Christmas decoration ideas

Happy Christmas decorations – great craft ideas

decoration for christmas cube decoupage idea diy

The decorative ribbons are popular Christmas decoration. Hand-tied bows decorate the Christmas tree, the house entrance or the fireplace. Decorative ribbons can be used to tie garlands to banisters or hang Christmas wreaths. We’ll guess some exciting craft ideas with decorative ribbons that look modern and creative.

Decoration for Christmas made from salt dough

decoration for christmas salty dough heart christmas tree ornament

Do you have any deco ribbons from last year? Use this as a Christmas decoration.  You need – lanterns made of glass, glue, several decorative ribbons that are color-coordinated, and scissors. Measure the height of the lanterns. Cut out a piece of the decorative ribbon and stick it to the lanterns. Let your imagination run wild and create your own designs.

Decoration for Christmas – lavishly designed door wreath

decoration for christmas colorful wreath gingerbread loops flowers

If you have left satin ribbon, you can use it to create other festive arrangements for the table. Use a traditional red bow as a napkin ring. Tie a wide satin bow on the backrest – this will give the room a festive look. Decorate the table runner with colorful ribbons and create a happy Christmas mood. Stick the tape on the dresser doors in the dining room – stick it with duct tape so it doesn’t get stains.

Christmas arrangement of colorful Christmas tree balls

decoration for christmas table decoration colorful balls blue pink green

Children especially love colorful ones Christmas decoration. Make them happy and make a greeting card together. Decorate the card with a hand-tied bow. Create effective Christmas tree decorations – tie several family photos with red ribbon and wrap the garland around the Christmas tree. Do you need a new Christmas wreath? No problem. Wrap the styrofoam blank with green ribbon and decorate the design with fabric flowers.

White fir branches for decoration

decoration for christmas fireplace jewelry wreath gifts lighting

Happy atmosphere at home with original decorations for Christmas

decorate red bow tie original idea

Colorful lanterns as decoration

Craft ideas purple red ribbon Christmas time

Original wall design – decoration

decorate green tape craft ideas wall

Modern and cozy – garland made of colorful ribbons

Mantelpiece colorful ribbons garland modern Christmas decoration

Tinker decorations for Christmas yourself – colorful table decorations

Tinker Christmas decoration yourself nice idea

Christmas decoration with rhinestones, bells and satin ribbon

Bells red ribbon nursery decorating ideas

Decorate tea lights with decorative ribbons

make green red candle holder yourself

Make effective and cheerful decorations for Christmas yourself

Decorate ribbon multicolored Small plastic Christmas trees

Make a Christmas tree out of paper and decorate it with decorative ribbon

Christmas tinker ribbon paper ornaments

Table decoration in white and pink

Christmas pink color deco ribbon table runner