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Lovingly wrapping gifts of money for Christmas: ideas for Christmas gifts with a personal touch

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The season of Advent is just around the corner and with the anticipation of the beautiful festival, the number of Christmas gifts that can still be bought is growing. The perfect present should be creative and useful at the same time. In most cases, however, it is not an easy task to meet the taste of the recipient. And the alternative – a banknote in an envelope – seems too boring for many. With the right packaging, gifts of money make a lot more of a Christmas and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We present several ideas for Christmas presents with a personal touch, with which you land a direct hit. And the best thing about it: The loving packaging remains as a nice memory long after the money has already been spent.

Christmas gifts: creative packaging is what counts!

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Everyone looks forward to a lovingly wrapped gift of money: The creative packaging creates a bridge between the present with a wow factor and the practical gift. Here are some do-it-yourself ideas that will create a Christmas atmosphere at the festive table:

Fill the Christmas ball: A Christmas tree ball is one of the most popular and beautiful decorations for Christmas. Whether as a Christmas tree decoration or as part of the arrangement at the table: it proves to be a real all-rounder. It is also ideally suited as packaging for the monetary gifts. There are numerous design options to choose from. Christmas tree balls lovingly decorated with glitter, rhinestones and gold paint and filled with rolled banknotes provide a glamorous surprise. The photo Christmas bauble presents itself in a stylish, purist way with a glow folded into a poinsettia. she is here available.

money gifts for christmas personalize biscuit jar Fill fortune cookies

Personalized biscuit jar: A cookie jar itself is a nice Christmas present. With an engraving it becomes an individual living accessory. For a personalized design click here. The gift is of course even nicer if it comes with a filling. Sweeten the life of the recipient with chocolate coins and hide several euro coins in between. Children in particular will be enthusiastic about the idea. You can also use tweezers to fill fortune cookies with flat-folded banknotes.

Money gifts with a personal touch for Christmas

money gifts for christmas christmas tree money bills fold biscuits

By the way, with a little skill and practice, banknotes can be folded into numerous small figures such as angels, Christmas trees or poinsettias. This makes the folding motifs a highlight on the festive evening. If you decide on origami money gifts for Christmas, you should definitely take your time doing handicrafts. Depending on the number of gifts and the level of difficulty, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to fold the bills.

money gifts for christmas make money tags yourself

Tinker money tags: Fold banknotes into different shapes and fasten them with strings. With the finished money tags you can decorate objects that the recipient can use over a long period of time. For example picture and photo frames, bottles, pillow cases, vases, teapots, glass bells, etc. Seasonal indoor plants such as the poinsettia and the indoor fir are always popular.

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Decorate Christmas cards with banknotes: The classic greeting card for Christmas can turn into an original gift of money with a little creativity. This is more about looking for a Christmas card with a suitable motif. Whether in a Christmas boot with a small slit or in Santa’s sleigh, the folded banknotes can be attached to a greeting card with tape.

money gifts for christmas personalize money box

Design money box: If the recipient is about to have a wedding, are planning a long-haul trip or are simply approaching a move, a gift of money that can be used flexibly is exactly the right thing. If you want to go a step further, you can give a personally designed money box as a gift. The gift ensemble is guaranteed to be a success.

Whether a Christmas ball, a cookie jar, a money box or a bottle: If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for the family, you are guaranteed to find it at personello. Let your creativity run free and decorate the presents with family pictures or Christmas greetings. Incidentally, there are also many other inspirations for Christmas waiting for you – here are the craft ideas. We hope you enjoy making it yourself and packing it!

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