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Make a floating Christmas tree out of balls and paper + instructions

Tinker floating Christmas tree from blue balls and fishing wire

The perfect Christmas decoration for owners of small apartments and minimalists with a lot of imagination! The floating Christmas tree is the new favorite among Christmas DIYs on Pinterest. The beautiful Christmas tree balls are tied with transparent threads and seem to float in the air. Today we will show you how you can implement the new decoration trend. Take a look at these simple instructions and try making a floating Christmas tree yourself!

floating Christmas tree made of red balls minimalistic

Making a floating Christmas tree is easier than it seems at first glance. You don’t need any special hand tools. The materials used can actually be found in the arsenal of every seamstress. Take a look at the instructions and try it yourself to make such an unusual mobile.

Materials and tools

How to make a Christmas tree from balls hanging

– embroidery hoop with clamp (30 cm in diameter)

– Jute fabric

– Circle

– Tailor’s tape measure or ruler

– Fishing line / nylon thread

– Needle and pearls

– lots of Christmas balls

Step 1. Determine the size of your floating Christmas tree

Make a Christmas tree out of balls Size Determine the height

First of all, you need to determine the size of the Christmas tree and find out the required number of Christmas balls.

Just put the balls on the table in front of you. Start with the tallest ball, the top of the tree. Leave about 8 inches of space between this ball and the ring shape. Think about the height at which the other rows should hang. Should the balls be lined up close together? Or you want to leave more space between the rows?

DIY floating Christmas tree instructions

In the picture above on the right you can see a floating Christmas tree, which is 120 centimeters tall and composed of a total of 49 Christmas balls. Better to opt for a small to medium-sized tree and shorter distances between each row. It is worth experimenting and deciding which dimensions would best fit your room.

Step 2: prepare the base for the floating Christmas tree

Measure jute fabric rings

In these instructions, an embroidery frame is used as the base that supports the floating Christmas tree, in which fabric is stretched taut. This is a simple and inexpensive option. But you can also use something else in a suitable size, such as a round cake or grill rack, rabbit wire, round splash guard, round perforated sheet, etc. However, if you want to work with fabric, try to find the most elegant and dense fabric. It should be able to bear the weight of the balls and not tear.

Step 3. Choose the design of the future tree

floating christmas tree arrangement of ball possibilities

There are several possible ways to hang up your Christmas tree balls and put them in the limelight. Measure what height and what distance from the center of the frame makes sense. These three examples will help you to orientate yourself:

– Symmetrical – in this case, each new row of balls hangs evenly and at the same distance.

– Asymmetrical – It looks like the real Christmas tree with the balls hanging at different heights.

floating christmas tree mobile spiral wire cardboard

– Spiral – Each ball hangs a little lower from the adjacent one, so that it forms a spiral from top to bottom. To underline the effect, you can use an additional holder in a spiral shape.

Make your own Christmas tree from balls as a mobile

As soon as the fabric has been stretched taut in the hoop, mark the center of the circle and use the compass to draw the planned number of rows. The hoop has a diameter of 30 centimeters, there should be a total of 5 rows. So a distance of 6 centimeters between the rows makes sense. Note that the markings should remain on the lower side of the frame. When the mobile is hung from the ceiling, you can see it from below.

Measuring tape measure length of fishing line

Here is a simple scheme for a floating Christmas tree in classic form:

For the center: 13 cm (Distance from the center of the frame)

For the 1st row: let one ball hang on 18 cm, one on 23 cm, two on 28 cm, three on 30 cm

For 2nd row: two by 36 cm, two by 40 cm, three by 45 cm, four by 49 cm

For 3rd row: three by 53 cm, three by 58 cm, four by 63 cm, five by 66 cm

For 4th row: four by 71 cm, four by 76 cm, five by 81 cm, six by 84 cm

For 5th row: five by 89 cm, five by 94 cm, six by 99 cm, seven by 101 cm

For row 6: six by 107 cm, six by 112 cm, seven by 115 cm, eight by 120 cm

It is best to hang the frame for your floating Christmas tree right away so that it will be easier to arrange the baubles.

Christmas tree balls fishing line example knot

Now it’s time to hang up the balls. Take a double length nylon thread, place it in half and thread it as shown. In the picture above it is shown how to tie the transparent nylon threads with a black string. Then thread the other end of the string into the needle and use the needle to pierce the fabric from below. Now thread a bead and tie a knot. The bead prevents the nylon thread from slipping off the fabric. Also, it will be a lot easier to make changes to the arrangement of the balls, because with pearls you don’t have to blindly search for the right ball.

christmas tree ceiling hanging rings chandelier

Hanging the balls takes a lot of patience, but the result is definitely worth it. Please note, however, that the floating Christmas tree is not suitable for people with curious animals and small children and cannot be mounted on the doors or windows.

Make a floating Christmas tree as a large mobile

hanging Christmas tree made of metal foil wire rings

We will also show you a second variant of the floating Christmas tree. Instead of Christmas baubles, metal-look paper circles hang in the air.


Cutting mat

Paper with a metal look in gold, silver and turquoise blue (double-sided is best)

Spray glue (if the paper is one-sided)

Circle cutter for paper

1 mm punch pliers

Metallic embroidery thread

4 wire rings for wreaths in four different diameters for example 20, 35, 50 and 60 cm

a metal ring and an S-hook for hanging

Tip: If you want to save yourself having to cut out the circles, you can use ready-made circle shapes such as cake slices in gold and silver. These are available in different diameters from 5 to 40 cm.

hanging Christmas tree metal foil sequins wire

1. Cut out the circular shapes with the circle cutter and vary their diameter from 10 to 20 centimeters. The circles will hang on the “Christmas tree” in graduated sizes.

Templates circles cardboard cutting mat

2. Use the punch pliers to punch a hole at the top of each circle.

3. To assemble the tree, cut 3 strands for each of the 4 rows. Tie the four wire shapes together, the distance between the individual rings from top to bottom is 35, 45 and 50 cm. Cut 3 additional threads to hang the tree (at a length that matches your ceiling height). Tie the threads in a knot and attach the end to a metal ring or S-hook for hanging. At the other end, tie the smallest wire ring.

4. Hang up the mobile and start decorating the “Christmas tree” by tying the circular shapes to the wire rings. You can vary the lengths. Start with the smallest circles on the top ring and keep taking larger and larger circles as you continue down. Hang a small gold circle on the small metal ring to make the top of the Christmas tree. And done!