget

decoration for christmas branches wood snowflakes christmas tree linen

When Christmas is just around the corner, some craft ideas come in handy. One likes it sparkling, the other – of course, the third – nostalgic. A happy, childlike decoration can be made from many great patterns, for example. Fir trees, stars, reindeer, snow crystals, Santa Claus boots can be presented in many beautiful colors. Marmalade jars filled with peppermints or other delicacies are successfully put back into the limelight for Christmas.

Give the decoration for Christmas a personal touch

decoration for christmas pine cones painting green jewelry grinding

If you don’t focus on the essentials in life at Christmas, when else? The focus is also on the family – not just during the holidays. At Christmas you will again have the opportunity to share your love and express your gratitude. Every guest would be enthusiastic about a loving greeting in the house entrance – in the form of a garland with inscription or an inscription on a black board. A self-made door wreath with family photos will be the highlight of the whole Christmas decoration be.

Create a Christmas atmosphere especially in the house entrance

decoration for christmas cone paper glitter glue snowflakes colorful

Put a smile on your guests’ faces. Place Christmas figurines under a glass lid on the windowsill. You can hang the garland with handmade ornaments on the wall above the fireplace. Combine garlands in various sizes and colors and create a sparkling ensemble.

Make snowflakes and decorate the apartment beautifully for Christmas

Craft ideas with paper – colorful Christmas tree decorations

Make enchanting decorations for Advent and Christmas with children

Nice decoration idea with Christmas tree balls made of glass

decoration for christmas baubles glass idea colorful sequins

Christmas decoration buying every year is also inexpensive. A charming festive ornament can be made with relatively cheap materials. Natural products such as cones, twigs, golden or silver candles, as well as individual decorative accents that convey a nostalgic touch are particularly suitable for table decorations at Christmas time.

Make garland for Christmas

Garland handicrafts-Christmas letters cut out cardboard stick on decoration ideas

Decorate the mantelpiece with sweets

Santa Claus boots hanging up a Christmas glass with goodies - fireplace decoration

Decoration made of fabric and fir branches

Door-wreath fabric Christmas-decoration pictures-family gift tinker

Golden decorative figures

Black chalkboard inscription Let's write down Christmas greeting

Elegant decoration with bows and cones

Dining room decorating ideas Christmas cones hanging up ribbons-white chairs

Simple Christmas tree ornaments – postcards with floral motifs and a constricted bow 

Christmas tree decoration postcard motifs ideas cheap decorating

Display Christmas trinkets under a glass lid

Windowsill decorate Christmas mood figures-silver-plated glass lid

Natural wreath of branches decorates the table on the feast of magic – Christmas

Christmas daybed cover red green deco mini wreath tie pillar candle side table wicker

Filigree table decorations with branches and balls

Table decoration branches filigree Christmas tree balls plastic silver decoration ideas

An eye-catcher in every apartment – Christmas tree figurines and a bouquet of berries

Berry branches bouquet Christmas fir tree ideas-Cheap natural materials

Counters and plates match ornate – evergreen branches and cones

Counters-decorate natural products Christmas pinecone candlesticks

With a suitable wall decoration, you create a lasting impression on your guests

Christmas wall design pictures ribbon decoration bouquet

Wall decoration is similar to an advent calendar

Design red-green ribbons gift optics wall Christmas

Ornate decoration for the Christmas party with fabric bows

Christmas materials-ideas closet ribbons-mini Christmas tree-fairy lights

Red and white: tablecloth and table runner with elegant bows

Christmas cover red table runner bows ornaments atmospheric

Cut out snowflakes from napkins

Table decoration Christmas snowflake cardboard cut out napkins

You can create snowflake patterns quickly and easily. Inexpensive cellulose napkins can be found everywhere and they are available for a few euros. Folded napkins are a particularly beautiful eye-catcher on the table. Instructions for folding napkins can be found here.

Make a snow globe yourself

Artificial snow hemisphere decorative figures bird jewelry Christmas

The snow globe fills the room with Christmas anticipation. It is possible to arrange an equally attractive “hemisphere” with moss, berries, paper flowers, bows, bird figures and artificial snow.

Red and white wreaths convey the Christmas spirit at home

Vintage kitchen cabinet jewelry tinker blue-white wreath-red ribbon

Cover lampshades and candlesticks with fabric

Lampshade Ribbon Red Green Christmas Ornaments

Put on pillows with festive motifs

Cushions sofa leather Christmas ornament-on cushion-sew on

Homemade outdoor lanterns create an enchanting play of light and shadow

Make outdoor jewelry light Windlicher Christmas decoration

decoration for christmas garland gold acorns berries balls

decorations for christmas baubles gold decorate feathers artificial branches

decoration for christmas cinnamon sticks idea christmas tree decorations diy

decoration for christmas sticks tinkering idea white paint star christmas tree

decoration for christmas lampion flower orange color natural materials tinker