Christmas decoration ideas

Ideas for festive arrangements with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

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It starts in the Christmas bakery! Delicious cookies are a must during Advent and Christmas. Just the taste of the aromatic ingredients fills the kitchen with Christmas anticipation. Christmas cookies and gingerbread cookies are wonderfully served and staged in a colorful plate with Christmas motifs. They are also suitable as a gift wrapped in cellophane for your loved ones or as a delightful tree ornament. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the decorated sweets longer, you have to be inspired by the following ideas!

Christmas tree decorations with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

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Christmas cookies and gingerbread cookies baking is great fun. While kneading dough, cutting out cookies, decorating and baking, children also like to take part. The popular classics come in shapes associated with Christmas – snowflakes, fir trees, Santa Clauses, stars. With clear cookie cutters you can easily achieve beautiful results.

Decorate Christmas cookies and gingerbread

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During the Advent season there is a wide variety of cookies. But baked at home Christmas cookies and gingerbread cookies convey a nostalgia for childhood. After baking, they have to cool down well and only then be decorated with colorful figures, ribbons, nuts, candied fruits or decorative stones as the mood takes you. They can be colored nicely and quickly with icing or food coloring.

Pretty gingerbread house

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Gingerbread house with a colorful roof

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Make a gingerbread Christmas tree

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Christmas cookies and gingerbread – a special treat for Christmas

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Decorate cookies nicely

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Delicious cookies as Christmas tree decorations

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You can give away Christmas cookies

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Christmas cookies instead of Christmas tree balls

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Cover the cookies with melted chocolate

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Bake cookies and decorate as you wish

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Sweet cookies as a Christmas decoration for the table

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The most popular classics in their most beautiful form

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Refined cookies in the shape of snowflakes decorated with pearls

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Decoration ideas for Christmas cookies

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Christmas decoration ideas: An overview of cookies and gingerbread

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Baking cookies for Christmas with children

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Craft and design ideas with Christmas cookies

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Decorate Christmas cookies

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Traditional Christmas cookies as a decoration to hang up

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