Christmas decoration ideas

Handicrafts with Christmas balls – 6 cool ideas for homemade Christmas decorations

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The Christmas balls are the centerpiece of every Christmas decoration, but they don’t necessarily belong on the Christmas tree. You can do a lot more with balls! Today we have put together a few ideas for pieces of jewelry that you can quickly make yourself using inexpensive materials. Forget about tinkering with Christmas balls!

Tinker Christmas wreath with Christmas balls

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The first handicraft idea is this chic door wreath. You need a wire clothes hanger or simple iron wire (approx. 2mm thick and 1 m long), a hot glue gun and Christmas balls of your choice (at least 60 – 70 pieces or depending on how big your wreath should be). First of all, you need to reinforce the holder of the glass Christmas baubles with the help of the hot glue gun. Simply remove the cap, apply a blob of hot glue, quickly place the cap on top and let it dry. This is not necessary with plastic balls because they are usually already firmly glued.

When all the Christmas balls are ready, take the wire clothes hanger, unscrew the hook at the top and bend the wire around. Thread the balls individually, pushing them close together. They should be aligned so that they completely cover the wire around and no holes can be seen. Close the hanger again, twist the ends together at the top and decorate as you wish. And done! You can now use the wreath as a door wreath or as an advent wreath for the table.

Make garlands with Christmas balls

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In the same way, you can make these gorgeous garlands too. But you would need more Christmas balls for this, in different colors, sizes or designs, so that the result looks even more interesting. Monochrome or printed, matt or glossy, brightly colored or classic in gold and silver, made of glass or plastic? on you can discover all Christmas balls at a glance and combine classic, modern and unusual designs for a large, beautiful garland!

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Tinker mini Christmas tree with Christmas balls

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A mini Christmas tree is sure to be an eye-catcher for the Christmas table or simply practical if you want to make a limited space Christmassy. To make a mini Christmas tree out of Christmas balls, you need a styrofoam cone (30 cm high), at least 70 Christmas balls (6 cm in diameter or in different sizes), a bead garland and a hot glue gun.

Remove the caps from the Christmas balls and tuck the first row into the styrofoam cone until the base of the cone is covered. Then take out the Christmas balls and fix them with hot glue. Work from the bottom up until the whole cone has been glued. Then glue the pearl garland into the gaps.

Note: If you have Christmas tree balls in different sizes, start with the larger ones to create a stable base for your Christmas tree.

Make place card holders with Christmas balls

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A festive table is an absolute must at Christmas! In order for the Christmas balls to stand well, they don’t necessarily have to be flat at the bottom. With a few tricks, the stability of the balls is perfect!

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The first option is to glue a small ring made of wood or plastic to the bottom of the ball. The second – make small blobs of hot glue on waxed paper, let them dry and glue in a circle to the bottom of the ball. Alternatively, you can simply put the balls in small bowls or plates to prevent them from tipping over.

Make mini vases with Christmas balls

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If you remove the suspension from the balls, you can place a flower or a small bouquet in the opening. Whether individually or in a group, these filled balls are charming eye-catchers for every Christmas table. If the balls are glued to small mirrors, their wonderful shine can also be doubled.

artificial winter bouquet from Christmas balls

Handicrafts with Christmas balls ideas-vase-decoration-wire-bouquet

If you don’t have a Christmas tree, then you can consider this interesting alternative. You will need a vase with a thin neck, salt to fill it, a funnel, iron wire, wire cutters, needle-nosed pliers and of course Christmas balls.

Fill the vase with salt using a funnel. Cut the wire to the length you want. Note that under the weight of the balls it will hang down. Use needle-nose pliers to bend the wire to form a hook. Plug the wires into the vase and hang the Christmas balls.