Christmas decoration ideas

Make Christmas gifts yourself – 35 great DIY ideas

Christmas is associated with the traditional Christmas gifts. If you are rather sentimental then you can for your dear parents Tinker Christmas presents yourself. We have put together 35 creative ideas for you that are suitable for every taste. Some don’t look that Christmassy, ​​but we’ll give you some tips on how to personalize them.

Make Christmas presents yourself – cupcakes

tinker christmas gifts yourself cupcakes red white packaging grinding

With the right color, cupcakes can really look Christmassy. Then find matching muffin cases and wrap the dessert nicely. A gift that not only looks great, but also tastes delicious.

 Make Christmas presents yourself – decorate beer

tinker christmas gifts yourself beer decoration plush wire reindeer antlers

No matter what you want to give away for Christmas, everything can be decorated a little more lively. This is also the case with these ordinary beer bottles. Add plush wire reindeer antlers and a face and the gift will be funnier. You can also make pretty Christmas presents yourself with fabrics.

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 Christmas tree balls as a gift

tinker christmas gifts yourself christmas tree balls glass transparent ribbons

Get yourself transparent Christmas balls and fill them with any decorations. These can be ribbons like the one in the picture above or smaller balls, glitter or whatever else you can think of. If you make such Christmas gifts yourself, you are guaranteed to see them again on the Christmas tree every year.

 Make a ball out of buttons

make your own christmas gifts styrofoam ball buttons needles

You can make such Christmas gifts yourself using simple materials. All you need to do is get Styrofoam balls from a craft store. Then you need colored buttons and pins that you probably already have at home. Then all you have to do is distribute the buttons nicely on the ball.

Quilling Christmas tree decorations

make your own christmas gifts paper star snowflake colorful

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Tinker Christmas presents yourself – ideas for young and old

make your own christmas gifts embroidered favorite places

Choose the outlines of the states associated with fond holiday memories or your favorite Christmas destinations. Change the hearts with Christmas trees or stars.

Make Christmas gifts yourself and decorate them for Christmas

make your own christmas gifts vase pounding heart mother

Choose traditional, Christmassy colors for the hearts and replace the tulips with amaryllis. Instead of clover and hearts, you can also stamp small asterisks.

christmas gifts baby personalized wall decoration letters

Glue wrapping paper with a Christmas pattern and create a beautiful saying for Christmas. This decoration is perfect for a baby room.

Go for red ribbons and buttons with a Christmassy look.

tinker bracelet yourself gift keychain coil buttons

Choose images with a Christmas or winter theme – holly, poinsettias, or amaryllis.

christmas gift wooden discs birds iron-on transfer foils wall decoration

Use Christmas paper and stars instead of butterflies

Tinker Christmas gifts yourself wind chimes children's room idea

Cut out reindeer, penguin or polar bear silhouettes and choose red ribbons.

christmas gifts craft idea wall decoration baby room picture frame animals

 Select Christmas motifs

tinker christmas gifts yourself chain pendant woman

Paint a simple Christmas design on the eggshells or fill the tray with Christmas decorations and candy.

make your own christmas gifts ceramic bowl eggshell mosaic

Select pictures from past Christmas and print the photos in classic reds and greens. Decorate the frame with fir branches.

make your own christmas gifts photo wall andy warhol effects

Buy a simple picture frame and cut out the shape of a dog house out of cardboard. Glue a little Santa Claus sleigh on the roof.

make your own christmas gifts picture frame dog house

Bath salts and lavender seeds

make your own christmas gifts bath salt lavender seed glasses

Describe beautiful vacation memories with a marker

make your own christmas gifts photos memories markers

festive wrapping of christmas presents soaps

christmas gifts tinker kids collage drawing

tinker christmas gifts yourself sew wine bottle

Choose a tea mix with a hint of cinnamon, clove, peppermint or other lovely winter flavors. Embellish the labels with Christmas motifs. Then seal the tea bags with an iron.

tinker christmas gifts yourself tea lovers personalized tea bags

Make your own Christmas gifts - sew wrist bags

make your own christmas gifts flannel napkin rings

Choose Christmas colors, patterns and flowers

tinker christmas gifts yourself glass stones vase glue

christmas gifts children beverages coasters felt

wine glass amulet handicrafts beginner paper fabric

Christmas gifts idea pillow personalize children's photos

christmas gifts idea pin cushion mom

christmas gifts making clothespins fridge magnets

christmas gifts idea bracelet felt cotton balls