Christmas decoration ideas

Handicrafts with long pine cones: DIY ideas for winter and Christmas decorations

Whether a door wreath, a festive table decoration or cute magical forest animal figures: handicrafts are a lot of fun, especially in winter. Time goes by faster on cloudy, rainy days and both children and adults can let their creativity run free. Craft enthusiasts can find many of the necessary materials for winter and Christmas decorations in nature. Cones, acorns, fir branches, river stones and the like give your own house a homely touch and make the anticipation of the festive season even greater. This year, crafting with long pine cones is particularly popular. You can make numerous decorations yourself from pine or spruce cones – we will show you how!

Tinkering with long pine cones: making Christmas angels

Make angels yourself out of long pine cones and wooden balls and wings out of felt

Beautify your Christmas tree and let it shine in new splendor. Together with the children, make cute Christmas tree decorations out of long pine cones, felt and wood. You can make a beautiful Christmas angel in just three simple steps. This craft idea is also ideal for children in kindergarten or elementary school. You need the following materials:

  • Felt in pink and red
  • A long pine cone
  • Wooden ball with a diameter of 3-4 cm
  • Black fineliner
  • Brown marker
  • scissors
  • Glue and hot glue
  • pin

This is how the Christmas angel is made: First, print out a template in two sizes for the wings. Pin the smaller template to the red felt with pins and cut out the wing detail along the edge. Now pin the larger stencil onto the pink felt and cut out the larger detail as well. Glue the two details together and let the glue set. In the meantime, you can make a small red heart and a pink crown and draw the angel’s face on the wooden ball with the fineliner. Then paint the hair with the marker. Now all that remains is to assemble the angel with the help of the hot glue.

Make creative Christmas decorations yourself: make a penguin out of spruce cones

Do handicrafts with long pine cones penguins from spruce cones and felt and wooden balls with the children themselves

The spruce cones have an elongated shape that is perfect for making funny penguins yourself. We explain how you can make a penguin. You need the following materials:

  • Wooden board with a thickness of 2-3 mm
  • Wooden ball with a diameter of 3 mm
  • Spruce cones
  • Artificial snow spray or white paint
  • White, black and orange paint
  • A small piece of cardboard (approx. 20 cm X 20 cm)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • hot glue

First, paint the penguin’s head and let it dry. Cut out details for the feet and beak from the wooden board and paint them orange. Then cut out the penguin fins from the cardboard and paint them black. Let everything dry and paint the pine cones with the white paint. When all the details are completely dry, you can put the penguin together and glue it together. You can arrange the finished cone animals either as soloists on the dining table or hang them on the Christmas tree.

Handicrafts with long pine cones: reindeer from a pine cone and pipe cleaners

Make DIY craft ideas with long pine cones for children reindeer from pipe cleaner and long pine cones yourself

Turn the living room into an enchanted forest. We explain how you can make a reindeer out of long pine cones and an owl out of pine cones. For the reindeer, you will need brown pipe cleaners, an oval wooden bead, and a long pine cone. Just make the reindeer antlers and legs out of the pipe cleaners. For the mouth, simply glue the wooden bead to the pipe cleaner. Complete. The owl is made from pine cones. For them you will need: cotton, felt in white and yellow and a black fineliner. Gently remove some of the pine scales, then fill in the gaps with cotton. Make the head and wings from white felt, draw the eyes and cut out the beak from yellow felt. Glue the individual details together and place the owl on a cork.

Handicrafts with long pine cones: Mini Christmas tree

Handicrafts with long pine cones Christmas trees made of pine cones make handicraft ideas for children in elementary school

Bring variety to the traditional Christmas decorations. The next Christmas trees made of long pine cones let the festive table decorations shine in new splendor. You need the following materials:

  • Long, open pine cones
  • Rhinestones, gold chains
  • Long silver earrings
  • Round wooden beads in accent colors
  • A silver cross pendant
  • Green paint
  • paint brush
  • White modeling clay

Shape the modeling clay into a small ball and roll it out into a round shape. Paint all of the pine cones green. For example, you can dissolve green paint in a cup of lukewarm water and dip the pinecones into it one at a time. Then let the pinecones dry on paper towels. Then place them on the modeling clay and decorate them with jewelry from the jewelry box. You don’t need to glue the jewelry.

Handicrafts with long pine cones: make Christmas angels yourself out of pine cones and paper

Make angels out of long pine cones and make Christmas tree decorations yourself with the children

We have already explained to you how you can make your own Christmas angel out of pine cones and felt. Now we’re going to show you another DIY idea for Christmas angels made of paper and spruce cones. You need: crayons in black, pink, orange and yellow, pine cones and glitter. First sprinkle the spruce cones with the glitter, then cut out the wings and head from white paper. Next, paint the angel’s face, halo, and hair. If you wish, you can put a 20 cm long and 0.5 mm wide satin ribbon halfway at the end and glue it with the open edges at the top in the middle behind the angel’s head.

Make gnomes out of long pine cones and fabric

Do handicrafts with long pine cones elves from pine cones and socks with children in elementary school

You can also make gnomes out of socks and long pine cones. You will need the following materials: cloth or old socks, wooden balls 3-4 cm in diameter and long pine cones. First cut a 20 cm long and 2.5 cm wide strip out of the fabric. Sew a dwarf hat from the rest of the fabric. Optionally, you can also use socks for the dwarf hats. When the scarf and dwarf hat are ready, glue the wooden ball to the pine cone with the hot glue. Then tie the scarf and put the hat on the elf..

Cute elves, sweet Christmas angels or penguins: numerous decorations can be conjured up from long pine and spruce cones. Large pine cones are very beautiful in themselves, so you can arrange them untreated on the Christmas table, wrap candles with them or make a garland for the mantelpiece. Since the cones can last a very long time, they are ideal as winter decorations for the house entrance, the terrace, the balcony or the garden path. In the photo gallery below you will find numerous DIY ideas that you can do yourself with the children. Let yourself be inspired and decorate your house and garden with a long-lasting decoration.

Paint long pine cones with paint and hang them on the front door

Handicrafts with long pine cones Ideas for winter decorations for the front door Paint pine cones with watercolors

Tie your own Christmas wreath made of natural materials and decorate it with large pine cones

Handicrafts with long pine cones, tie your own door wreath made from natural materials

Fill large acrylic Christmas balls with long pine cones and artificial snow

Make Christmas decorations in large Christmas balls yourself with artificial ice and spruce cones, tinker ideas for stylish Christmas decorations to make yourself

Wrap Christmas presents and decorate with long pine cones and cypress branches

Wrap gifts and decorate with spruce cones Ideas for Christmas

Christmas decorations for the entrance: make a door wreath in the shape of a snowflake out of long pine cones

Make Christmas decorations from long spruce cones yourself Instructions for beginners

Make cute cone animals yourself: Rudolf, the reindeer, tinker with long spruce cones, tree branches and acorns

Do handicrafts with large pine cones reindeer from acorns and autumn leaves yourself

Squirrel made of modeling clay with wobbly eyes and a tail made of long pine cones

Squirrels made of modeling clay and acorns and long spruce cones make ideas for children in elementary school

Make a lion out of pine cones, felt and tree branches with the children

Do handicrafts with long pine cones lion from felt and pine cones yourself

Craft idea with spruce cones for children in elementary school: airplane with wings and rudder made of modeling clay 

Craft ideas for children to make aircraft yourself from long pine cones and modeling clay

Make your own hedgehog from modeling clay and pine cones

Do handicrafts with long pine cones hedgehog from modeling clay and pine cones yourself

Tie your own door wreath from pine cones in pastel colors

Handicrafts with pine cones Tie your own door wreath and paint large pine cones in pastel colors

Dye long pine cones white, sprinkle with glitter and attach to a styrofoam wreath

Spray ideas for door wreaths made of pine cones with artificial snow and dye them in silver

Optionally, you can spray large pine cones with artificial snow and stage them as soloists under the glass dome

Spray pine cones with artificial snow, place under a glass hood and make Christmas decorations yourself in the style of winter wonderland

Alpinum in small format: moss, river stones and pine cones in an old tea cup

Do handicrafts with large pine cones yourself terrarium from pine cones and moss in a tea cup

Door decoration with fir branches and a red bow, Christmas bells and three long pine cones

Make quick craft ideas with long spruce cones door decoration ideas for Christmas yourself

Tinker Christmas decorations: make your own door wreath from long silver pine cones

Tie your own door wreath from pine cones for Christmas and color it in silver

Turn long pine cones into mini Christmas trees 

Make a mini Christmas tree from pine cones yourself, decorate it with a star made of glitter paper