Christmas decoration ideas

Make Christmas decorations yourself – kissing ball as an alternative to the door wreath

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Today we have a particularly interesting idea in case you have one Make Christmas decorations yourself want. It is an American decoration called the kissing ball and is a nice alternative to the classic door wreath. The decoration has the shape of a ball and is decorated with natural Christmas materials such as fir green. We have put together some instructions with which you can make this attractive Christmas decoration yourself and decorate your home with it.

Make Christmas decorations yourself with natural materials

Make your own Christmas decorations kissing-ball-fir-green-tree-balls-checkered-bow

The Kissing Ball originally comes from Great Britain and was created in the Middle Ages and was later introduced in America. It usually hangs over the entrance of the house and is there to symbolize the benevolence of all guests entering. The ball can be compared to the mistletoe, which in turn symbolizes fertility and happiness. If you make this Christmas decoration yourself, you will also get an object with a deeper meaning.

Do your own door and window Christmas decorations

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Traditionally, various spices such as lavender and rosemary are used for the design of the kissing ball in addition to fir green. Nowadays, however, other elements are also added at will. So you can use other dry elements such as cinnamon, cloves, orange slices, pine cones and the like when you make this Christmas decoration yourself.

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Craft ideas for Christmas


A ball serves as the basis. This can either consist of floral foam for flower arrangements or of styrofoam. The first variant is more suitable if you use real fir green, which moistened the floral foam can supply the branches with water and the arrangement lasts longer. Styrofoam balls can be fitted or glued.

Make Christmas decorations yourself for outdoors

Make christmas decorations yourself kissing ball christmas handicrafts american

With this idea you can make a great Christmas decoration for the window yourself. Of course, the Kissing Balls are also suitable for doors, terraces and balconies, but they can also hang freely inside the room. How you use the Christmas arrangement is usually up to you. But let’s get to the first instructions for making Christmas decorations yourself.

Make Advent and Christmas decorations yourself – instructions

Make Christmas decorations yourself kissing-ball-door-wreath-alternative-handicraft-instructions-imitate

For this Christmas arrangement you need fir branches, pine cones, small Christmas tree balls, a foam ball, wire and a pair of pincers. Make a bow with a red ribbon, as shown, which you then tie with a piece of wire. So that you can make the Christmas decorations yourself, put them into the ball first.

Make decorations for Christmas with fir green

Make christmas decorations yourself kissing-ball-christmas-decorations-advent-decorations

To make your own Christmas decorations, take some fir branches and put them into the ball as well. In the end, nothing should be seen of the ball. Wrap wire around the lower end of the pine cones and insert these into the ball here and there as well. Complete the arrangement with other types of branches and the small Christmas tree balls.

Make Christmas decorations with mistletoe

Make your own christmas decorations kissing-ball-ball-foam-red-ribbon-materials

If you want to make a Christmas decoration yourself with children, the Kissing Ball is also suitable. The little ones are sure to have a lot of fun with this. Once you have gathered all the materials for this ball, form the loop first. You then insert this into the foam ball with the help of wire.

Natural Christmas decorations


After that, cover the ball with moss. The best way to fix the moss is with the help of curved needles. Cut the mistletoe and distribute them close together on the ball. The small bells are glued to pins with hot glue and also inserted into the ball. If you make this Christmas decoration yourself and use it to decorate the house, you will always have a reason to kiss your loved one when you stand under it.

Make Christmas decorations yourself from balls


Artificial moss can also be used if you make the Christmas decorations yourself. Tape it to the ball and tie ribbons around it as shown. The ribbon should be long enough to form a loop for hanging. Then decorate the upper area of ​​the kissing ball with other elements.

Christmas decoration ideas with pine cones

christmas-decoration-do-it-yourself-kissing-ball-styrofoam-ball-pine cones

Pine cones with white tips are very nice to look at. For this idea of ​​making Christmas decorations yourself, a larger number of cones are used, which are combined with a few branches. Styrofoam serves as the ball, while the tape is made of linen. An additional decoration are artificial berries, which are then simply put into the ball.

Easy DIY decoration for Christmas


The decoration can also only consist of pine cones. Use them your natural color or pre-spray them with spray paint of any shade like gold or silver. The thread is formed into a loop and then glued into the ball after you have pre-punched a hole. Also glue the cones with hot glue.

Tinker Christmas decorations


If you make the arrangement as a Christmas decoration yourself, you can let your imagination run wild. Use artificial elements so that you can use the kissing ball again next year. All elements that are associated with Christmas are suitable for making the Christmas arrangement. You can also make several and different balls and decorate the entire house.

Christmas crafts with cones and nuts


Nuts are also a great element with which you can make the Christmas decorations yourself. The Christmas arrangement is a great way to creatively use the shells of the nibbled walnuts or to use whole walnuts. Mistletoe, fir green and poinsettias, whether real or artificial, give the decoration the finishing touch.

Make hanging Christmas decorations yourself


If you want to make a Christmas decoration from natural materials yourself this year, the kissing ball is a really good idea. Decide for yourself which area of ​​the house you want to design with the decoration. One thing is certain in any case: everyone will be impressed by your decoration. So don’t wait any longer if you want to make the Christmas decorations yourself.

Craft ideas for the winter


If your Christmas decorations generally have a rustic, vintage or Scandinavian style, you can also use fabrics such as linen and lace to make the ball. You can combine these materials with mistletoe branches. You can also make the idea not only as a Christmas decoration yourself, but for any occasion and celebration.

Make your own Christmas decorations with Lindor


If you are making the Christmas decorations, you can, as already mentioned, use any material. This idea with Lindt chocolate is particularly suitable if you want to make Christmas presents yourself. The kissing ball serves as a decoration during the Christmas season and can then be consumed with the whole family.

Make American Christmas decorations yourself


Another edible idea that you can use for homemade gifts is this original variant with marshmallows. So that these can be eaten afterwards, they should not be attached with glue. Use needles instead. In turn, if you use real plant parts for decorating, make sure that they are not poisonous plants. The poinsettia should therefore be avoided. Mistletoe, on the other hand, is poisonous to animals.

Christmas crafts with buttons


Styrofoam balls are wonderfully suitable for such variants. You have surely seen balls designed with sequins. The buttons are used in the same way. With the help of pins, the ball is completely covered with buttons. You can also combine it with a little pine green or other Christmas elements if you make the Christmas decorations yourself.

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